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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

That's The Craziest Thing I Ever Heard

I'm waiting to go to the airport, and decided to catch up on some news. I've been following this whole Beirut crises with interest, as I have many connections to the place. Namely my father studied at the prestigious American University Of Beirut in the early sixties, when the place was the Monaco of the Middle East. The stories he'd tell me... Many things have changed since then, but recently it has begun to make a glamorous comeback. I have friends on both sides of the Middle East crises, and choose my words carefully, as to not offend. However, I was shocked to read several headlines saying that the US is waiving 'EVACUATION FEES" for citizens trapped over there! What the f---. They were going to be charged because some crazed Hezbollah militants kidnapped some Israeli soldiers, and all hell broke loose. I realize that's the tip of the ice berg in regards to this crises, but really. So if the US didn't waive the fee( but we can spend billions in a war in Iraq) what would the people have done? Been left to die amidst all the bombing. The European countries have been quicker to get their citizens out(they don't charge fees, I read). Crazy , senseless, and I suppose we all have to pay eventually for a problem that will continue to outlive all of us. So next time I plan a trip oversees I guess I'll have to factor some emergency evacuation money, because who knows what could happen with the world being what it is.

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