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Monday, May 29, 2006

Harem Scarem

Dancing Girl!
Originally uploaded by Lorri37.
Tonight I attended a small Birthday Dinner for my old friend Kenny G. Now he and I go way back over seven years, and yes we did date, or something like it ,off and on. Now we maintain a healthy friendship and have many mutual friends in common. Chicago is a small world . One of the problems I had always had with him was that I was like this "secret", hidden away in the vast Imperial Harem of the Sultan. Well tonight I met my counterpart who lived on the other side of the palace. It seems she goes back as far as I do,and we still hold a revered spot in the Sultans affections,. Even though both of us had ceased dating him. My fellow concubine told me he goes back and forth between us for advice, companionship , etc. as he wavers on finding that perfect princess. Much to the Sultans dismay, his senior concubines really hit it off. We compared notes on how to get more dinners , and who got what from our dear Sultan. The Sultan listened with amusement and dismay, and claimed his resources were now limited and he has to cut back. That didn't fool us, as we schemed some more and promised to have a few martinis on a all girls night in the palace, with the Sultan footing the bill. Ah the secrets of the harem...

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

To Tip Or Not To Tip,That Is The Question

Ben Franklin Was Right
Originally uploaded by SW4.
As a member of a service type industry , and having worked a few odd jobs in restaurants,I've always strived to be cognizant and generous of what I tip. However I've had some occasions over the week that make me question should I , or shouldn't I?Maybe I should just pretend that I'm from one of those countries that doesn't tip, as I've been hanging around of foreigners lately.
In Minnesota this week, I never made it to cash machine. Now I always forget about those hard working cleaning woman/men, who I never see, but always have my room nice and fresh with stacks of tolietries, new towels, etc. I kick myself midday , that I didn't leave a tip, due to the fact that I don't have any cash. Mid trip, I looked in my wallet, and found a few bills.Unfortunately , one of t hem had 'SUCK MY BALLS" written on it. I saw it and pondered should I still leave it, as money was money,or ignore their service another day (I'd make it up to them , promise!). I decided to leave the offending bills, but artfully turn them downward (Like I didn't know what they said). I noticed when I got back .I was shorted on some amenities.
When I checked out I left a nice envelope for the person, my guilt weighing heavily.
Tonight I met some friends at a quiet bar up north. I arrived with a work colleague, as we had just spent the afternoon doing numerous makeovers on some debutantes. After that ordeal, we were looking forward to several chilled drinks,and some fun. The party was sitting out back,and it was sweltering. There appeared to be only one server,as someone had called out, and the bar was packed. It was the type of joint where one ordered pizza in, as their menu consisted of frozen foods.Well my colleague didn't want pizza, but buffalo wings. It seemed we waited at least 30 minutes for our first lukewarm beers. The serve apologized and quickly ran off before the others could place their replenishment orders. This routine continued in the sweltering heat, as we amused ourselves playing board games. I felt bad for the girl, but we really had some basic demands, but I understood her plight. She had gone out of her way to discourage us from ordering any food item in the restaurant, but to have delivery instead. However the wings arrived 40 minutes later, and my friend asked for hot sauce.
'We already sprinkled some on the wings before cooking them", the server said.
'Well can I have the bottle to have some on the side", my friend asked.
I interjected "that we black women have a different standard of hot and spicy than you".

The server begrudgingly brought out a Dixie cup of hotsauce.
When it came time to settle up, I wondered should I tip at all. I mean I suppose she did the best she could under the circumstances, but there were ways she could have been more efficient. My seat mate commented that I was generous considering they came from a place that didn't tip. I figured she probally needed all the tips she could get for a few shots, after a hard night like hers.

