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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hell...I'll Even Go To A Opening Of A Supermarket

Well the fall social season has officially kicked off for me today. No Opening Night of the Opera, or some gala. Today , that had a hint of Fall in the weather, I attended a supermarket opening. A friend invited me because his old school friend was part of the organization. The market is called Sunflower, and is a cross between the trendy Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Their hook is lower prices and a shopping experience made easier while supporting local farmers and vendors. I , being a foodie, was quite impressed. I strolled the aisles nibbling on organic pizza that trendy Asian girls in green vinyl distributed. I sampled some Dixie cups of wines, chatted with the cheese boys as they spread my cracker with some Brie concoction. The brands were top rate, and a very nice beer and wine section I may add. After the head of the Lincoln Park Chamber of commerce cut the ceremonial ribbon in front of the refrigerated glass produce room, I decided to do a little shopping for my dinner .Organic clams, pasta,oh and toothpaste for the morning. Great market, plan to go back.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

The Surprise Was....Corteo.

Originally uploaded by _e.t.
Certain Someone had kept me guessing a week about a surprise he planned for today. As much as I inquired, the more he shut down , and actually threatened to cancel. I pushed the envelope, even goggling the date to see what came up. But In all my fantasies and thoughts , I could never have guessed the Cirquedesoliel's Cortero! We started our leisurely Sunday attending a Ferrari festival near the Italian Village with our friend 'The Rock'. If you remember I tried to fix him up with a crazy disaster last weekend. We all still hadn't gotten over her comments. Certain Someone and The Rock were like babes in toyland checking out the details of the Ferrari's and lone Masseratti. We posed and primped by the cars. I wore a snug zip up Ferrari Tshirt , and was approached by several people asking if I worked for the company. CLTV even approached me and interviewed me for a segment to run later on TV that evening. Not the boys, me! We then had a leisurely walk, lunch , and beers. 5:00 snuck up all to soon and my sweetie and I grabbed a taxi. He had wanted to blindfold me, but forgot. So he kept my head down in his lap until we reached our destination. I sensed United Center, and it was. I looked up and saw the tents. I had never attended a Cirquedesoliel performance but had heard rave reviews. It didn't disappoint. I covered Certain Someone in kisses,and we settled back to watch the show. Spectacular. How thoughtful of him. Another affirmation to my insecure self that he cares, and I'm a lucky girl. Kiss .

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Ever Changing Face Of Downtown Chicago

My mother used to go all 'old school' and recall about growing up in Chicago during the '50's and 60's'. The eldest of eight children wouldn't dare meet her mother downtown for a trip to Marshall Fields or Carsons without being dressed in a dress, white socks, white gloves, coat and matching hat. That's the way they did it back then. All of 'mamma's ' children always had the best quality clothes and were something to behold and admire. That standard carried through into everything they did. As a result all eight attained advanced degrees in their chosen fields. Quite a feat back then ,and even in this day and age. It wasn't that they were rich, but my grandparents worked hard and were go getters. They instilled this quality in their children. The standard was high. Like the high standards of retail in another era....
Yesterday I received a disturbing call. While trying to reconcile ,on a business front ,the merging of historic Marshall Fields into Macy's, another piece of big news hit. Carsons State Street was closing its doors. Now Carsons and Fields ran head to head . Both offered superb quality , service, and wares. Both were in landmark buildings that held so many stories. Christmas at Fields in to see the 'Tree' in the Walnut Room attracted people from all over. Both Carsons and Fields went all out for the window displays. I could go on. Macy's is committed to keep the Fields traditions alive. Chicago can wait and see. Carsons however, in my opinion lost its original luster a long time ago. After so many takeovers,I suppose that's bound to happen. But it had its loyal customer ,and will continue to in its many locations. The Carsons State street store was huge,and operating costs were cited as the a main reason for its closing. Its the end of a era. I remember the last time I saw my grandmother alive she took me, along with Auntie Mame to assist, on a shopping spree to Carsons, Fields, and Neiman Marcus for my high school graduation present. We endlessly tried on the high quality pieces for me take off to Paris where I was to attend college. When we got home she made me model them again to make sure they were just right and show off her oldest grandchild. I treasured my Dior wool pleated skirt and wore it for years until I couldn't no more. Like Mommy,I'm thankful for my downtown memories.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chicago Is My Kind Of Town

