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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects
Originally uploaded by Pikaluk.
Last night I ventured out for a 'Girls Night' with Irene, Gab's, Gab's roommate,and visiting friends. We all met at Max Bar for a ladies night of free Effen Cocktails, massages, manis,and pedis. They were even giving out free cigarettes. A total health and wellness night. Gumby showed up, as he had introduced me to Max Bar last spring. He was his lovable weird self. He started taking out some ' merchandise' wrapped in toilet paper and asked our opinions as to which we liked most. I could just flash back to that show Good Times, when that pimp like character has all these jewels underneath his big fur coat he flashes potential customers with. Although Gumby acquired his goods totally through legal means and was not selling. I even got a weak but relaxing chair massage . I warned the massage therapist that I wall full of tension. She thought I said I was sensual. Whatever!I left the girls after a few hours, as my Certain Someone returned to town. I met him at another bar for a farewell party for a mutual acquaintance. My poor schatzi was tired, sick, and a little cranky. I really felt his misery. He couldn't even enjoy his chicken fingers. In his agony he noticed Benny the Swede from last Saturday. Of all the joints in town, Benny pops up there! As we left and passed Benny, I reminded him of our earlier meeting. He said in his best Friends Joey accent ' How you doing...?" It was hard to recognize him with a shirt and no bottle of Skane.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vacation In My Mind

Today I saw my Auntie who has just returned from her week in Rome. The trips purpose was to see my Great Uncle Bob's painting exhibition, and a reunion of sorts for him to see all his former dancers. Normally I tag along on these international adventures , but this time Auntie went solo with guide books and cameras I made sure she had. This time she had to figure out the spots and take the photos. Her photos turned out excellent. It was nice to see my 80 something uncle still hip, fashionable, and adored. He never stops as I hear he just returned from his annual sojourn to Ghana. You see my uncle had a well known dance troupe in Rome specializing in AFRO dance, before he moved to Austria to continue dance and begin the next phase of his career , painting. He's shown all over Austria and other parts of Europe. Last fall they published a book on his life. What a life! So glamorous with his parts in Spaghetti Western's, the handsome lovers who looked like film stars. When you looked at his photos dating back from the 40's you felt the eternal youth and la vie boheme. They really knew how to live, although I imagine he's most likely only one of few still around. Everyone last week seemed so fun to hang around with judging by the photos. Uncle Bob even had his own film crew tagging along. How I wish I was there. That's why I love my family. We are flung all over from the fields of Mississippi , the villages of Nigeria, the cities of the US, most of Europe, and the cobbled streets of Rome.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Hundred nothings-88
Originally uploaded by Julie70.
The next week and a half, I'm on "vacation". Normally I manage to go somewhere great, or do something productive. This time I'm doing absolutely nothing. Zilch,nada,zip. Oh I had some plans, I was going to clean up, maybe work on my balcony garden,etc.But I just cant seem to get off my couch in front of the TV, or chair in front of the computer. I was beating myself up about this morning as I struggled to get out of bed at 10am. But then I rationalized that I go out just every evening for some function or another. I'm always 'representing ' for work with makeup, clothes, hair,etc.So its nice to just be lazy,slightly messy, and not wear a stich of makeup. Certain Someone is nowhere around this week, so I can just chill and relax in my natural state. Just hope I don't gain 10 pounds from all the laziness.But I'm sure if I do, I'll burn it all off when Certain Someone and I go off to Milwaukee this weekend to check out SummerFest on their waterfront.Anyway its pouring now, another excuse not to leave my nest...

