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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Love in the Express Line

bride & groom donuts
Originally uploaded by Manassas Cakery.
This weekend I voluntarily played Haus Frau to help Certain Someone get his nomadic and chaotic life together. In between the napping, cleaning, and laundry, I made two trips to the neighborhood Dominicks for food and supplies. While begging the Customer Service man for a roll of quarters( needed to feed parking meter all day to keep parking expenses down, I noticed a bizarre sight. I saw two photographers taking photos of a radiant bride and groom ,all dressed up to go to wedding ,purchasing ready made deli trays,cake, beverages, etc. The groom had a big grin as he took a sip of his fountain drink Pepsi. I realized this was not a commercial shoot, or news photographers, but the actual wedding photographers recording the happy couples moments for posterity. 'Look kids this was Dad and I getting the cold cut tray before we got hitched in the park!" Well this low cost wedding will most likely last a life time, unlike the mega affairs produced lately. To the Happy Couple! What's up with me and the strange weekend weddings lately???

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

She Works Hard For Her Money, So You Better Treat Her Right

Today was a something! I arrived at the office to find I had another cryptic message from some woman who wouldn't identify herself. She left a urgent anonymous message last week that I dismissed as a predatory lender, bill collector, or something when I called the number . I didn't' leave a message. Come to find out , after a hint, that it was Susie Q, an old colleague of mine. She works for a bank now, hence ,the suspicions. Her message greeting was all about re finacing your mortgage, getting out of debt, etc. Just the type to prey on little old me. It was good to hear from her. It' s been a while . In fact the "baby" is now 7. Further more the eldest, who I used to clip Spice Girl pics and articles from my Hola's and Hello's, just turned 18 and is entering college! Jeez , how old am I now??? Hopefully we all can catch up.
So I started my first day as waitress, after a hellacious day at Job #1. Actually the four hours spent being cute, cool, social, and efficient went by quickly. I sneaked a few Blackberry emails to Certain Someone to give updates. He's stuck in some glamorous beachfront resort down south, bored out of mind. I don't pity him. He'll be back tomorrow , and we'll have a fun , busy weekend as usual , before he takes off again somewhere. As I was driving home, some anarchist punk kid darted out in the road and yelled "F--You, Beamer driver! I don't drive a Beamer, but similar brand. If he only knew what I had to do, to keep up the image.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Cluttered Life

Cluttered Kitchen
Originally uploaded by Baltimike.
No, the above picture is not my apartment, but pretty damn close. Last week I read about this yahoo group called freecycle , who are all about minimizing waste and recycling. For the past year the first comment that's comes out of peoples mouths when they visit me is 'My you have a lot of stuff"! I'm not a hoarder like Gumby ( his place is insane) ,but have managed to accumulate through inheritances, and shopping quite a collection of furniture, pot, pans, clothes, books,art, etc. And I haven't even tackled my storage room in the basement. I'm at the time of my life when I need to streamline, and perhaps one day pack up and go. My friend Terry is all about removing the clutter from her life, She cited a example of how when you start to let go of it, everything else falls away. Weight, stress, etc.She's very new age, but she has a point. And there is nothing worse than being burdened by 'things". I have truly enjoyed all my stuff, but its time for some other people to find good use. Don't think I'm giving up the clothes, Just some odds and end pieces of furniture,etc. When I posted, I received many offers in the first hour. Do these people sit in front of the computer all day lying in wait? It was interesting reading the requests, pleas, etc. I decided to go with a nice young lady looking out for a friend. I'm a little nervous (you can never be to careful), but Certain Someone will be on the premises when they come to take the things to a new home.