Blue Angels
Originally uploaded by Кevin.
It's late , and I'm just returning from a great girls night out with Gab's and some friends . When I woke this morning I wanted to cancel,due to fatigue from all the weekend festivities. But I'm glad I didn't. We had a 5 star dinner at IL Covo. Gab's compatriot is the head chef blending Australian and Italian cuisine. As we dined a film crew from a popular local show came into the joint and asked our opinions. Gab's did all the talking, PR pro she is, and really sold the place. I must return with Certain Someone for dinner for two.
Yesterday was spent on Mother Gumby's at her annual rooftop Air Water Show party. What a great food and drink spread she presented. Her apartment had amazing views and looked like something from architectural Digest. The crowd was warm and cozy. Certain Someone and I shared a chaise poolside and watched all the jets thunder by,while I rubbed his temples. Those boys love their toys. While I have mixed opinions about all the military activity in the current state of the world,you cant help but being impressed seeing those Blue Angels and other craft fly by. What a show and party. After the party we went shopping,which I'm coming to believe is his favorite pastime. He should start paying me as his personal shopper.
The night before we met with a friend and a blind date we set him up with. What a disaster! It really should have been filmed for reality TV. The young lady was loaded and quite suggestive to both our friend and Certain Someone. At the end of the evening we had quite a earful about her favorite "physical activity"and "recreational activity" . I felt bad for her, as she won't remember what she said and did. Remind me to not play Cupid again.
And last but not least was Gabis Birthday Celebration on Friday. Great night was had by all. I only wish I could have unwinded more ,But I had to rise early the next morning( 4:00 am) to perform makeover s for a wedding. The Birthday girl had a most memorable 29 th . She's a lucky girl ,and we should all feel blessed to know her.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't Forget What The Important Things Are

This evening a good friend of mine , who had read my recent blog entries, reminded me not to forget what the "important things are". This coming from a man that deals with life and death every day. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in the material, that we forget to count our blessings. I'm grateful for so much in my life . For having a loving family,Certain Someone, great friends, and most importantly health and hope. I'll take health and hope over the immaterial any day.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Love in the Afternoon

Google Calender + weather
Originally uploaded by Stella N.F..
I realize as I'm about to write this,I've been influenced by Gabis blog entry from yesterday. She spoke of how her social calendar is filling up rapidly. It seems that theme is running through Certain Someone's and my lives. Today he squeezed me into his busy schedule , as he just returned late last night , for a quickie lunch at Typhoon Cafe. We literally pulled out the Blackberry's and Treos to coordinate the next few weeks. He complained that our very little free time ( weekends) are always taken with some social activity,and how we don't spend enough quality alone time together. I agree. He's always away for business during the week, and I work two jobs. If he is home, he's usually burning the midnight oil . Our precious weekends go by far too quickly , and most of it is spent sleeping. Sometimes it feels as if we don't have enough time for our friends , family,or each other. I look forward to a special 'surprise ' he has planned in the next few weeks, and some quick weekend get aways.In the meanwhile I'm content with a occasional quickie lunch in the afternoon. Wir finden schon eine Losung.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Where Does All This Money Come From

Yesterday Certain Someone and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago, RL. Auntie Mame introduced me to this treat. The menu is pretty basic, emulating that old waspy private dining club feel. In my mind I always call it the rich mans McDonald's. On any given day you'll always see some prominent Chicagoan meeting friends there after a hard day of shopping or some cocktail event. So as Certain Someone and I settled in,and ordered deluxe burgers while we sat in the outdoor section, a group of flashy young nouveau types caught our attention. The two men looked like 'club' types with a impressionable young lady who was obviously impressed. The group sat sipping rose and sharing a charcuterie platter. Their conversation s vulgar,loud,yet intriguing . Certain Someone , masked in his Prada frames ,chastised me for not speaking German so we talk about them. I was riveted. Then a Mercedes pulled up, and another young one got out and yelled at the group. She joined the table and introductions were made and she was asked what her father did. By now we were rolling our eyes. It seems they were all in the restaurant/ club biz. Not to offend my European honey,but they epitomized the term Euro trash. We later saw them cruising Rush street giving shout outs . Certain Someone and I wondered how they do it and where this money comes from. As we walking back home we passed the Bentley dealer. Certain Someone loves his cars and gives me the history and stories of the exotic high end makes. We noticed a relatively young man about our age pull out in a Maybach. I"m sure that car fetches around a few hundred thousand. I kind of got depressed because making ends meet is a endless struggle. These Bright Young Things don't seem to burning the midnight oil,but yet seem to have huge incomes. Must be nice. I hope they are happy.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

pensieri [thoughts]

pensieri [thoughts]
Originally uploaded by foxtwo.
In my line of work I come across a cross segment of people. Sometimes their actions and deeds amaze me , and sometimes they amuse me. Today I had two random encounters that left me wondering...