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Monday, June 26, 2006


Originally uploaded by bjaglin.
So Certain Someone finally got to show me a real Midsommar event (contrary to the alternative event we went to a few weeks back). We packed up a picnic hamper of boiled eggs,potatoes, herring , cheese, red onion, and miniature Schnapps. A friend who accompanied us warned us to hide it, as every drunk Swede would make a beeline for some. They did. It surprised me that we had the most authentic fare. Most people were eating chips, soda, barbecued burgers,and sausages. The head of the young Swedish group came over and was very nice , as we knew no one. Certain Someone joined the organization, but never has time to attend events. She asked how we were connected to Sweden , and we explained. It tickled me that I could say I have family there, because I do. After a while everyone did a drunken dance around the Maypole. I soon learned that its a type of fertility dance. Understandably Certain Someone sat it out and watched.He did join in a game of Bramball (similar to baseball with a big plastic red bat).While he exerted himself with a cute tshirt with a big S (for Sweden) in the center, our friend and I chatted up the others. We were introduced a strapping brute called Benny, who just arrived from Stockholm. He liked my shirt with the Swedish Flag that said Absolut Svenske, and offered us some Skane( more schnapps). He looked like he had his fill and started to complain about Swedens loss to Germany earlier in soccer. Now my opportunistic sweetie had watched the match earlier that day wearing that big Sweden t shirt , under his German Jersey (shameful)! My friend told Benny that my boyfriend was German ,and was here.He started yelling ' Vars the Yarman, the Yarman, I'm going to kick is ass..." I pointed him out on the field. Certain Someone told me he heard the maniac screaming for him on the field,but Benny was to drunk to follow through on his threats.It was all good fun. We went home after sundown , totally exhausted ,but content after our Midsommar day by the lake.

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's All About Football (Soccer)

cha du-ri illo
Originally uploaded by the boy who loved vellum.
I've never been much into sports, much to any guy I happen to be with dismay. Basketball, American Football,Baseball just really aren't my thing. Occasionally I'd watch or attend a game, but more for the social aspect. However the World Cup thing has peaked my interest. Maybe it started with me watching soccer matches with Daddy( who was Nigerian,and therefore a huge soccer fan). He always wanted a boy he could play the game with. Some Sundays he dragged me out to the yard and had me do dribbling exercises with him. I didn't mind it,but I was no jock. I remember he used to take me to the Washington Diplomats( a fledgling attempt at US soccer) games in RFK Stadium in DC. We weren't really close,but those are the best times I remember with him.In his last days , their was nothing he'd like more than watching endless matches on the Spanish Language stations. It's a shame Nigeria didn't qualify this year,but it seems some really good players are of Nigerian descent.
So tonight I went into a really industrial part of the city to procure Germany jerseys for 'Certain Someone' and I to wear on Saturday morning when they play Sweden. My poor schatzis loyalties are divided between his two countries. He's a German National with a Swedish soul. I 'm really getting all into the hype. The United Nations of Friends send email after email with score updates. One member is over in Germany now watching some matches. Sometimes the emails come in German,and I haven't a clue to what they say,but they are happy in tone.It's all so exciting, and I'm actually enjoying it.So as I picked our shirts tonight, I saw a beautiful Addidas green and white jersey for the Nigerian team. How Daddy would have liked that and all this hoopla.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

Originally uploaded by Dan Kamminga.
Tonight I was invited to attend a screening of ' The Devil Wears Prada' . Brenda Sexton, the Czarina of the Illinois Film commission arranged a Girls Night Out for the most powerful women in Chicago. Now , I'm hardly powerful, but at times well connected. I was supposed to attend with my aunt, but she's jetting off to Rome as I type (I should be with her).I was pleasantly surprised..This was the best fashion film I has seen in a while, or ever! Meryl Streep was perfect. Ann Hathaway a dream. I loved this movie. It really captured what the fashion world was all about. Don't underestimate it! After the movie, we debated on whether the character made the right decision. Me,I would have stayed as Streep's assistant, dropped the chef boy friend, and enjoyed the hard work and good life. Am I really that heartless? It was too glamorous to pass up. But love and ethics conquer all! In the end you still loved all the characters, and understood their motivations.
After the movie, the Power Gals trugded up to the Conrad Hotel( formerly The Meridian), and had a swanky rooftop reception. Tropicana Berry and Mango martinis flowed. The appetizers were out of this world! After seeing a film that mocked a size 6 as a FATTY, I couldn't have cared less , as I popped hors d'oeuvres after hors d'oeuvres in my mouth. I saw and talked to my CEO, a wife of a legendary basketball player,,and caught up with some old friends. Its good to be a woman in Chicago. The nucleus of Chicagos power was all on top of the roof, and they happened to be women. What would that other gender do without us?

