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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Club Smokey

Club Smokey
Originally uploaded by kellinahandbasket.
The Swedes seem to be having a great time. After making them a huge breakfast, I went off to promote some Aussie wine for a few hours. I wont name the brand, but it was a hard sell. I then picked up some of the guests and we all went back home. Its amazing how I'm coming up with huge snacks,and meals for them.The guys went off to a White Sox game, and I took a well needed nap while falling asleep watching Soap Net. We had plans to go out that evening to The Rocks favorite club J Bar. We packed into my Audi A4 , with the smallest guy Little M, aka 'The Helicopter' laying across "Big M" and the others. The techno music was at it loudest. Certain Someone didn't seem to want to leave,but we were all tired. We packed back in the car and went home where I put together a late night meal for our hungry guests. Bratwurst, sauerkraut,Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream,and hot fudge sauce. Little M commented that he was worried about adding a new natural gas source for Exxon after that meal. So today I'm off to hustle more wine , while the guys are playing X Box. Tonight we plan to go China Town. Yummy. And tomorrow we conclude with another poker match, Harold's fried Chicken, and Champagne. That's whats Chicago's all about.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

A House Full of Swedes

swedish flag
Originally uploaded by mararie.
Certain Someone has four visitors from Sweden staying with us this week. I feel bad because after a wonderfully warm last week, its cold and dreary yet again. They guys arrived yesterday afternoon and were real troopers with the obvious jet lag. As Certain Someone and I had to work,we assembled everyone at his office and took off for the grocery store. It was amusing to see one of them fascinated by the huge American mega supermarket. We loaded up the car with beer and fixing's for dinner. I love my European hose guests . They are so well mannered and presented me with a beautiful necklace and bracelet from SNO, and hot Swedish brand, and a bottle of Moet for Certain Someone and I to open on our anniversary. One even helped me in the kitchen. I prepared platters of Nachos heaped with meat ,cheese, beans, peppers,sauce, and assorted Asian style appetizers to go with the endless bottles of beer.Maybe we should have rented a keg. The men , tired as they were, settled into a game of Texas Hold Em, as Certain Someone sought to exploit their weakness and fatigue. I fell asleep , but his plan backfired, and someone else won. I'm sure there will be more games this weekend. Tonight we all go to Fogo De Chao. Men love their meat!

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Should Feel Ashamed of Myself,But I Dont

Last night Certain Someone and I went over to the Rocks house to see his new plasma TV .The Rock and Certain Someone , like most prosperous men of their ages have a unspoken of rivalry to see who can get the latest tech appliance. In the past few months they have both purchased new cameras, TVs, and Heaven only knows what else. A few more friends came over and we all ordered takeout and settled down to watch Blood Diamond on the wide screen HD format. I wanted to see the movie, as it was my original suggestion, but hesitated when Certain Someone started using this a major excuse as to why I won't get a diamond from him. I told him there were conflict free diamonds, and he tisked B** S***. This has been a ongoing discussion. In Germany when you get married you get a simple gold band. Certain Someone cant conceive of spending all those months salary on a ring. On a TV, watch, or golf outing ,yes. We did enjoy the film and I learned another dimension to the continent my ancestors came from. But being in retail these days it seems not much is sold today without some level of controversy( think sweatshops, sneaker and soccer ball production facilities,products tested on animals, and the oil we burn in our cars and homes). So does that stop my desire for finer things,no. It does make me conscious of my choices. But Certain Someone can always find a nice vintage solitaire with a interesting history, if he doesn't want to add to ongoing wars.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wine OH !

Wine Kaleidescope
Originally uploaded by masonfoley.
This weekend I started a new gig as a wine demonstrator in various super markets and wine shops in the area. My first assignment was Friday afternoon at a branch of a local supermarket. Gabi was kind enough to visit and lend support after attending her Good Friday services. We cracked up after odd characters began to approach me. I have a talent for attracting crazy old men. One man with very strange hair was so mesmerized by my necklace that before I knew it he was reaching for my chest to 'feel it'.His wife was not amused and I didn't make the sale. Gabi talked up my offering of Cabernet Sauvingnon and I sold large amounts of it within four hours. I also let the local elderly derelict types have 'a taste' as they like to call it. I imagine they expecting something sweeter and fizzier. Nevertheless it was great fun.I was amazed at the attire of some women shopping. One heifer was pushing 300 lbs in thin white cotton Lycra pants that showed off every cellulite bump and ripple. She swayed her ass from side to side as she worked the aisles.I asked Gabi was I that big. At the end of a long day I got to take home a few bottles as left overs . Not a bad gig. The next day I did the same for 8 the far suburbs. It was a bit slower and way different crowd out there. The wines of the night before were a bigger hit than the first round of Pinots, Cabs ,and Chardonnays from various vintners. But once again at the end of a fast paced long day, I gained a few more bottles.
So today I'm cooking a big Easter lunch for Certain Someone and Auntie Mame. Baked ham with pineapples and brown sugar glaze,baked macaroni and cheese,green beans, roasted potatoes with rosemary,hot rolls and chocolate cake. We are all nursing the remains of colds,and plan to take it easy. Happy Easter.

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's The Expert Here?

Originally uploaded by Alex Segre.
Today is Sunday , my first day off this week. I have a few hours to kill before I pick up Certain Someone from the airport. He spent the last part of the week in Vegas living it up and whacking golf balls with his buddies. I on the other hand , spent a week in a major cosmetic promotion.During these times business peaks and customers can be at their worst. I found myself daily facing some rather strange looking women who apparently knew nothing about makeup and skincare, telling me their expert opinion. One in particular had the largest pores I've ever seen with a shock of what was left of her hair in a bright fuchsia color. She was probably in her middle sixties and had a smear of burgundy eyeshadow across her heavy thick lids to 'compliment' the crazy damaged hair. She didn't want to listen to my expert opinion and insisted on all the wrong the end you have to give them what they want, if they wont listen. Its people like her that give my brand a bad reputation. Another customer followed her who was by far one one the most intellectually challenged I've meet. As she perspired and soaked her satin blouse , my eyes were drawn to the cleft above her lip. Someone must have told her she would look cute with a dab of chunky gold glitter there. Talking to here was as frustrating as talking to a brick wall. The gift we are giving to the customers is hard enough to give away. I had one lady in a another store try to start a fight with the counter manager. The customer was very dark with Shirley Temple curls. Her lipstick of choice was another bright fuchsia colored mess. We couldn't please the lady, who was looking for a fight , so she went to another store( but same counter). She came back twenty minutes later strutting around the counter with a smirk. The crazy woman pulled out an old gift from a few seasons back that they gave her, and declared her satisfaction and called my counter manager 'Ghetto'. We could only stare at this women with our mouths hanging open. Yes these are my customers that make a really cool job ,hard to like at times like these. The things I'll endure for a sale and good numbers.

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