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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Do I Know You....

Frog Waiter
Originally uploaded by W10
Tonight I had a small waiter gig with the caterer. It was in a reknown Chicago skyscraper. The purpose of the event was to sell unreachable health wise and Eco friendly condos to that small segment of society who can afford to plonk down $2,000,0000 for a pied a terre. As usual I recognized a few faces. Chicago is a small town. Sometimes I feel a guest look at me with a 'why do you look familiar" gaze . But surely they wouldn't associate me in the venues they have seen me,waiting on the side.That's the comedy of it. I had arrived drenched from the torrential rains. It hasn't been my week. Yesterday I had a huge interview and got caught in the rain. I had to drive back home to change. History repeated itself. But I dried off quickly and went to work. A fun and short evening. Afterwards I met up with my Auntie Mame who was attending a party up the street at Hermes. She suggested dinner at RL. She spoils me so. How could I refuse even though I wasn't hungry , after eating the leftovers from the event. Nevertheless I made room for the baked Camembert wrapped in Phyllo with pears and a glass of Riesling . Scrumptious! There were a few people from the event dining there as well. As they passed my table they had that 'why do you look familiar" gaze again. Because I just served you .... Lifes funny and its fun to keep them guessing.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Oh The Misery

Originally uploaded by melisdramatic
Certain Someone and have a lot in common. Most recently we are both suffering from nasty summer colds. He caught his first from all the excessive heat changes and forced air conditioning. I resisted until about Friday afternoon , and it all came crashing down. Nevertheless , I got up Saturday morning and drove to a suburb I have never been to, and plan not to go to again if I can help it,to dispense wine samples.The refrigerated beer and wine section was going full blast, and not even my layers of sweaters could provide relief.Thankfully it was only a four shift. I had little luck with sales as the clientele was , lets just say not a wine drinking crowd. Those that did partake liked the sweet stuff. One even informed me she likes to mix her red jug wine with Squirt soda. Need I say more. But to each his own.When I got home Certain Someone after a awful morning playing golf in the rain, was wrapped in his robe after a steam in my Jacuzzi bath. I made us both some chicken soup out of a box and we dressed to go to his company's corporate event. Last year I remember the event as our first date. How we took the boat cruise. Neither of us were up to that with how we felt. But we did rise to the occasion to mingle, eat, and drink. His colleagues are great and warm. We called it a night before the fireworks display and went on home. At home My breathing became worse with all the congestion, and I felt like gagging . But we stayed up to watch two pretty good movies , The Sentinel and The Da Vinci Code. I awoke late Sunday determined to make the most of my rare day off. I cooked up a batch of Belgian Waffles with , my own Strawberry sauce with Cointreau, and Whipped Cream. Yummy. We lazed around some more before he went off to the office. As much as I hate being sick, I love the laying around part of it. I guess its natures way of telling me slow down. I hear you loud and clear.

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Its Nice To Have Your Man In Touch With His Feminine Side

Cabo Massage
Originally uploaded by RaJenCreation
With great foresight I had booked massages for Certain Someone and I this past Sunday. Boy did I ever need it! I had spent the past Saturday working 14 hrs at a certain well known billionaire's former ranch. It now has new owners who threw a great party! Famous music acts were flown in and all of the cities big wigs were there. Talk about six degrees of separation! I could trace a link to many party goers as well as the service staff. It was hard work, back breaking, but fun. I must of sweat ed off 10 lbs in the heat dressed in my cowgirl gear.I crawled into bed at around 4 am praying for my 4pm massage. An ex had given me a gift certificate this past Christmas. Certain Someone ,not at all bothered by it, wanted to tag along as well. He loves for me to give him massages. So I booked the couples room at a well known salon. We both enjoyed our 50 minute Swedish massages. Oh the relief! I felt like ten years had been lifted off me. Certain Someone really got into it. He suggested we do this ritual once a month( like I can afford it, but he can!). We then indulged in the rain forest and needlepoint showers. Another dimension of heaven . Afterwards I caught my man sipping water with lemon in the Asian themed padded quiet room.Who would have thought this man who strikes fear in his interns would be such a pussy cat? Certain Someone was lapping it all up , and he deserved it because he too works so very hard. And all that golf swinging is hell on his back. Afterwards he suggested a little shopping trip followed by ice cream sundaes at Ghiradelli's. YUMMY. Then reality set in and the supermarket beckoned( needed to load up for the following week). All in all a great weekend. Its nice to see so many sides of life, living , and people.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Now Have Three Jobs