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Monday, June 19, 2006

You Are Cordially Invited

Originally uploaded by tomhe.
While I have been a pretty social person for the last few years in Chicago, lately it seems I can't keep up with the invitations. On most days I will receive a beautiful paper invitation to some high priced Gala I have supported in the past. Normally I went to these things solo,as I knew people when I got there. The ticket prices are just skyrocketing now,so it makes you really think ,do I need to go to this?Thankfully 'Certain Someone' loves the whole social whirl, but there is always that risk that he'll be called away to some place for business at a moments notice. Hopefully we can make the most important of all this year Opening Night of the Opera Turanadot. There would be nothing better than listening to Nessun Dorma with him at my side dressed in Black Tie.
Then there's the whole email invitation. These are harder to keep track of. A lot of groups and people are saving time and money with the paperless invite. However while I do my darndest, they can just get luck in the Black Berry shuffle. Lately the UN has been firing off invite after invite. Gabs had to remind me that one of 'my' events I invited her to, was a Thursday,not Friday.Anytime I receive something remotely of interest I shoot it off to my email list. This week I planned to rest, detox,etc. as 'Certain Someone' will be away. I was looking forward to the quiet time. Already my week is filling up , without even trying.

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Chasing Rainbows

Rainbow panorama
Originally uploaded by Kasper Weibel.
Last night as "Certain Someone" drove me home from the weekend , we saw the most beautiful rainbows over Lake Michigan. He mentioned that when you see one rainbow, there are actually two. I squinted my eyes and did see a faint rainbow behind the other.The sight was awesome, and rare, as I haven't seen in a rainbow for some time. Just the perfect conclusion for our great weekend.
On Saturday, in my new role as 'Certain someone's ' secretary came up with a belated birthday celebration for him and another friend of ours , Peter. I secured two Miami style rooftop cabanas at Iggys in Wicker Park ( a funky section western section of Chicago). The theme of our group being the United Nations continued,with a cross section from Brazil,Germany, England,Australia, and the good ole USA ( with a little Nigerian flava thrown in). The drinks were plentiful( mango martinis and metropolitan being the favorites), the food satisfying,and the company chic and fun. A group of us presented 'Certain Someone' with a present of Landys XO cognac , otherwise known as Happy Dog. Its given this name because of ,how shall I say it?... it has a dog stopper with a hard on.And as one man called it once 'it's a mans drink!". So how perfect . We then went on to party at and dance at Max Bar after they kicked us off the roof running up a $500 tab. Max Bar stays open until 5:00 AM. We all danced the night away in the VIP section .Alas we had to call it a night / morning as we planned to get up to watch Australia vs Brazil in the World Cup. We actually made it to that event the next morning and nearly passed out from exhaustion in the pub. We decided to go back home take a nap , and wind down the hectic weekend watching Korea vs France.Did I mention the elevators went out, and we had to climb 26 flights of stairs when we got back? All to soon the weekend was over and the my sweetie drove me home.I think its good luck to encounter a rainbow on the way back, don't you?

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Friday, June 16, 2006


Originally uploaded by superhua.
Last night my ' Certain Someone' told me a amazing story. It seems he got a phone call from Sweden from a former colleague who wanted to know about his new girlfriend'. He was naturally aghast as to how this busy business man ,on the other side of the world ,found out he was seeing me. It seems another colleague of theirs was in a conference in another country, and met a US colleague, who mentioned that he meet the new girlfriend back at a event the previous week. Whew! Honestly don't these people have businesses to manage, than to gossip about us. Then a few days before, a co worker approached him saying he heard that I was mad at Certain Someone' last week because he chose to watch the World Cup, rather than volunteer with me. It seems perhaps someone overheard a conversation I had on the bus making a comment in jest. Well it got back to him in two days . My Auntie Mame always warns me to be discreet and careful about what I say and do,because you never know who's listening and watching. I guess I 'm getting a inkling of what BRANGELINA must feel like.

