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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back To My Old Tricks

Yesterday I persuaded Certain Someone to take a nice drive with me to my favorite shopping mall. For those that really know me I hate malls, and shopping on my free time. But I love The Glen( a little shopping village) in the North Shore. Seeing as I've been pretty good lately with the credit thing, and the weather is turning, I decided to check some things out. The destination I choose was a little gem of a store called Von Maur. Its like a mini Nordstroms with excellent service. I always manage to find a great suite , shoes , or bag there. Certain Someone was so patient and supportive as I tried on my pieces. He persuaded me not to blow my money on another bag and focus on some nice career wear which will also come in handy when we go to Europe in a few months. He even found me some nice wide leather belts on sale to cinch off the outfits. We then focused on his shopping and as usual he managed to bag some watches, shirts,etc. I cracked up as this older sales lady flirted with him on his accent as he purchased a great watch. He in turn cracked up as It seems I cant go into any store or mall without the sales staff knowing me. The accessory lady commented that it must be scary for 'my Husband', when all the sales people know me. Certain Someone chuckled. The sales lady also commented that she hasn't seen me in awhile,and I told her I had to take a leave of absence shopping for a while. I assured her I'd be back perhaps for that Donney and Burke gingham canvas bag, that was my original intent.She gave us a knowing smile.We then went for dinner at this restaurant owned by billionaire Ted Turner that specializes in Bison. I wanted Certain Someone to have his 'steak' without all the cholesterol and fat beef contains. He thought it was tasteless, but enjoyed all the sides and appetizers. We decided to return the Kenneth Cole watch because it had a slight defect after dinner. They didn't have another , so we drove to Macy's . More sales associates recognized me and asked how I was.It didn't surprise Certain Someone. We found the watch and repurchased it at even a lower price ( due to a promotion and unused store credits).He then lead me to the shoes where a very cheerful and busy saleslady became our new buddy. She was the best I've seen in action for a long time and juggled all her customers with ease. She and I persuaded Certain Someone to get a Macy's charge to benefit from even more discounts! He ended up with two pairs of shoes and some other stuff. As usual he surpassed me in the shopping game. Our saleslady wanted to know if Certain Someone wanted to add ' His wife' to his card. He shouted 'Absolutely not!" That's OK , I have my own . I think its cute that everyone thought we were married yesterday. so did he. All in all it was delightful day doing what we do best, spending and eating. When we got home we watched 'The Godfather' to continue our mafia theme from the night before, when we viewed' The Departed'.Today we will do the Costco thing with Auntie Mame and have dinner .She loves her ' nephew in law' and he loves her. Then he's off to Vegas with the boyz and I will have busy week wearing my new rags.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hello Sunshine

Pyramid Of Balls
Originally uploaded by chicagomaroon1993.
Yesterday Chicago experienced temperatures of 70 degrees. After my final appointment of the day ended I headed on home a little early. Much to my surprise Certain Someone beat me to it ! He was dressed and ready to hit the driving range in preparation for his Vegas Golf Outing late on in the month. I put my packages down and headed out with him towards the nearest one at Jackson Park on the South Shore. Needless to say typically the South side range was not open and looked dreary. We drove up Lake shore Drive in rush hour traffic towards the range on Diversey. What a difference. It seems every one in Chicago had the same idea. The ground was covered in golf balls and people had to wait for slots. Certain Someone did his stretches and contortions as he prepared to swing. He spent the next hour whacking balls with various clubs as I looked on. He was concerned that I was bored. I just enjoyed being in nice weather and being able to spend some rare time with him during the week. It felt like we playing hooky or something. After that we went to Joy Yee's for dinner. I'm trying to reduce my weight , so I ordered light. Certain Someone felt it was important that I ordered a pork dish considering how last Sunday we tried a new place in China Town. His Chinese friend recommended it highly as perfect example of Chinese food. The advertised specials on the wall offered such delicacies as duck tongues with pickled veggies,or pig intestines . I had ordered pork chops in some Thousand Island sauce. My meal tasted off , and the texture of the meat was suspect. It wasn't pork I was eating. Certain Someone thought I was being silly until he went to heat the leftovers the next day. A thick white milky substance congealed the meat. He tossed it. Pork doesn't do that!
So we got over our trauma by eating at the Americanized, Pan Asian Joy Yee's. Can't go wrong with some noodles.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Whole Lot Going On

Moleskine Diary & notebook 2
Originally uploaded by dja4mower.
This has been a week of contrasts for me. On the work front front things are boring and at times unbearable as usual. I'm still waiting for change and improvement. I do my job well ,but there are so many factors at play . That's why I seek the unusual and unique outside of the job. I decided to turn inward a lot this week. While Certain Someone was away or at work late, I worked on my Chakras, discovered Reiki, and caught up with some old friends. My friend Dr.T and I visited Kat at Circus of The spirit. Its a kind of New Age Fair with a lot going on. Certain Someone s flight was cancelled and I had a introspective Girls Night Out. Kat gave us insightful readings and then pointed me on Reiki. I was kind of nervous, but was willing to give it a try. I lay in a dark room with this man holding my head in silence. I gradually started to relax as 'the spirit ' guided him to place where I needed work. His hand landed over my belly( where I had surgery). Surprisingly I felt renewed. Mind over matter? Certain Someone has been worried about my energy levels. I felt great. This kind of stuff may be weird to some, but its my psychotherapy. The music Circus hall was great with psychedelic images projected. It was like a no drug and alcohol rave. A great way to wind down the work week after dealing with some not so 'beautiful' people on the work front.
Saturday night was a way more traditional. I put on my Angelina Jolie dress( as I like to call it) and joined Certain Someone at his work gala . We worked the room and I got to meet the younger associates he mentors as well as his superiors. I felt I was the perfect corporate girlfriend as I conversed with the wives and girlfriends of others. I met the crew of men he's heading off to Las Vegas shortly with. Looking at the bunch, I'm not worried, They will be to exhausted for mischief after playing golf.The food, drinks, and view were perfect. I only wished I could get Certain Someone to dance a little. He refused. However when we got home he danced a jig on the sidewalk( now that no one was looking). We went to bed happy and content. He's heading off tonight for a hectic week of trips spanning from east to west coasts. I'll have a lot to occupy me this a week with work as well. One highlight I'm looking forward to is catching up with Gabi for dinner. Oh and complete control of the TV while Certain Someones away!

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