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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Long holiday Weekend

20060704 July 12
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Saturday July 1, 2006
Certain Someone picked me up late afternoon for our trek to Milwaukee. We had a beautiful , serene drive to Milwaukee where he's been based for the past two weeks on a project. After we checked into the Hyatt and rested a bit, the "Sultan"((my on again off friend of some years) called us. He was also in Milwaukee to see Paul Simon at Summer Fest, and we agreed to meet him and his girlfriend before the concert. When we got to the venue we immediately searched out for Bratwurst to satisfy our hunger, and of course washed down with beer. Certain Someone and I exchanged pleasentries with the Sultan and his friend, and we all went in to see a great ,mellow, relaxing concert. I was exhausted and loved snuggling up to Certain Someone as Paul serenaded us with the classics. I couldn't have asked for a better summer night. We walked back to the hotel along the River Walk exhausted, full, but happy. Before we went to bed we made a note to catch the Pig Roast at the German food stand the next afternoon.

Sunday July 2, 2006
After a late sleep in, and the sound of housekeeping outside motivating us to make our check out time,we got ready for day 2 of Summerfest. Our primary focus was eating and certain Someone making the Hole in One sponsored by Chevy on the lake at the fest. After I came out the shower,my Blackberry was chirping. It seems all my exes were coming out the wood work. Someone I was involved with earlier this year texted me to say hello. I wished him a happy holiday, and informed him I was with my new boyfriend in Milwaukee and life was essentially good. He got the picture and stopped texting.Certain Someone was curious and maybe a little peeved,but a trooper! It didn't help that another good male friend of mine ( strictly platonic friend) called a few times to check in and wish the Germans luck with their match in a few days. He was kind of taunting about it. We walked back to the fest along the River Walk and stayed a bit by the Art Museum and observed the seagulls swoop down and attack stupid little fishes that kept swimming up to surface , begging to be ate. A scientific debate ensued. When we got the fest we went to the Pig Roast. Out of all the food there, this was our favorite. It almost reminded my sweetie of home. He didn't make the Hole in One, but I doubt anyone did. We drove home , but did a bit of outlet shopping first. What a man, a marathon shopper if I ever saw one. I persuaded him to try some new colors in his shirts to compliment his coloring .When we arrived to Chicago , totally shopped and wiped out , we had a quick dinner in China town and went home to watch movies. He even let me give him his first facial. Men kill me with secretly liking this stuff!

Monday July 3, 2006
We had another leisurely sleep in. Although my sweetie woke up with a zit. I guess the mask pulled it out. We lazed around and I made him steak and eggs for breakfast. I was giving a party that night and running around prepping. We loaded the car up , and I drove off to my Aunts where the party would take place. She lives in the best location for fireworks with lake and river views . Check out Gabs blog about the night. I assembled a fun, witty, fabulous crew . My aunts friends even came over, along with some family. The generations mixed well . Caprhinas, martinis of all kinds, beer, shots of Aqauvit, all types of food flowed. I did not get home till the wee hours. What a blast. Certain Someone also met my Aunt for the first time and presented her with a orchid and me with a rose. It was a great debut for him to my friends and family.

Tuesday July 4, 2006
I woke up with the nastiest biggest headache. Consequence of to much partying.Ceratin Someone had a conference call which made us late for the soccer match of Germany vs Italy. We were to meet friends, but couldn't get in the pub due to large crowds went back home and watched the match. Have you ever seen grown men cry? I felt bad for all my German friends. I dragged him off the couch still weeping to make it to the end of the last event of the Holiday,my other Aunts BBQ. Upon entry I was attacked by thirsty relatives, They were waiting for my annual cocktail ( tequila sunrises).He was amazed on the size of my family. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Great Aunts, and people I know I'm related to , but can't remember their names, met him. He even charmed the children. The food was plentiful there too, and we packed up some plates to go. At the end of four wonderful days together, we called it a night, as I had work the next day. What a great holiday.

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