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Comings and Goings

Originally uploaded by the20d.
So it's day 5 of the Minneapolis trip,and I'm finally on my way home. After a great morning session, we drove to airport and checked our bags curbside. The nice man insisted in trying to find me a window seat on the packed flight back home,rather than the center. How nice I thought he was, until I boarded the plane to very last seat , and found out there was no window. When I pulled up the shade it was totally blacked out. Plus the engines were right at my ear. It gets worse... A very large girl, waited until last to board, and guess where she was heading? I sucked it in , as she squeezed into a very tight space .The flight would only be an hour or so. When I landed and turned on the Blackberry,a 'Certain Someone' had sent me a e-mail as he was prepping to take off for a few weeks in Europe, in spacious and luxurious business class. Uhhh! It took me forever to unwind and get off the plane,with my boss and colleague waiting impatiently for me.
I dashed home, and did a quick change for my 'Virtual Friends' birthday dinner put on a 'Pucciesque ' top and jeans, and headed to the West Loop to Amelia's, a Mexican restaurant. I recognized a shiny holographic purple roadster pulling in behind me in the parking lot. Lo and Behold it was Gumby, the birthday boys brother. I liked to call his ride 'the Pimp Mobile'. I remember one of the most amusing days of my life in that car, cruising down the Mag Mile and venturing into Boystown,all the while turning children, and adults heads with Mettalica blaring . Now remember Gumby likes to make a scene (he likes to crash parties ,and is a notorious geramphobe). We entered together,and he started freaking that people would think we were each others dates. Far from the truth,just really good pals. I met the mother of Gumby and the B Boy, and we really hit it off. We both chastised and fussed over Gumby, much to his irritation. She asked I had ever had a ride in the , 'F--- Me Mobile' (her words). I admitted I had, but not for that intent. I told Gumby he should appreciate his mother more and how fun she was. All in all it was a warm relaxing evening, in which the Birthday Boy should be proud of putting together.What better combination of family and really good friends.Home is where the heart is, and there is really no place like home.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Those Crazy Twins...Happy Birthday to All the Geminis I Know

Playful fountain
Originally uploaded by Xerones.
Well I'm day 4 of the Minneapolis sojourn.This morning as I was driving to the airport to pick up my boss, I got a call from my old friend inviting me to his birthday dinner on Monday. Now 'Kenny G' was the first Gemini I had serious dealings with. Our friendship has spanned over seven years, and has seen more than its shares of highs and lows. I blame every problem we ever had on the fact that he was a Gemini. On top of that, I'm a scorpion with a deadly sting. Not a good mix. But I must have some rising that attracts these Geminis friends. When I get home tomorrow on Friday, I'll rush to my 'Virtual friend's' birthday dinner. Now, my 'Virtual Friend' , and I rarely see each other in person, with the exception of a mutual friends gathering. Our friendship is strictly email exchanges. And he's so secretive about his age, I had no birth info. Imagine my surprise when his brother and email invite notified me of his Astrological data. Another Birthday I'm aware of is this great , fascinating woman I met recently is on Friday as well. And don't forget Caro, but she's a Taurus, on the cusp. And Finally, to 'Richie Rich', a new friend who celebrates on Monday. Happy Birthday to you wherever you may be in this world. Big Kiss and Hug to you all.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I now know what a Love Parade is

Picture 002
Originally uploaded by miss pupik.
So I'm on Day 3 of my Minneapolis 'adventure'. I'm alone until tomorrow , when my boss and account partner arrive. Today was tedious with three visits. I swear I saw Charlie Manson while driving back to the hotel.I look forward to room service and a good book this evening snuggled in my "jammies". And I'll probally mind travel to a event I'm only now just hearing of.The 'Love Parade'. Some friends mentioned it, and I've been fascinated with the phenomenon ever since. It seems to have originated in Berlin as kind of a political event, a la Woodstock. Only its all based around Techno music. How fun! DJ's show off their stuff, and it seems like everyone loses all inhibitions. Now I normally hate crowds, and things like that, but what fun. It hasn't been held in Berlin in six years , due to the problems and rowdiness such a parade would generate. For example, excessive filth and waste.But regardless of all of that, it would something I'd want to experience just once in this lifetime . Something I could tell my grandkids about (I'd probally avoid discussing it my kids because' I'd want them to do as I say, not as I did'... )Yeah that's how bored I am, dreaming about the Love Parade.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Highways and Byways