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That Takes The Cake

Wedding Cake
Originally uploaded by dhbphotography.
A few weeks ago I received a surprise wedding announcement via email from a friend. She was going to marry her best friend , who happens to be gay. I tried to fix him up last year with another friend of mine. I was shocked,but happy for her . All sorts of reasoning ran through my mind. Was it a " marriage of convenience"? They would have a private ceremony at City Hall and the reception in a bar in Boystown, on the last day of the Gay Games. It was going to be a madhouse. So I picked up Certain Someone, who was not thrilled with the prospect of going to Boystown. We arrived later than expected, and settled in. The bar wasn't that crowded at that moment , but we still had to squeeze to get a seat. I gave a million 'kiss kisses" and plopped my ass down near Tom and his wife. We broke out with the same question "What's The story behind the wedding'? None of us could figure it out. But one look at the couple , and we knew they were happy, and it was real. Although the groom seemed pretty chummy with a cute male. In fact all three looked chummy. I guess it would be like inviting the mistress to your wedding. There goes my mind again... All the families were there, and supportive of the decision. Certain Someone relaxed to the techno trance Euro music he's so fond of. He got into it. However while we all ogled the hot bartenders who took off their tanks on occasion, he started to get flustered. I told him "as if they would be interested!" I suppose all the men felt a little insecure with those beautiful boys and their chiseled abs. Even the groom got into flashing his chest. After this weekend , I've seen just about all of it. Love comes in many forms. And the distance,a ocean will separate them , will ensure the longevity of the union. They can't get on each others nerves! I wish the couple happiness.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


white sheep can't jump (crop)
Originally uploaded by ansik.
Last night Gabs , Irene ,and I had a long awaited Girls Night. About an hour into it Irene was chatting up the man to her right, and Gabs and I were left to fiend off a strange hot dog sales rep/ forecaster named Steve. We decided to call in Rack , who was supposed to hanging out with Certain Someone that evening. It was nice to see the guys, and some other male friends who popped up. After about a million beers, mostly everyone left . That left me with the boys. I was now in on their Boys Night. We headed over to a great club called Moonshine. Certain Someone had earlier started to turn into territorial caveman fussing over my revealing shirt, alcohol consumption, and occasional cigarette( ok 6 or 7 !). Listening to guys talk about women was revealing. Oh how they twist things around ! At the bar the men started talking about meat . And this is what became disturbing. One pointed out how all things cute, are better tasting. For example ducks, kangaroos (Gabs swears by this), rabbits, turtles, lamb, ostrich,cows, chickens, goose, baby suckling pigs,horse ( if your French, or German in a Sauerbraten) , certain fishes, etc. The list can go on and on. The glee in their eyes revealed a lot. I'll be keeping one eye open when I sleep.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Just Call Me The Hostess With The Mostest

wine tasting bar
Originally uploaded by yajico.
Tonight I was rehired at the old wine bar I used to moonlight in. Rather than sell wine, I've been "promoted" to hostess. Yippie. Not bad work for no more than 10 hours a week. And I can stand and look cute as I greet the guests and ask "Do you have a reservation"?
Even Certain Someone, who was not pleased of the prospect of me taking a second job, is cool with the idea now. You see I won't have to work a lot of weekends, which will free me up for girlfriend duties. Which are not x rated , if that's where your mind was going... And did I mention discounts on wine, dining credits , etc. ? Now I know in a few weeks I'll be silently cursing at some co workers , but in the end I love the food and wine biz. And Certain Someone can come around occasionally to 'keep an eye on me" while at the bar.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That's The Craziest Thing I Ever Heard

I'm waiting to go to the airport, and decided to catch up on some news. I've been following this whole Beirut crises with interest, as I have many connections to the place. Namely my father studied at the prestigious American University Of Beirut in the early sixties, when the place was the Monaco of the Middle East. The stories he'd tell me... Many things have changed since then, but recently it has begun to make a glamorous comeback. I have friends on both sides of the Middle East crises, and choose my words carefully, as to not offend. However, I was shocked to read several headlines saying that the US is waiving 'EVACUATION FEES" for citizens trapped over there! What the f---. They were going to be charged because some crazed Hezbollah militants kidnapped some Israeli soldiers, and all hell broke loose. I realize that's the tip of the ice berg in regards to this crises, but really. So if the US didn't waive the fee( but we can spend billions in a war in Iraq) what would the people have done? Been left to die amidst all the bombing. The European countries have been quicker to get their citizens out(they don't charge fees, I read). Crazy , senseless, and I suppose we all have to pay eventually for a problem that will continue to outlive all of us. So next time I plan a trip oversees I guess I'll have to factor some emergency evacuation money, because who knows what could happen with the world being what it is.

