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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Comings and Goings

Originally uploaded by the20d.
So it's day 5 of the Minneapolis trip,and I'm finally on my way home. After a great morning session, we drove to airport and checked our bags curbside. The nice man insisted in trying to find me a window seat on the packed flight back home,rather than the center. How nice I thought he was, until I boarded the plane to very last seat , and found out there was no window. When I pulled up the shade it was totally blacked out. Plus the engines were right at my ear. It gets worse... A very large girl, waited until last to board, and guess where she was heading? I sucked it in , as she squeezed into a very tight space .The flight would only be an hour or so. When I landed and turned on the Blackberry,a 'Certain Someone' had sent me a e-mail as he was prepping to take off for a few weeks in Europe, in spacious and luxurious business class. Uhhh! It took me forever to unwind and get off the plane,with my boss and colleague waiting impatiently for me.
I dashed home, and did a quick change for my 'Virtual Friends' birthday dinner put on a 'Pucciesque ' top and jeans, and headed to the West Loop to Amelia's, a Mexican restaurant. I recognized a shiny holographic purple roadster pulling in behind me in the parking lot. Lo and Behold it was Gumby, the birthday boys brother. I liked to call his ride 'the Pimp Mobile'. I remember one of the most amusing days of my life in that car, cruising down the Mag Mile and venturing into Boystown,all the while turning children, and adults heads with Mettalica blaring . Now remember Gumby likes to make a scene (he likes to crash parties ,and is a notorious geramphobe). We entered together,and he started freaking that people would think we were each others dates. Far from the truth,just really good pals. I met the mother of Gumby and the B Boy, and we really hit it off. We both chastised and fussed over Gumby, much to his irritation. She asked I had ever had a ride in the , 'F--- Me Mobile' (her words). I admitted I had, but not for that intent. I told Gumby he should appreciate his mother more and how fun she was. All in all it was a warm relaxing evening, in which the Birthday Boy should be proud of putting together.What better combination of family and really good friends.Home is where the heart is, and there is really no place like home.

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    be friends.
    where are u from
    i am from india
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