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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hell...I'll Even Go To A Opening Of A Supermarket

Well the fall social season has officially kicked off for me today. No Opening Night of the Opera, or some gala. Today , that had a hint of Fall in the weather, I attended a supermarket opening. A friend invited me because his old school friend was part of the organization. The market is called Sunflower, and is a cross between the trendy Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Their hook is lower prices and a shopping experience made easier while supporting local farmers and vendors. I , being a foodie, was quite impressed. I strolled the aisles nibbling on organic pizza that trendy Asian girls in green vinyl distributed. I sampled some Dixie cups of wines, chatted with the cheese boys as they spread my cracker with some Brie concoction. The brands were top rate, and a very nice beer and wine section I may add. After the head of the Lincoln Park Chamber of commerce cut the ceremonial ribbon in front of the refrigerated glass produce room, I decided to do a little shopping for my dinner .Organic clams, pasta,oh and toothpaste for the morning. Great market, plan to go back.

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