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Weather Report

Originally uploaded by longhorndave.
You know my life is in the "peaceful" stage when all I write about is weather. Last night we had a great storm that broke up that dry spell. It started as I was conversing with Certain Someone on the phone. Living alone is scary when storms start brewing. He said the most romantic thing as I showed my fright ( collective ewww now, but he's so sweet )! When I woke all the icky heat was washed away,and it felt good. I had a lot of driving to do today up North and what a perfect day to do it. I also negotiated a part time gig for me to make some extra$$$ . I'm really happy about it, and look forward to some fun restaurant hostess tales. That world is even crazier than retail. I'll be really busy, but that's how I thrive. Grace under pressure. Certain Someone is concerned about the amount of time apart, considering his schedule,but we'll make it through. So that's my life this week. I look forward to Saturday, when a friend of mine is getting married in a surprise wedding. Last I heard the groom was gay, but who knows. Love comes in many forms, and they do love each other. They are best friends. Isn't that what marriage is all about ? Oh well,
off to pick up Certain Someone from the airport. It will be good to see him. Life gets so busy.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot As Hell

Originally uploaded by AMagill.
Well it's Sunday night and I'm waiting for my room to get a little cooler before I go to bed. I live in a old building which manages to contain heat,which is great in the winter, but hell in a heatwave. The heat rises to the top, where my condo is situated. My Air Conditioner is not as strong as I'd like it to be, but I survive. Thankfully summers are brief here in Chicago. I went to the gym earlier, had a nice workout, but didn't dare attempt to even lay out on the fabulous rooftop deck and pool ( which is the place to be during summer in Chicago). Just too damn hot. Certain Someone went golfing in the barbaric heat at the crack of dawn and had himself a good old time. I don't know how he whacked those balls and carried all that stuff across those links. But he's in his element I suppose. We ended up meeting and having Lebanese food later on. The restaurant was sweltering, and we drank Lebanese beer after Lebanese beer to stay cool. Thankfully the movie theater was cool and cozy as we watched Strangers With Candy. I love that off twisted humor of Amy Sedaris. As we left the theater , the night air turned hotter than a bath house in Boystown. I don't know about you, but I can't wait till cool crisp fall. My favorite season. Steam is not sexy.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Friday

Happy Friday
Originally uploaded by Michael_L.
Yes its Friday. Last weekend I anticipated a week of hell. While it didn't turn out that bad, I'm still relieved its over. I executed a mega event in my largest door , during the slowest time of the year. Not my ideal choice, but we did it. Anything is better than nothing right? The event turned out ok ,with pretty good increase in sales. And we all attracted a lot of attention dressed as old time news reporters in black linen fedoras. We even had a photo shoot with our in house photographer for future publication. Hope I look slim in the pics.
Certain Someone has been extremely busy with work, and we have only seen each other once. While my nights were free, I choose to keep a low profile and spend time on me. I thought a lot and enjoyed the solitude. I feel however that I'm pissing off some friends with my choices lately, but so be it. It's my time and life, and I'm enjoying it. I plan to catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a while. I got a nice phone call from my Virtual Friend last night. It was nice to talk for a change. He had disappeared for a while. Everyone needs to that from time to time, and it shouldn't take away from your relationships.
So now I'm home,resting up for the weekend, which will be low key as well. I plan to cook Certain Someone a nice lasagna as we both rest from the travails of the week past. Then we both will pursue our individual fitness goals on Sunday. Then back to the same old grind....

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It Always Comes In Threes

willow tree
Originally uploaded by allygirl520.
Today was a weird day. I spent most of the previous night worrying about silly things. When I woke this morning, the very things I worried over were working themselves out. In a slightly better mood, I arrived at work and was informed of a store colleagues sons death. A young 21 year old man on the verge of so many wonderful things was taken away in the blink of a eye by a careless accident. I felt for his mother ,and immediately,told my boss who had lost her young son a few years back in another senseless tragedy around this time. Then, a little later a friend informed a group of us by email about someone's parent being diagnosed with a serious condition. I hope that person can be strong enough for both himself and his parent. They have a long road ahead of them. When I got to the store I heard another sales clerk had also lost her son last weekend. She found him dead in his condo, after not hearing from him for a while.
Certain Someone and I met at the end of the day for quick dinner,before he resumed working on a project. Its important to take time out to smell the roses. He pointed out all this death and illness puts things in perspective. I dropped him off, and went home. My neighbor called informing me she was going out of town again,because her 42 year old brother died of a heart attack today. They had just buried their father last month. My mother used to say , 'it always comes in threes".

