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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Leggings are so wrong

Leggings are so wrong
Originally uploaded by suanie
A final note about our European trip. For the past year Ive seen leggings in small quantities in Chicago. They haven't really caught on here, or I just haven't noticed. Well Certain Someone and I noticed a explosion of leggings in Europe, particularly Stockholm. It was a epidemic so bad that he really started getting annoyed . Everywhere we looked girls had them on under dresses, shirts, or shorts. All shapes colors and sizes. In the stores there were vast displays. I actually had a black pair packed ( for sleeping), but after Certain Someones expressed disgust ,kept them packed. In Gothenburg we didn't see so much. And neither in Essen. But do you believe we saw at least three pairs at the wedding! Is nothing sacred? I realize the hosiery industry has little to work with and has to do some drastic innovation every few years,but really! Stop the insanity. Hopefully these legions of woman will catch their reflection of see a photo of themselves in this ridiculous trashy trend. There enough said.

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  1. kilabyte7:00 PM

    I have really got into your "European Vacation" blog .... thoroughly enjoyable. Gunna be a bit flat coming home after all the upside. However, rest assured that I for one, will be just as interested in what you're doing at home too.

  2. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Glamah ... you have to remember that the beauty of leggings are "in the eye of the beholder". As CS would surely agree .... it depends on what the lady is wearing at the time (or not??!!??)


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