Road to Malyasia
Originally uploaded by alternateparadise.
So I'm finally sitting at a real computer on day 2 of my business trip. I actually got a lot done today (2 store visits, phone calls,etc.), all while getting lost on the weird highways of Minneapolis/St.Paul. It literally took me hald a hour to get out of tiny downtown to find 94W. Only 94E was available,and mapquest only makes it more confusing. So I just went East, only to turn around and go West. Honestly!
So I get to the store, and my appoinment was waiting.Why is it they always expect you to wine and dine them, not go over a lick of business.It's almost as if they are neglected kids who are waiting for 'Momma' to come visit with her big fat expense account. Well I could only spring for two cups of Caribou Coffee, in a really scary and broke down strip mall.She started whining that I never have enough time to really visit (meaning I guess she wanted dinner too.) At that moment , I excused myself, and made another appoinment, before she moved in for the kill.
I got lost on the way back into the city , again. So now I'm going to take a bath,dress ,and meet a old friend/ co-worker for dinner. Really ,shes the only one I want to be bothered with when I visit up here.I've been warned not to talk to any strange men tonight....

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Land of a Thousand Lakes Part 2

I can't write long posts because of the Blackberry. So I listened to the drunken chatter of the sales reps, as I wearily ate my salty crab cakes. The hottest on of the bunch was literaaly trying to hump the fat middle aged bartender. Then a Margret Choo loking one, started to yell about just because she was Asian, she didn't perform well in school, but smoked a lot of pot! To much information for me. So I called it a night, and dragged my tired ass upstairs. I had the best sleep and sweetest dreams.

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Land of a Thousand Lakes

So I finally made it to my destination, at around 9:00 pm. What a day, but I got through with a little email help from my friends, and a certain someone.I got to the hotel by 10, and more weirdness. I demagnatized my key card by accident, and had to endure the mindless 'Welcome to MPL" by the bellboy.Of course I had to tip him more, as he did go all the way back and get me a new one. Then I headed to bar,ordered some crab cakes and Sauvignon Blanc, only to have my senses assulted by drunken sale reps.Ciao

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Have you ever had one of those days....

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up at 5:00 to get to airport for a 9:00 flight, only to go to the wrong airport, after being stuck in traffic for an hour( the ride should be 30 min), then call the airline , only to be told that chances are slim because all flights are booked, to get to the right airport, after speaking to corporate travel, to wait on stanby, and not get on. Then in the interim , all your firends are emailing , wanting to know what's going on with you and a certain someone

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Batteries Not Included

Originally uploaded by zeroK.
Last night we all joined Caroline in a continuation of the Birthday celebrations bear in mind we started on Thursday evening, and spent all day group e-mailing each other about who had the biggest hangover, brain, etc.... All of us barely getting work done. There was one person whom I'll call 'Richie Rich' on the email thread , who was kicking himself that he missed out on the highjinks.But I digress... So we went to Le Sardine and were quite tame with the alcohol consumption, and more focused on the food. Gabi and Nicolette had rabbit, 'Richie Rich', the garangutan lamb shank,steak et frites for Racklesh and Caro, and a cuisse de canard pour moi. And I got my fix of seared foie gras, before the City of Chicago bans it (politicians should stay out of food matters). We all finished of with brandies, liquors, espressos, chocolate and blueberry souffles. I'm sure I gained 20 lbs.
After we ate I went around snapping photos, but my camera went out due to low batteries. Caros friend immediatley whipped out two AA batteries. I made a joke about her needing it for her 'Personal appliance ' later on. With no embarrassment she admitted that was what they for,and she'd like them back when we were done. Needless to say at the end of the evening ,she went on her way, and we went onto another venue. All of us , I'm sure, had a satisfactory night. Nudge, Nudge, wink, wink...