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by SMN.
I'm very happy and content with my life lately. So content that while contemplating what to blog about today , I came to the conclusion that things are pretty normal lately. Usually I'm a freak magnet, but I'm noticing that since you know who entered the picture ,the freaks have disappeared . Or maybe I'm not seeking them out. I called Gumby today , always one to provide comic relief, and he's all about business. All my friends are cutting back on the partying for financial and just 'Too damn tired reasons". I've been incredibly busy,and still don't seem to do everything I need to do.
There is one place however , that still amuses me. That's my counter at a major department store downtown. What a cast a characters! The other day the company van dropped me off at the loading docks in preparation for a event. As we drove I realized I knew a lot of the colorful characters on the street. Like the eccentric old lady wrapped in boas that sells her costume jewelry while she roams the aisles and street's and plays all the pianos throughout the store. Or the stalker friend ex boyfriend of one of my employees who fancies himself a designer. The other day he stopped by ,and we all of course ignored him, while wanting to bust out laughing. He was dressed in a flowing Roman style toga . I wanted to scream ' Hail Caesar'. All he needed was a crown of laurel leaves. He wonders why he gets beat up... I saw him late that evening walking down 47th Street,a definite no no dressed like that. But I thought ,as I laugh at him,he'll most likely have the last laugh and become larger than John Galliano or something. To be genius is to be daring. Then there's the customers. Its hard to transform some of the clients we get. We had to talk a lady into going through a makeover and skin care consult, because she felt self conscious about her large mustache, but yet didn't want to wax it off. Guess she was worried that the makeup would get all caked up in it.My makeup artist suggested we tell her to bleach, but then we'd have blond hair on dark skin, Yuck. When she comes back ,we'll give her to the new girl . See how she handles it. And now that the weather is warmer, my regular derelicts don't pass through as often , sampling my testers and yelling obscenities. Even the regular senior citizen makeovers that show up for every event, want their pictures taken, and don't really buy anything , have been low key. Maybe its summer, maybe the weird ones are all on vacation, or maybe I've lost my freak mojo.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Germans All Around Me

German shopping bag
Originally uploaded by lordrich.
This weekend was the final World Cup Weekend . Certain Someone and I made it to Fados Pub on Saturday to support the German 3rd place effort against Portugal. What a crowd our friends Nic and Rackesh assembled. I think I met just about every German professional in the tri state area. The beers were flowing and Deutsch was spoken all around. Sweetie and I wore our German Jerseys and wristband in support. The team didn't disappoint! And in hindsight to today's nasty spectacle between the French and Italians, what a class act. Its interesting to witness the modern German perspective in response to their evident national pride. The world was watching, but really couldnt' say anything. In my and Certain Someones opinion the Germans were the "true" winners in the World Cup and they should be complimented on being wonderful hosts. I like my sweeties friends and country, and hope I may someday learn the language. Well now that all this soccer hoopla is over, back to reality of the upcoming work week.

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Long holiday Weekend

20060704 July 12
Originally uploaded by jspatchwork.
Saturday July 1, 2006
Certain Someone picked me up late afternoon for our trek to Milwaukee. We had a beautiful , serene drive to Milwaukee where he's been based for the past two weeks on a project. After we checked into the Hyatt and rested a bit, the "Sultan"((my on again off friend of some years) called us. He was also in Milwaukee to see Paul Simon at Summer Fest, and we agreed to meet him and his girlfriend before the concert. When we got to the venue we immediately searched out for Bratwurst to satisfy our hunger, and of course washed down with beer. Certain Someone and I exchanged pleasentries with the Sultan and his friend, and we all went in to see a great ,mellow, relaxing concert. I was exhausted and loved snuggling up to Certain Someone as Paul serenaded us with the classics. I couldn't have asked for a better summer night. We walked back to the hotel along the River Walk exhausted, full, but happy. Before we went to bed we made a note to catch the Pig Roast at the German food stand the next afternoon.