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A Day At the Races

Today I took a half day and attended Ascot Day at Arlington Race Tracks with my good friend Irene and her English beau Andrew. We had been looking forward to this for a while, as in Chicago one doesn't get to wear a "Alexis Carrington /Four Weddings and a Funeral" style hat. Irene and I ventured deep into the South Side to purchase hats that one wouldn't see coming and going , from a client of mine Hazel Lowe Boutique. Hazel Lowes is a institution among the preachers wives set, so what better place? I find she has hats that rival anything you can find on the Mag Mile.
So anyway Kenny G(my old friend the Sultan), Irene, Andrew , and I took the train to the event , rather than drive.I invited Kenny G month's ago because he and Andrew hit it off as fellow attorneys. ('Certain Someone'is still in the picture!!! )We arrived and immediately perused the betting forms. Andrew gave a quick lesson in terminology, which completely went over my head. I decided to save my pennies. The Governers Suite was waiting for us with lavish buffets and drinks. I just had to get me a Pimms Cup (veddy English you know!). I received a phone call from work about a old employee of mine, eyes were on me as I said out loud 'You mean the one that looks like a stripper?,Miss Bump and Grind..." My voice does get loud at times.Kenney remarked on what I interesting life I lead , and the people I know. For the most part we decided to stay in the enclosed suite and look at the races on the big screen TV's. It was very hot and windy outside. In all actuality I don't even think I watched a race or saw a horse. I was to busy checking out all the feathers and hats, eating, and imbibing was all so grand and English. I felt pride that my ancestry had a tiny connection to the British Empire.

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Madonna, need I say more?

Madonna @ Coachella
Originally uploaded by Eliya.
And now a break from World Cup madness... My 'Certain Someone' took me unexpectedly to see "Her Madgesty" tonight at the United Center. I knew he was planning to go with colleagues with tickets he had purchased 'before me'. I wasn't tripping because I had a meeting that night anyway,and a night off would be good for us. However his colleagues dropped out last minute and I agreed to accompany him. I was worried we'd be late,with the show starting at 7:30. Nic joined us, and we headed over after my meeting. The Diva kept us waiting a good hour before she got started. We didn't mind at all, and I saw some fellow fashionista friends in the audience. We did the customary pecking 'kiss kiss', and settled into our seats. Madonna didn't disappoint. I admit, while I'm not her biggest fan, she is a style icon,no' if,ands,or buts about it'.She seemed a little weary at first in her Gautier Riding Habit, but she picked up with the energy and costume changes. I thought it odd her fascination with all things equestrian,(considering her riding accident a little while back) , which almost bordered on beastiality. Was she conjuring up Marlene Dietrich or Catherine The Great? The images were fierce and her body was perfection. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and she's a living testament to that. Of course their were some obscure Kabbalah references in regards to a charity she promoted with haunting images of children in Malawai,while she sang ' Christ Like ' on a crucifix. That image bothered me a bit.You cant take the Catholic school girl out me,and I'm not even Catholic. But she's an 'artist', and she takes risks to get her point across. I loved her dancers, all with interesting faces. My favorite sequence was a white pant suited number , a la Saturday Night Fever. Then she stripped down into a Studio 54'ish white and lilac body suit , and boggied away. She really was infectious, As my 'Certain Someone', Nic, and I danced away. I could just imagine her teaching Lourdes and Little Rocco how to 'bust a move". And I don't care how rich or famous you get, you always seek your parents approval.Maddonna pointed out her father was in the audience ,and asked if he was proud of her . A 47 year old woman at her physical, personal, spiritual, and professional peak asking 'Did I do OK, are you proud of your little girl?". I guess on some level we are all the same, aren't we?

