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Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Should Feel Ashamed of Myself,But I Dont

Last night Certain Someone and I went over to the Rocks house to see his new plasma TV .The Rock and Certain Someone , like most prosperous men of their ages have a unspoken of rivalry to see who can get the latest tech appliance. In the past few months they have both purchased new cameras, TVs, and Heaven only knows what else. A few more friends came over and we all ordered takeout and settled down to watch Blood Diamond on the wide screen HD format. I wanted to see the movie, as it was my original suggestion, but hesitated when Certain Someone started using this a major excuse as to why I won't get a diamond from him. I told him there were conflict free diamonds, and he tisked B** S***. This has been a ongoing discussion. In Germany when you get married you get a simple gold band. Certain Someone cant conceive of spending all those months salary on a ring. On a TV, watch, or golf outing ,yes. We did enjoy the film and I learned another dimension to the continent my ancestors came from. But being in retail these days it seems not much is sold today without some level of controversy( think sweatshops, sneaker and soccer ball production facilities,products tested on animals, and the oil we burn in our cars and homes). So does that stop my desire for finer things,no. It does make me conscious of my choices. But Certain Someone can always find a nice vintage solitaire with a interesting history, if he doesn't want to add to ongoing wars.

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