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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Highways and Byways

Road to Malyasia
Originally uploaded by alternateparadise.
So I'm finally sitting at a real computer on day 2 of my business trip. I actually got a lot done today (2 store visits, phone calls,etc.), all while getting lost on the weird highways of Minneapolis/St.Paul. It literally took me hald a hour to get out of tiny downtown to find 94W. Only 94E was available,and mapquest only makes it more confusing. So I just went East, only to turn around and go West. Honestly!
So I get to the store, and my appoinment was waiting.Why is it they always expect you to wine and dine them, not go over a lick of business.It's almost as if they are neglected kids who are waiting for 'Momma' to come visit with her big fat expense account. Well I could only spring for two cups of Caribou Coffee, in a really scary and broke down strip mall.She started whining that I never have enough time to really visit (meaning I guess she wanted dinner too.) At that moment , I excused myself, and made another appoinment, before she moved in for the kill.
I got lost on the way back into the city , again. So now I'm going to take a bath,dress ,and meet a old friend/ co-worker for dinner. Really ,shes the only one I want to be bothered with when I visit up here.I've been warned not to talk to any strange men tonight....

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