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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Vacation In My Mind

Today I saw my Auntie who has just returned from her week in Rome. The trips purpose was to see my Great Uncle Bob's painting exhibition, and a reunion of sorts for him to see all his former dancers. Normally I tag along on these international adventures , but this time Auntie went solo with guide books and cameras I made sure she had. This time she had to figure out the spots and take the photos. Her photos turned out excellent. It was nice to see my 80 something uncle still hip, fashionable, and adored. He never stops as I hear he just returned from his annual sojourn to Ghana. You see my uncle had a well known dance troupe in Rome specializing in AFRO dance, before he moved to Austria to continue dance and begin the next phase of his career , painting. He's shown all over Austria and other parts of Europe. Last fall they published a book on his life. What a life! So glamorous with his parts in Spaghetti Western's, the handsome lovers who looked like film stars. When you looked at his photos dating back from the 40's you felt the eternal youth and la vie boheme. They really knew how to live, although I imagine he's most likely only one of few still around. Everyone last week seemed so fun to hang around with judging by the photos. Uncle Bob even had his own film crew tagging along. How I wish I was there. That's why I love my family. We are flung all over from the fields of Mississippi , the villages of Nigeria, the cities of the US, most of Europe, and the cobbled streets of Rome.

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