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Monday, June 26, 2006


Originally uploaded by bjaglin.
So Certain Someone finally got to show me a real Midsommar event (contrary to the alternative event we went to a few weeks back). We packed up a picnic hamper of boiled eggs,potatoes, herring , cheese, red onion, and miniature Schnapps. A friend who accompanied us warned us to hide it, as every drunk Swede would make a beeline for some. They did. It surprised me that we had the most authentic fare. Most people were eating chips, soda, barbecued burgers,and sausages. The head of the young Swedish group came over and was very nice , as we knew no one. Certain Someone joined the organization, but never has time to attend events. She asked how we were connected to Sweden , and we explained. It tickled me that I could say I have family there, because I do. After a while everyone did a drunken dance around the Maypole. I soon learned that its a type of fertility dance. Understandably Certain Someone sat it out and watched.He did join in a game of Bramball (similar to baseball with a big plastic red bat).While he exerted himself with a cute tshirt with a big S (for Sweden) in the center, our friend and I chatted up the others. We were introduced a strapping brute called Benny, who just arrived from Stockholm. He liked my shirt with the Swedish Flag that said Absolut Svenske, and offered us some Skane( more schnapps). He looked like he had his fill and started to complain about Swedens loss to Germany earlier in soccer. Now my opportunistic sweetie had watched the match earlier that day wearing that big Sweden t shirt , under his German Jersey (shameful)! My friend told Benny that my boyfriend was German ,and was here.He started yelling ' Vars the Yarman, the Yarman, I'm going to kick is ass..." I pointed him out on the field. Certain Someone told me he heard the maniac screaming for him on the field,but Benny was to drunk to follow through on his threats.It was all good fun. We went home after sundown , totally exhausted ,but content after our Midsommar day by the lake.

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  1. Jammin' Jemma4:13 AM

    What a wonderful way to spend your day! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :)


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