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Friday, May 19, 2006

I'll let it rain because the rain aint gonna hurt me...

rainy day
Originally uploaded by yajico.
Today was a great and introspective day. After last nights 'past life's regression', I felt free. I thought a lot about about the future today. Babies were on my mind a lot. In the store I ran into a client who had the most beautiful babies I'd ever seen .Little dolls they were, While we all cooed and awed over them,I lamented on the fact that at my rate I'd never have them. She assured me that my time was coming, and I'd never know what was around the corner. Lately , it has been suggested to me that perhaps I seek a 'donor' , as time was running out. I thought a lot about this, but it doesn't feel right. I'm of the opinion , what will be , will be. And if its meant for me , I will get it. With that attitude I went forth into the evening. I had received a invitation to Rome, Italy , for a family function. At first I was hesitant , that I couldn't afford it, but 'why not'? Life is to short.... Then I met Gabs and Caro for the Birthday celebrations of the latter. When I arrived The Veuve was flowing. We proceeded to devour several more bottles through out the evening. I even met a potential donor ,who worked for Fermi labs and was some physicist or something. I just rolled with with it . The gang had a great time. I had a good heart to heart with Gabs friend Peter who was wise for his 25 years. It was time to wrap up, and we all proceeded to the valet. 'He' walked up ..totally unexpected. It was good to see him, as he had been on my mind. Not that locigicaly I could ever go back ' there', But I felt warm and happy to see him. We both commented on how well we looked,and went off into the rain to our futures. After last nights ' Regression ' and seeing him, I've opened the door to happiness. Rain is cleansing after all.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well I wasn't a farmer....

Originally uploaded by geKow.
So today I took the day off to assist with the annual luncheon of a arts organization I'm involved in.It was a hectic day, spent chasing a quick snapping photographer and capturing everyone's names. Lots of hustling and shuffling. After the rather long lunch, delayed by late performers(auditioning at the Union league for some thingy), I did a quick shopping trip and purchased some cute little Lacoste ballet slippers.This summer its all about Lacoste. Then I went home and paid some bills.
Later on in the evening I headed out to my appointment. I had scheduled a 'past life regression'. The subject of past lives has been popping up frequently in my life. They say our behavior patterns are influenced by the lives we've led in the past.I was hoping that I would find out why I have my obsession with all things Royal.It took me one hour to drive up north. But I made it only ten minutes late. The ," what should I call her" , Regressionist, was very warm and inviting. She asked me a few questions on what I hoped to gain or find . I admitted I was doing it more for curiosity sake, but it would be interesting to see what comes up with the men , or opposite sex, depending on what sex I was back then. We went into a room , and I laid down on a type of massage table. She lit incense ,arranged her stones and crystals, and led me through a deep relaxation (very hard for me to do BTW). Now I don't know if I was projecting ,and just making up whatever came into my mind, or was it my real intuition guiding me. I won't get into who I was, or what I did,but I can say, in the end, it all made sense. Maybe it was just a exotic and expensive way to dredge up what I already knew, and to resolve to make new , more positive patterns. I have to admit, I was relieved I didn't come up a farmer, insect, or something.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Have Nothing To Say...But I'm exhausted

Jade on a chair
Originally uploaded by CipherSwarm.
Nothing really happened today, except a endless stream of various fires to put out, personality conflicts, follow ups,etc. And at the end of the day,no ones is ever satisfied,and everyone tries to dump on you. Ever noticed that people try to pass their own shortcomings onto you? If your nice and foolish enough,you'll bend over backwards ,and try to appease. Only to kicked around some more. Even a saint will reach her breaking point. I'm not calling myself a saint, but I do specialize in 'backward flips". Today I told all my energy vampires and naysayers in a take it leave it tone to try 'do it themselves,if they feel they can do it better, and to metaphorically shove it'. Oh no, I'm still the one they want and need....
So I'm going to sleep now,tired and worn out. Got them off my back though....