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Monday, June 12, 2006

So What Did You Do This Weekend...?

Water Cooler
Originally uploaded by Cosmic Kitty.
It's late Sunday night and I'm, just returning home. What a weekend!. It started yesterday morning at the crack of dawn. I joined a friend (who happens to be a colleague of ' Certain Someone' and recruited me for her corporate team) at Grant Part to take part in a charity initiative called Chicago Cares. Several major corporations underwrite and encouraged their employees to sign up for a day of "projects" in and around Chicago. Our teams two buses headed to the Englewood area on Chicagos South Side to Miles Davis Academy. We were greeted by the Assistant Principle who told us a little about the school and area. Despite the tragic history of the neighborhood you can still feel the cheerfulness of and hope of little tots of the academy. We were given our assignments and went to paint the modular classrooms and bathrooms Blue Bell Blue and Optimistic Yellow. It was backbreaking , but enjoyable work. By the end of the day I was had a blue ass, and was covered in blue freckles. Its a shame that the powerful and wealthy city of Chicago's public school system cant afford basic upkeep for its schools.
I met a 'Certain Someone' later all cleaned up. He had spent the day lazily watching the World Cup( Sweden 0/ Trinidad Tobago 0). He took me to his company's event in Navy Pier. I met several of his colleagues,bosses, and their families. We ate, socialized,a capped the evening off with a late nighttime Fire Works cruise along the lake. We stood on deck with his good friend and pregnant wife from Brazil shivering as we watched the Chicago skyline become highlighted with the colorful pyrotechnic. Ahhhhhh! It was magical. I joked that everyone at his company had tons of babies,because so much time is spent ' reuniting' after being sent all over the globe on special projects. After we left the party to meet some friends we ran into a gang of youths street fighting in the 'Posh' Streeterville neighborhood. We had never seen a mob like it, and quickly ran through the scene before gunfire or something erupted. I told him to never crack on my South Side again, and this was his backyard. Several minutes later three police cars, a ambulance, and a huge Paddy Wagon arrived to cart the youths away.
The next day we planned to attend both MidSommer Fest and the Blues Festival. Sometimes the best laid plans fall apart. However we did make it to the MidSommer Fest in Andersonville, in which he was looking forward to it (loving all things Swedish). We worked our ways throughout the stalls sharing dishes. We were expecting more of a Swedish Ethnic Celebration, instead it was more of a alternative event. Nevertheless the food was great, and we managed to get our fix of Swedish Pancakes with ligonberries. Yum! By the time we got back downtown, I was to tired and cold to attend another festival. So we winded down with watching a game and ordering some Thai. That's the beauty of Chicago,you can eat your way around the globe in 5 hours or less. It was one of the best and most enlightening weekends I've had in a while.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Six Degrees Of Separation II ...Coincidence or a sign?

The past week I've encountered more strange occurrences than most. I have to ask myself is it a sign from the universe,or a coincidence? The first sign was that Gumby has taken up with a great acquaintance of mine. I only realized their ' relationship" , through a group email. When I asked ,he fessed up. I wish them happiness. Both of them will be very good for each other.Vive le difference!. Then my 'Certain Someone', who's home now (YIPPE) for a hot second!, texted me from a restaurant from Stockholm. Out of all the people , in all the joints in Sweden, he runs into my cousin ( who he doesn't know, but from a picture) and introduces himself. Weird or what? Then at the Cubs game , Rakesh and I realized our mothers were classmates at the same premier historically Black University, Howard in DC. We probally were in the same daycare ,or something. The icing on the cake was the appointment of a new Account Executive for the DC region. I remember her from when I was a punk nosed kid , just out of art school, working in retail Maryland/D.C. How I used to cower when she came in for her visits as a Regional! Now she barely recognized me ,sitting at my desk, working the phones. She should be proud one of us got from behind the counter. So I ask myself, coincidence?...Or have I stayed to long at fair?

