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Monday, June 19, 2006

Chasing Rainbows

Rainbow panorama
Originally uploaded by Kasper Weibel.
Last night as "Certain Someone" drove me home from the weekend , we saw the most beautiful rainbows over Lake Michigan. He mentioned that when you see one rainbow, there are actually two. I squinted my eyes and did see a faint rainbow behind the other.The sight was awesome, and rare, as I haven't seen in a rainbow for some time. Just the perfect conclusion for our great weekend.
On Saturday, in my new role as 'Certain someone's ' secretary came up with a belated birthday celebration for him and another friend of ours , Peter. I secured two Miami style rooftop cabanas at Iggys in Wicker Park ( a funky section western section of Chicago). The theme of our group being the United Nations continued,with a cross section from Brazil,Germany, England,Australia, and the good ole USA ( with a little Nigerian flava thrown in). The drinks were plentiful( mango martinis and metropolitan being the favorites), the food satisfying,and the company chic and fun. A group of us presented 'Certain Someone' with a present of Landys XO cognac , otherwise known as Happy Dog. Its given this name because of ,how shall I say it?... it has a dog stopper with a hard on.And as one man called it once 'it's a mans drink!". So how perfect . We then went on to party at and dance at Max Bar after they kicked us off the roof running up a $500 tab. Max Bar stays open until 5:00 AM. We all danced the night away in the VIP section .Alas we had to call it a night / morning as we planned to get up to watch Australia vs Brazil in the World Cup. We actually made it to that event the next morning and nearly passed out from exhaustion in the pub. We decided to go back home take a nap , and wind down the hectic weekend watching Korea vs France.Did I mention the elevators went out, and we had to climb 26 flights of stairs when we got back? All to soon the weekend was over and the my sweetie drove me home.I think its good luck to encounter a rainbow on the way back, don't you?

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