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Weird Vibes...Mojo Calling

Originally uploaded by Jen DI.
So the girls (Irene, Gabi,and I) decided to got to the Beer Bistro in the West Loop this evening. It will be a while before our schedules will permit us to meet again. Irene's going to Georgia for a wedding, Gabi will be extremely busy with work,and I'm heading off for a week in Minneapolis for work. We all ordered our respective beers (Old Peculiar for the girls, and Flying Dog Doggy Style for me)and food. As we got into conversation , Gabi absently reached for her ringing phone. It was Mojo, that guy who runs a escort agency(whom she met a mixer)who calls to see if she wants to have some adult fun.Read Gabis blog Its a big , weird world, to get the background. She brushed him off amazingly. Irene and I suggested that she give him the rejection hotline phone number (404)827-9874 .She,the angel that she is,thought it was cruel.
Irene , then started venting , because she felt excluded from the blog society. I ,in my excitement,kept making references to Gabs recent blogs,and the comment's I been receiving from all over .Irene would ask a question,and I would say Read the Blog. I admit it was rude and insensitive .As our schedules get more hetic,I don't have the time to email from the old Blackberry as I used to.
As the weirdness subsided , my male pal who I shall call 'Anthony Perkins' dropped by. Now he's the character I mentioned in my first post who likes to crash my Black Tie affairs . He told me he plans to come to the latest in a Gumby outfit. He proceeded to do a Gumby dance for us.Meanwhile as he danced,his friend Big Head,who was waiting outside,drove off in his car... Gumby fled to find him. To be continued....

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Real Dolce Vita

Liberty Wall
Originally uploaded by H. Michael karshis.
Tonight I took 'Auntie Mame'out for Mothers Day dinner, as she's' taken on the role of taskmaster on with gusto. We went to her spring/ summer favorite BICE. I barely ate all day in anticipation of our upcoming meal. It was to cold to sit outside, which is part of the appeal, as BICE resembles Chicagos own 'Dolce Vita' . On a tiny block of Ontario Street , one can watch all the beautiful people walk and drive by in their assorted foreign vehicles.One doesn't encounter the usual flash as say in the 'VIAGRA TRIANGLE' of Rush Street. Tonight BICE was very low key, as the Mothers Day brunch rush was far gone.
We ordered up a bottle of Frescabaldi Sangiovese/ Pinot Noir accompanied by the most delicious salads,antipasto, and pastas. We finished off with warm apple tart topped with vanilla ice cream, Sambucca, and coffee. We must have lingered for two hours talking, planning, and most important her giving me guidance and advice. All in all a very satisfying evening. I will sleep well. Its the simple uncomplicated moments like this I
remember the most. Thank you Mommy for leaving me in good hands.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Head Up in the Clouds

I had every intention of staying in this cold, wet, Mothers Day weekend. I was going to do a fast, relax, clean, read, listen to music etc. It all started off well enough. I stayed snuggled in bed watching some obscure French film and Princess Daisy on the love channel simultaneously, while I dutifully drank my water and vitamin supplements(to stave off the hunger). I showered , someone dropped by to deliver something, phone calls...Then I looked on the old blackberry and saw a text from a old familiar number. One I'd like to forget.Being a self acknowledged texting addict, I'd texted back, and knocked him back into his rabbit hole, while trying to be nonchalant and casual. Then I thought about the previous night, while working at a event I recognized someone I went out with once or twice, and never gave a backwards thought too. He didn't recognize me, and I didn't say hello. I was wearing my glasses and totally not looking my normal self. He looked old , pudgy and was going bald. He's the type that's always lurking at young professionals events, and most likely hasn't paid to get in. Why do the creeps from your past always come in a group reappearance?
Nevertheless , I lost my focus, and around 2:00 pm gave in and ordered Hot and Spicy soup, and Spider Maki to be delivered . And you know what, I enjoyed every bite. So now I can focus again, turn on the fireplace, enjoy the rest of my hopefully uninterrupted weekend ,and resume my fast another time.I like to think my mother arranged these occurrences from up above to remind me of where I was, and how I can , and will do so much better. Its never to late to start again, and get back on track.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Don't Forget Me.....On Mothers Day

