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Friday, June 16, 2006

Madonna, need I say more?

Madonna @ Coachella
Originally uploaded by Eliya.
And now a break from World Cup madness... My 'Certain Someone' took me unexpectedly to see "Her Madgesty" tonight at the United Center. I knew he was planning to go with colleagues with tickets he had purchased 'before me'. I wasn't tripping because I had a meeting that night anyway,and a night off would be good for us. However his colleagues dropped out last minute and I agreed to accompany him. I was worried we'd be late,with the show starting at 7:30. Nic joined us, and we headed over after my meeting. The Diva kept us waiting a good hour before she got started. We didn't mind at all, and I saw some fellow fashionista friends in the audience. We did the customary pecking 'kiss kiss', and settled into our seats. Madonna didn't disappoint. I admit, while I'm not her biggest fan, she is a style icon,no' if,ands,or buts about it'.She seemed a little weary at first in her Gautier Riding Habit, but she picked up with the energy and costume changes. I thought it odd her fascination with all things equestrian,(considering her riding accident a little while back) , which almost bordered on beastiality. Was she conjuring up Marlene Dietrich or Catherine The Great? The images were fierce and her body was perfection. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and she's a living testament to that. Of course their were some obscure Kabbalah references in regards to a charity she promoted with haunting images of children in Malawai,while she sang ' Christ Like ' on a crucifix. That image bothered me a bit.You cant take the Catholic school girl out me,and I'm not even Catholic. But she's an 'artist', and she takes risks to get her point across. I loved her dancers, all with interesting faces. My favorite sequence was a white pant suited number , a la Saturday Night Fever. Then she stripped down into a Studio 54'ish white and lilac body suit , and boggied away. She really was infectious, As my 'Certain Someone', Nic, and I danced away. I could just imagine her teaching Lourdes and Little Rocco how to 'bust a move". And I don't care how rich or famous you get, you always seek your parents approval.Maddonna pointed out her father was in the audience ,and asked if he was proud of her . A 47 year old woman at her physical, personal, spiritual, and professional peak asking 'Did I do OK, are you proud of your little girl?". I guess on some level we are all the same, aren't we?

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