Sunday July 2, 2006
After a late sleep in, and the sound of housekeeping outside motivating us to make our check out time,we got ready for day 2 of Summerfest. Our primary focus was eating and certain Someone making the Hole in One sponsored by Chevy on the lake at the fest. After I came out the shower,my Blackberry was chirping. It seems all my exes were coming out the wood work. Someone I was involved with earlier this year texted me to say hello. I wished him a happy holiday, and informed him I was with my new boyfriend in Milwaukee and life was essentially good. He got the picture and stopped texting.Certain Someone was curious and maybe a little peeved,but a trooper! It didn't help that another good male friend of mine ( strictly platonic friend) called a few times to check in and wish the Germans luck with their match in a few days. He was kind of taunting about it. We walked back to the fest along the River Walk and stayed a bit by the Art Museum and observed the seagulls swoop down and attack stupid little fishes that kept swimming up to surface , begging to be ate. A scientific debate ensued. When we got the fest we went to the Pig Roast. Out of all the food there, this was our favorite. It almost reminded my sweetie of home. He didn't make the Hole in One, but I doubt anyone did. We drove home , but did a bit of outlet shopping first. What a man, a marathon shopper if I ever saw one. I persuaded him to try some new colors in his shirts to compliment his coloring .When we arrived to Chicago , totally shopped and wiped out , we had a quick dinner in China town and went home to watch movies. He even let me give him his first facial. Men kill me with secretly liking this stuff!

Monday July 3, 2006
We had another leisurely sleep in. Although my sweetie woke up with a zit. I guess the mask pulled it out. We lazed around and I made him steak and eggs for breakfast. I was giving a party that night and running around prepping. We loaded the car up , and I drove off to my Aunts where the party would take place. She lives in the best location for fireworks with lake and river views . Check out Gabs blog about the night. I assembled a fun, witty, fabulous crew . My aunts friends even came over, along with some family. The generations mixed well . Caprhinas, martinis of all kinds, beer, shots of Aqauvit, all types of food flowed. I did not get home till the wee hours. What a blast. Certain Someone also met my Aunt for the first time and presented her with a orchid and me with a rose. It was a great debut for him to my friends and family.

Tuesday July 4, 2006
I woke up with the nastiest biggest headache. Consequence of to much partying.Ceratin Someone had a conference call which made us late for the soccer match of Germany vs Italy. We were to meet friends, but couldn't get in the pub due to large crowds went back home and watched the match. Have you ever seen grown men cry? I felt bad for all my German friends. I dragged him off the couch still weeping to make it to the end of the last event of the Holiday,my other Aunts BBQ. Upon entry I was attacked by thirsty relatives, They were waiting for my annual cocktail ( tequila sunrises).He was amazed on the size of my family. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Great Aunts, and people I know I'm related to , but can't remember their names, met him. He even charmed the children. The food was plentiful there too, and we packed up some plates to go. At the end of four wonderful days together, we called it a night, as I had work the next day. What a great holiday.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

In Memoriam

Sunset on Lake Michigan
Originally uploaded by jswieringa.
This morning I woke up all excited because I'm going away for the holiday weekend. But then I looked at my calendar and realized I forgot a very important date. Yesterday was the second anniversary of my fathers death. How could I have forgotten such a thing? Its funny because he's been on mind the past few weeks. My friend Paige just lost her mother at the same palliative care unit Daddy died in. Also my friend Johns mothers first anniversary is approaching soon. June is and was a sad month for a lot of people close to me. But June 30 snuck in as quietly as Daddy passed away that evening. I was sitting in vigil by his side for about 24 hours in the luxurious hospice suite overlooking Lake Michigan. His breathing was labored but quiet. I was engrossed in reading , and realized I no longer heard anything. When I went over to check , he was gone. Very quietly he slipped away. Such a different passing than my mothers. I just sat there with him until my friends and family arrived. His body and soul were finally at peace. So yesterday , I , unaware of what day it was,spent the day in relative peace. Life truly does go on, our memories become cloudy, but we never forget.

August 28, 1938 - June 30, 2004

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