you're a bum!
Originally uploaded by mistermicronesia
There was a TV show once a while back called In Living Color. One of the skits was about a Jamaican Family. In a thick accent they asked everyone they met 'How many jobs you got man...'If you didn't have a few you were called ' A lazy bum'. It was hysterical. Who would of thought with all my planning and fantasising that I would now have about 3 jobs? Mommy used to always say God laughs at peoples plans. Well anyway I have a OK job that a lot of people would be satisfied with. After 8 years with no room to to advance, a company in flux, limited pay increases, no bonus programs, and a general stifling of wit and creativity,its time to consider new options.My part time jobs have always been in my second passion of food and wine. I seem to have no trouble landing these odd jobs. However finding the big new career move is proving difficult. So now I happily demonstrate wine on weekends and have just landed a 'on call ' gig' with a very upscale caterer. I'm really excited about that because they cater to some very high society and influential movers and shakers.Certain Someone even remarked about how happy I am when I come home from these little jobs as opposed to the big one. Maybe you have to take baby steps before you find your calling and place. I'm tired as I don't know what , but happy I'm finding my way , and paying those pesky bills. In this economy a lot of people are juggling two jobs. if they are able. Things seem to be looking up big job wise as well. I got a call for a interview. Don't know what the outcome will be , but a good sign nevertheless.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All That Glitters Is Not Golden

More Glitter
Originally uploaded by babybowrain
So yesterday I spent cooped up in the office on my first day back. Not much going on there. Either I'm very efficient and I prepped things to go well while I'm away, the job is that boring, or a little of both. Anyway not much drama and the usual unappreciative higher ups. Today however I ventured back into the" field". Once again I was reminded how unattractive a lot of my customers are ( God forgive me I'm just being honest) and how obtuse. As I approached one ,that feeling of dread welled up in me that I have to try to explain to this person basic skincare and makeup(I really cant do this for another decade and I admire anyone that did without going crazy). And they still have a mental block! After about a few of those encounters I took a walk around the store. I saw a lady dressed in ethnic garb with gold glitter around the mouth. This is not the first time I've seen this and I've commented here before on it. Who is telling these woman to do it? It's not cute. Its not like a subtle creamy glitter highlight on the eyes or collarbone for a night out( which is a little passe). It's smeared above the lip or around the mouth and all I can think about is ' You'll get a rash". And for some strange reason they all seem to gravitate to me. I'm a natural born sales person but I think its time for a change soon.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Leggings are so wrong

Leggings are so wrong
Originally uploaded by suanie
A final note about our European trip. For the past year Ive seen leggings in small quantities in Chicago. They haven't really caught on here, or I just haven't noticed. Well Certain Someone and I noticed a explosion of leggings in Europe, particularly Stockholm. It was a epidemic so bad that he really started getting annoyed . Everywhere we looked girls had them on under dresses, shirts, or shorts. All shapes colors and sizes. In the stores there were vast displays. I actually had a black pair packed ( for sleeping), but after Certain Someones expressed disgust ,kept them packed. In Gothenburg we didn't see so much. And neither in Essen. But do you believe we saw at least three pairs at the wedding! Is nothing sacred? I realize the hosiery industry has little to work with and has to do some drastic innovation every few years,but really! Stop the insanity. Hopefully these legions of woman will catch their reflection of see a photo of themselves in this ridiculous trashy trend. There enough said.

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Schlafen und Essen in Essen

Literally translates to sleeping and eating in Essen. A corny play on words. We are back. The last week our our adventure was just that eating huge amounts of food that Mama made for Certain Someone. The food was fantastic and I couldn't have turned it down even if I wanted. Mama is lucky Certain Someone didn't bring home a skinny vegetarian , no sugar, no gluten type. We would have been in trouble. Never have I eaten such large amounts of meat( sausages, beef, pork roasts, etc.) One day she made a fantastic shrimp scampi and the cousins recoiled in horror at the mention of fish. More for us. And with all that eating , we just wanted to sleep. But that was hard as there was always something to do either with his parents or to meet more friends.
I got to see so many of Certain Someones childhood friends and understand what makes him the person he is today. Essen is the fifth largest city in Germany located in the Ruhr Valley, the center of industry. The people are hard working and without pretensions.There were boring industrial parts and beautiful parts. Surprisingly Essen has a great Opera and Symphony.My favorites were Vila Hugel and walking alongside the lake Balenysee. With Certain Someone its all about family in Essen. Most of his friends are married with children. I learned some new German from the kids. Like when we visited his friends in a fabulous hillside mansion outside of Essen. We sat on the patio and the little tot E kept repeating "Wo ist stinka". That means what is stinking. Adorable. I think she just smelled her brothers diaper.
Certain Someones parents are a great example of what a marriage is about . Over forty years and you can see the love. Its a hard and strong example to live up to in this day and age. They are proud of their son and encourage him in all his endeavors. I wish I could have communicated with them better besides rubbing my tummy and saying Zehr Gut, Bitte, and Danke! But we all seemed to understand and communicate. Certain Someone and I couldn't wait to get home though. After two weeks, there's no place like home. This trip was good on so many levels. But namely I feel Certain Someone can make a life in Europe in a few years.And most importantly, we can survive side by side travelling 24/7 for two weeks. That's pretty good.

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