Don't Forget Me.....
Originally uploaded by I Shutter.
My mother(who was my best friend) died six years ago. It feels as if it only yesterday she breathed her last breath surrounded by her loving sisters, aunts ,and me holding her hand. I think about her every day. Sometimes, while at my desk,or driving, I instinctively reach out to the phone to dial her,but remember she's no longer here yet she is...
On this upcoming Mothers Day , a holiday I try not to think about much, she's in my thoughts more and more. My mother left me in good hands. I have doting aunts,and great aunts that worry, fuss, and take care of me as if I'm theirs. What would I do without my 'Auntie Mame', who's there to comfort me on my latest heart break or job woe with a bottle of Veuve Cliquot .' Auntie Mame'(who at every occasion stresses that she's not my 'Buddy' but elder aunt ),and I have managed to RAISE CAIN' all over the globe. A underground subway in Budapest , particularly pops into my mind with a smile.
What would I do without my other Aunt', the no nonsense attorney who expects me to show up and share each major holiday with her family. And with whom I occasionally sneak out with after the festivities to take a puff of a forbidden cigarette and shoot the breeze about the latest romance, or whatever. And lets not forget my other aunts and Great Aunts, who are still going strong, and who I can always count on in a pinch for their practicality and old school wisdom.
At work I have a whole other set of 'Moms" who I can crack a joke with, get a hug when I'm feeling down, fret about their welfare, and get unsolicited advice . What would I ever do without them....
I see Mommy everywhere, in my blood relations, co workers, and strangers on the street. My family calls me 'Little Jackie'. My mothers last promise to me was that she'd never leave me,that she'll always be with me. She is.

Jacqueline Curtis Churchill
12/14/46 - 08/12/00

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Princeton and Six Degrees of Separation

Originally uploaded by firepile.
Tonight Gabi and I attended a mixer primarily for Princeton Alumni based in Chicago.We felt a little out of sorts because neither of us actually attended this Ivy League institution. The organizer held the reception at Quartrino, a hot new Italian eatery on State Street. Gabi and grabbed a drink at my old stomping ground Bin 36 before hand. After Jimmy took excellent care of us at Bin ,we headed over in a taxi to the reception.
We told the hostess 'We were with the Princeton group'. They showed us the way to the private room upstairs. Gabi and I greeted the organizer, who was happy we came. She looked forward to meeting Gabi, as she used to live in Australia, Gab's homeland.We chatted for a while and I saw two girls I knew through another freind on a arts board I'm involved in. The organizer is also a member of this group.I looked over, and Gabi was in deep conversation with another person ,who I later found out knew my 'on again/off again whatever he is/was'. So far, all but one, of the persons mentioned have attended Princeton. But we all knew someone who did. With that knowledge , we became more at ease.
Not that I was looking... but there were more women than men at the event.One man caught my eye as he was on his way out. Gabi immediately went to the organizer, told her my interest, and made the organizer promise to send said gentleman a e-mail stating that 'He Caught someone's eye,and if not married or gay, would he like to follow up..."I'm not holding my breath on that one.
Gabi and I had a great conversation about the ballet with another guest,whose style I admired. When I mentioned my Aunts involvement with the group, he immedialtely recognized her,and said he met her the previous week at a function. We then spoke about opera, and it seems my 'EX', just attended the last one I went to. He hates Opera. Six Degrees of separation everywhere! I asked the 'ballet fan' if he danced. I should have known better, because if one more person asks if 'I sing' , I'm going to smack them... I'm said to resemble a world famous Diva (who I estimate weighs about 300 pounds,I don't).
As we are about to leave, a nice man approaches. He actually went to Princeton, and we have a mutual friend. He becomes quite taken with gab. Now if you read Gabis blog , she admits that she has to stop giving her number out . But a girl could do worse than a nice lawyer from Princeton. Oy!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another "Date"

Originally uploaded by superturtle.
Tonight I met with another "date" from the match making agency. Was I shocked when I saw a man waiting for me at the bar of Ben Pao who appeared much older, than he actually was. Nevertheless ,I plunged right into discussion over a "gingertini cocktail". We actually found a lot to talk about. I noticed he didn't want to order, and I had been looking forward to the spicy eggplant and tofu. After about a hour , I ordered my craving to go, and wraped it.
Not much to the evening,but there could be worse ways to spend a cold and rainy spring night in Chicago. Neither of us asked for info to exchange, and to continue onto another date. I myself couldn't wait to get home , eat my takeout, and figure out all there is to learn about this blogging thing. We bid each other a goodnight and turned in opposite directions into the cold mist falling over the city.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shakespeare , Newberry Library, Sotheby's and Pimms Cup

