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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's The Expert Here?

Originally uploaded by Alex Segre.
Today is Sunday , my first day off this week. I have a few hours to kill before I pick up Certain Someone from the airport. He spent the last part of the week in Vegas living it up and whacking golf balls with his buddies. I on the other hand , spent a week in a major cosmetic promotion.During these times business peaks and customers can be at their worst. I found myself daily facing some rather strange looking women who apparently knew nothing about makeup and skincare, telling me their expert opinion. One in particular had the largest pores I've ever seen with a shock of what was left of her hair in a bright fuchsia color. She was probably in her middle sixties and had a smear of burgundy eyeshadow across her heavy thick lids to 'compliment' the crazy damaged hair. She didn't want to listen to my expert opinion and insisted on all the wrong the end you have to give them what they want, if they wont listen. Its people like her that give my brand a bad reputation. Another customer followed her who was by far one one the most intellectually challenged I've meet. As she perspired and soaked her satin blouse , my eyes were drawn to the cleft above her lip. Someone must have told her she would look cute with a dab of chunky gold glitter there. Talking to here was as frustrating as talking to a brick wall. The gift we are giving to the customers is hard enough to give away. I had one lady in a another store try to start a fight with the counter manager. The customer was very dark with Shirley Temple curls. Her lipstick of choice was another bright fuchsia colored mess. We couldn't please the lady, who was looking for a fight , so she went to another store( but same counter). She came back twenty minutes later strutting around the counter with a smirk. The crazy woman pulled out an old gift from a few seasons back that they gave her, and declared her satisfaction and called my counter manager 'Ghetto'. We could only stare at this women with our mouths hanging open. Yes these are my customers that make a really cool job ,hard to like at times like these. The things I'll endure for a sale and good numbers.

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