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Friday, September 01, 2006

I Wonder What That Freaks Day Job Is?

Cartel Freak Day
Originally uploaded by deramaenrama.

Every now and then when it gets really quiet in the wine bar, I look up from my host stand and he goes whizzing by. He is a Asian man approximately in his late thirties , early forties with a Aztec looking bob. He's always scantily clad in gold lame hotpants with some butt cheek showing. As he rolls by on roller blades and Boom box in one arm (very early eighties ghetto), he's always smiling like he took some Ecstasy tabs. Today he wore a short blue trench coat over his shiny hot pants. Freak Boy either arouses love or hate. I like to think that this probable IT geek ,or perhaps even a lawyer, likes to unwind at the end of a hard day ,flashing the patrons of the avenue cafes in Bucktown. Just my opinion anyway...

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