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Friday, September 22, 2006

Juggling the Crazies,Time, and Money

juggling balls in the air
Originally uploaded by mike 23.

Today was a crazy day. I got up at the crack of dawn for a early morning doctors appointment . I had a lot on my plate today which I systematically accomplished. Every now and then a curve ball was thrown my way. Like for instance Certain Someone( who recently got a big promotion) assured me that he wouldn't be traveling for a few weeks, has to go to Copenhagen for a week and half on Sunday. I had spent the day before planning and pre prepping a elaborate German Sauerbraten that has to marinate four days for a romantic dinner Sunday. Oh well, it will have to be Saturday night then. Hope he doesn't compare it to his mothers as it will only marinate for 3 days now..Then I have this odd person that works for me that informed me of a supposedly important meeting in the store. I protested that it was to short notice and wasn't convenient today. Nevertheless I drove the 40 miles out and got there late afternoon. The manager was supposedly busy and the culprit was stalling for a excuse. Upon seeing him I railed into him about postponing yet another meeting, not returning my calls, etc. He told me that she basically told me she put all this together without his knowledge ,and when he found out told her I wasn't needed,which she didn't relay to me. We soothed our ruffled feathers and realized we are dealing with a major manipulator and liar. If it was attention she sought ,it was our wrath she incurred by putting us in that situation and playing us off each other. She had her meeting all right, but not with me ! I also found out some juicy gossip I really didn't need to hear. Lets just say a certain newlywed I know of in passing is having a affair with a Vegas performer , whilst pregnant with her long sought after husbands child. How do people get in these jams? So I went over to job #2 and had a relatively busy but peaceful evening. Its amazing how mindless labor centers you. I chuckled over an earlier incident with my colleague in a Fannie May store. When paying for her candy,she asked the sales clerk for a discount. The skinny teenager promptly replied she has just missed Senior Day. Meow! Well that's my day. Busy, hectic,and surrounded by all sorts of interesting people and situations.

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