In one of my stores today, a associate came by the counter to brag that her church just got their Pastor a private Jet. I looked at her blankly. Her Pastor is a well know 'leader" in the community and a politician. I was always raised church and state shouldn't mix. Nevertheless he 'needed' this jet, I guess to tend to his other flocks. I 'm sure the man is doing some good ,somewhere, But it amazes me that people that make and have so little , build these self appointed leaders up . In my opinion that money could have built several food centers for the needy. Or maybe he plans to fly around Chicagos needy areas and drop food bundles?

When I got to the restaurant later that evening, I found it was relatively slow. A young mother was sitting with her baby and friend. While looking at the reservations for the next few days< she came up with the cutie pie. It seems he was magmatized by my good looks and wanted to say Hi. He was the flirtiest baby I ever saw. The female bartender got jealous because he was flirting with her earlier. Cutie Patootie had the nerve to wearing a shirt that said "Chick Magnet". By the end of his dinner , he had every female,even the two lesbians sitting in a corner, besotted. I guess men learn how to hustle , two time , and play at a young age.

Just random thoughts....

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

In The Words Of Miranda 'Get Over It, It's My Thing'

Tabloid board game
Originally uploaded by misocrazy.
I have a confession to make. I love gossip. Particularly the European or high society New York kind. I can equally get into the proletariat tabloids like The Star, US, and The Enquirer on occasion. But I get sick reading about the young, for the most part, talentless starlets boozing and starving themselves through life. How disappointed I was to see the next generations of Greek shipping magnates hook up with the Paris Hilton's of the world. Give me some minor European Royalty drama. Like all of Prince Albert's love children. Angelina adopts them and he makes them! All races and creeds. I love it. My all time favorite magazine has to be Hola. Ever since I was a child , I loved looking at those glamorous and heavily tanned Spaniards and German princelings gallivanting around Marbella , or some resort. And I loved the challenge of piecing together my limited Spanish with the photos. The other day Certain Someone caught me with a Soap Opera Magazine. Yes, I read those too. If I can't watch them , I like to read about it. Its not hard to follow the story lines, as they rarely ever change over the years. But , they are fascinating nevertheless. Auntie Mame says I should write a column. I'd love to be a Page Six reporter for the N Y Post. I read it online everyday. I find most hacks just take from them and rehash the stories over and over. One item that caught my eye last week in their column was the tacky St. Tropez wedding of Pam Anderson and Kid Rock. The bride wore a white bikini and sailor hat. The groom a linen pork pie hat and was holding a beer. All this aboard a $24 million yacht. They read vows from a blackberry. Lars Ulrich was the best man. At the end if the ceremony , Kid Rock said something like 'She's the best woman in the world... She f---- me and scratches my back." She was quoted as saying in her vows that 'She was going to ride him like a cowboy..." If that aint love , I don't know what is. You see that's why I love gossip, Its like trying to drive by a accident without looking.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

All I Have To Say...

Eddie Gets a Massage
Originally uploaded by AndrewVDill.
Is that its been a long day and week. I need a massage bad!Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge...

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We'll Always Have Chinatown

Originally uploaded by Lordcolus.
I write this as I've been prematurely cut early from Job #2 tonight. Due to excessive heat for the past few days, nature is finally cleaning up her act , and its violently storming. I'm grateful for the rain. My neighborhood of Hyde Park/ Kenwood has been plagued with power outages fro the past few days, due to enormous amounts of energy being consumed. Com Ed cant keep up with the demands. While I read about it in the news, I really haven't been home much, so I've been lucky. However last night my luck ran out. I picked up Certain Someone from the airport , and we decided to dine in our favorite spot, China Town. Its becoming a ritual for us to try every restaurant we can. We never get tired of it. After a leisurely dinner and cocktails< we decided to go to my place that evening, as we were south. We made a quick stop to my local CoOp market , where he was amazed from the selection of obscure German beers. Thanks to the sophisticated and well travelled residents of Hyde Park, home of University of Chicago, one lacks for nothing in terems of food or drink. Ceratin Someone had to eat his negative perception of the South. When we got home , a hot oven of a condo awaited us. It took a while to get the AC going, as heat from the building rises. This is a blessing in Winter, but deadly in summer. We literally preferred to wait outside on my deck for a while before venturing in. Nevertheless we acheived a comfortable temp, and settled in for the night drinking great beers.Around 2:00 AM I stirred realizing it was too dark and quiet. The power was out! Nothing worse than being full of Chinese, Hot, and Tired. I opened all the windows waiting for any slight breeze. You could hear some voices seeking refuge outside, rather than stay in their 'ovens". Eventually it came back up around 4:30, but our good nights sleep was lost. I had to wake at 6:00 and proceed onto my supposed 14 hour day. Thankfully it was only 11.

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