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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Now Have Three Jobs

you're a bum!
Originally uploaded by mistermicronesia
There was a TV show once a while back called In Living Color. One of the skits was about a Jamaican Family. In a thick accent they asked everyone they met 'How many jobs you got man...'If you didn't have a few you were called ' A lazy bum'. It was hysterical. Who would of thought with all my planning and fantasising that I would now have about 3 jobs? Mommy used to always say God laughs at peoples plans. Well anyway I have a OK job that a lot of people would be satisfied with. After 8 years with no room to to advance, a company in flux, limited pay increases, no bonus programs, and a general stifling of wit and creativity,its time to consider new options.My part time jobs have always been in my second passion of food and wine. I seem to have no trouble landing these odd jobs. However finding the big new career move is proving difficult. So now I happily demonstrate wine on weekends and have just landed a 'on call ' gig' with a very upscale caterer. I'm really excited about that because they cater to some very high society and influential movers and shakers.Certain Someone even remarked about how happy I am when I come home from these little jobs as opposed to the big one. Maybe you have to take baby steps before you find your calling and place. I'm tired as I don't know what , but happy I'm finding my way , and paying those pesky bills. In this economy a lot of people are juggling two jobs. if they are able. Things seem to be looking up big job wise as well. I got a call for a interview. Don't know what the outcome will be , but a good sign nevertheless.

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