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Monday, June 05, 2006


Originally uploaded by aprillynn77.
A few weeks back ,something that rhymes with witch,asked me "What makes you think your life is so interesting, that anyone wants to read about it?" I was taken aback ,regained my composure, and proceeded to talk to the object of her affections , who seemed more focused on me anyway. Everyone went Meow! But her question has surfaced in my brain from time to time. I asked my Auntie Mame, and she called her a hater. I guess I blog because its fun,and I know a lot of great interesting people who keep a smile on my face. In this busy world its nice to unwind at the end of the day and recount the events. I love hearing feedback from my friends who I'm separated from by distance( and it saves on the phone bill!). I'm thankful to Gab's for showing me the way. So in the immortal words of my Auntie Mame, I should have said to that girl... "Don't Be hatein...."

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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Fellini copy
Originally uploaded by Flornholio.
I dragged myself out around 8:00 pm. to catch up with the gang at the May Fest at Lincoln Square. I really wasn't planning on going anywhere, as I was still recovering from the night befores Out of Africa soiree .Previous to going out, I was cooking pate for a family event the next day. The heat of the kitchen, and a barely humming air conditioner motivated to put on a skimpy tank top.If the May Fest was anything like Taste , I'd be a sweaty mess. Well as soon as I got out the temp dropped. Nevertheless I braved the chill and drove up north to Lincoln square. Now Lincoln Square is on of my favorite enclaves in Chicago, because you feel as if you stepped right into Germany.However the festival didn't really live up to the neighborhoods image. I only saw one man walking about in lederhosen. The first image that greeted me was a drunk man on all fours barking at his dog. The group of us pushed through the crowds and ordered up large plastic stiens of beer. I was aghast that I saw quite a few drinking the domestic Rolling Rock. What was the point?Then we ventured over to get some brats, and another sausage whose name escapes me( it resembles a American polish sausage). We raced to finish out 'tickets" by 10:00 and purchase all the beer we could. After a while we went to the "cultural "part of the evening, carnie games.None of us won any of those cute fluffy animals. A booth caught my eye, a Paintball station. I handed over $5 to shoot 31 balls out of a rifle. At my 29 shot, the man scolded me that I was shooting to close to pedestrians, and to cease. I was so wrapped up in the shooting,,I started to do a artistic bump and grind as I worked on my pattern.But I was just shooting blanks. My friends looked at me a little weird when I was done.It was oddly exhilarating.
As the fest started to close, we tried to go to a another beer hall . I dumped my beer , much to the amazement of a young Latin male, who proceeded to follow my friends to ask about me. When told my age he was stunned. I could have been his mother if I had him at 13.The long lines deterred us from going in. We finally ended up at a Macedonian 'lounge" because it looked empty, and we all needed to pee. A really bad torch singer serenaded us ,which caused me to believe it was actually a Karakoe bar. Young pre pubescent girls did a tango , as she sang.To appease the server we ordered some Macedonian beer and settled in . A young man at the next table told me it was a Maedonian mob hangout, which made us applaud louder when the singer finished her set, at Gab's urging was tempted to try one of a bank of slot machines that a lone old lady was playing. Josh checked them out , and affirmed they looked dubious( the old lady rose seller being a plant).
We all decided to head on over to BoysTown and go to Roscoes. I haven't been in a gay bar in ages. After tonight I know why. All the beautiful buff boys ,just being fabulous, and not a chance for me .The few drag queens inside scared me with their makeup. I decided to call it a night, and got my car from the valet. As I pulled off , a man flashed his chest to me, and made me swear not to tell.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Out Of Africa