Last week , while going through my junkmail folder , I noticed a invitation from Sothebys. The occasion was to view the first folio of Shakespearean plays (circa 1623). The item was on view at Chicago's Newberry Library before going on to Sothebys London for auction. The folio is expected to fetch £2.5 - £3.5. Newberry had its own folio and other objects related to 'The Bard' on display. I could not figure out how I got on the list,but decided to go. My friend Gabi had to cancel last minute due to work deadlines. So I brought my Aunt Gail along.
When we arrived I noticed a few people I knew from various groups I'm involved in. Chicagos social circuit is very small. I realized we had quite a mix when I saw a well known wife of a media giant who used to be a Playboy Bunny mingling with rest of us. No one could link the dots as to how we all were invited, but we were. George Jewell presented a fabulous spread of all sorts of English cheeses , savory puff pastry with Cornish hen, lamb, salmon, champagne cocktails with sugar cubes flowed. My favorite was the Pimms#1 cup.I haven't had one in over a decade. Yummy and refreshing!.My Aunt and I revisited the bar for that treat. I plan to serve at the next family picnic. Pimms was invented by James Pimm in the 1840's . Its a gin based drink based on a mix of herbs and quinine. Check out this link

Fil1 12oz glass with ice
Add ice and 1 1/4 OZ Pimms #1
3oz lemonade
Top off with Ginger Ale
Garnish with cucumber slices

I deviate... Back to the Folios It was interesting to compare the conditions of Newberrys to the one being auctioned off by the Trustees of Dr. Williams Library at Sothebys. Oh I wish I had the resources to bid, but I have to be content that I saw ,for a moment, a piece of literary history.I'm sure someone out there will provide the tome a good home.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Shop Is Closed

After a series of monogamous ( at least on my part) serial "relationships" since last Fall, I'm closing shop, and taking a holiday . Work is actually getting busier, my card is full with all the Spring/Summer benefits I'm actually helping with, or just plan to attend. You have to ask yourself occasionally , would you take any of these romantic interests to these affairs?' After the last one , a Transylvanian veterinarian who was close to a decade younger in age, I have to say No!Don't ask, and I wont tell.
So anyway, this agency I plunked down at least two month's mortgage called this afternoon to remind me of my 'date' tomorrow evening. Just what I need now. I had signed up at the urging of relatives and friends who are eager to see me married off and start breeding. I have the same dream, its just hard to make it a reality. I figured if anyone forks over that amount of cash, 'Its a Sure Thing'!
Date#1 Dentist with overbearing father. At the age of Forty Something, has to sneak and visit his mother ( bad divorce). Did I mention when I asked about his most recent travel experience he confessed he had been drugged and robbed in Vegas. He woke up with no clothes except his watch was still on, and his laptop on the desk. He was bitter about it, understandably. No call back.
Date#2 -Date 3 don't remember , No call backs.
Date #4 Gold Toothed Carpenter with Islamic leanings. However he was reading and passing out Christian fundamentalist 'tracts' on how to find true love. Recently Divorced. Call Back, but I declined . He got all hissy and said I misunderstood his intentions
Dates #4-now don't remember except really depressing. In one of those I actually got stood up. A new low. One doesn't pay thousands to get 'STOOD UP' The good dates I look forward to , always mysteriously go 'On Hold', or suddenly get busy. I think they make the dream profiles up.
Well any way, I have a big Gala coming up in which I will be solo. I always get photographed solo( who would have thought little ole" me in the glossies!). My best gay friend said that the dates I bring , mess up my photo opps. Good Morning America was just talking about how to pose 'SLIMMER" this morning. I will heed their advice on the ' Red Carpet' sans the man. Except I do have this male friend that likes to crash my Black tie events in jeans. He mentioned he was planning to this time around .His own Mission Impossible III. Liker I proclaimed earlier, 'Shop Closed'. I need to board up the windows as well, and restock the inventory.

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