African safari route
Originally uploaded by Sricchito.
Last night was the Auxiliary Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo's Out Of Africa benefit. Oh what a night! Although around 6:00 pm before the party I thought I'd collapse from exhaustion. I had spent the whole day helping Paul Anthony (AKA Princessepessa) set up the visual part with his friends, co workers ,and students. Lets just say he got his revenge on me for years of me bugging him about my visual setups for events in the stores!.My back and legs were sore, a hanger went through my sneaker, and my newly done hair was a sweaty mess. I was covered in florist foam crumbs and sand. But the end effect was 'Oh so dazzling!' Paul had created a luxurious African tent in the middle of Serengeti with wind blown canvas chandeliers that glowed warm red, and orange hues with images of giraffes and elephants in the wild. The bar had the Liquor logos on African shields with plumes that conjured up images of Masai Warriors. The tables were set with large glass sand filled candle holders wrapped in tall grass and twigs. Princesspessa did all this while slinging his godson around in papoose .I suspect he'll be a future artist.
I cleaned up good, and met my large international gang at the party . The food and drinks were flowing. Gabs,Caro, Irene,Tristan ,and Josh looked so glamorous. I played the social butterfly role as I schoomezed with the others all the while dancing, taking photos, eating, and drinking.I could have danced all night,but my bones and feet were aching. Gumby showed up looking dapper in his tux. Of course he couldn't wear a normal shirt, but one embroidered with Bugs Bunny. He's always the one to provide comic relief. Then my two JD'S ( we have a joke that every black man on the board is called JD) were real lookers in their formal wear. JD I in a flawless black tux,and JD III in a cream dinner jacket with red and white polka dot tie/ cumberband. Did I mention he wore spats! I made sure I took lots of pictures for the folks and Momma Roxy (JD III"s mother).All to soon it was time to leave, and we went home . Princesspessa showed up with his crew to break down the set. I wearily climbed into bed and as I was drifting to sleep, my Blackberry went off. It was that Certain Someone texting me from Europe. To bad he wasn't there at the party, he was missed!

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Know What Side My Bread Is Buttered On

Originally uploaded by powerbooktrance.
So tonight I ventured up north for my first Cubs game. Now most people who know me , know that I could care less about most sports. My mother used to warn me about large events and crowds. It didn't help that the news was always filled with hooligan stories, after game barfights, and weird misfits who ran into Center Field half dressed, and started to beat up people. Not to mention the boozy aspect of the whole thing. I just always thought of it as some slightly sleazy Northside Single party scene. But I never had a opportunity to attend a game to prove my perceptions wrong.
Last year I attended my first baseball game at the newly named US Cellular Field. I am a South Sider as a fairly new resident, and its where my maternal family came from. However the part of the South Side the stadium was in , I avoided like the plague. If you go back into Chicago history it wasn't a very welcoming place for blacks.Nevertheless , I went to my first White Sox game last year and was pleasantly surprised. The game escaped me, but the food was awesome, and everyone was jovial,but well behaved. Not a hooligan in site. I had to eat my words to my smug friend who took me. And wouldn't you know it , that was the year they went onto World Series victory!
Tonight I braced the larger crowds with Caro and met up with Racekesh and Peter. Wrigley Field was definitely not as slick as Cellular Field. As we climbed the endless ramps to our seats, the scents of brats tempted me. We all immediately after finding our section, headed for the food and beer lines. My first brat was a little to soggy due to much sauerkraut. I noticed my seat mate Racekesh go on to another food item(deep dish pizza). I wondered if I could get away with eating more , so I got some Nachos with tons of Jalepenos. Peter and Caro seemed to restrain themselves. It started getting colder, and I longed for some steaming fried dough,but I couldn't find any. US Cellular had fried dough! So I purchased a sweatshirt instead( there went the money I saved on parking).I barley paid attention to the game , because I didn't have that big screen TV to guide me and tell me what was going on. All I remember was a few exciting last innings, and suddenly it was over , abruptly. I felt very unsastisfied, and my tummy was starting to hurt. I wanted more food and action.I wanted a winning team. We all grudgingly got up and made the long exodus out of the stadium into the night, all the while pushing our way. I think next year I'll try football.The culinary wonders of those tailgate parties!

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