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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another "Date"

Originally uploaded by superturtle.
Tonight I met with another "date" from the match making agency. Was I shocked when I saw a man waiting for me at the bar of Ben Pao who appeared much older, than he actually was. Nevertheless ,I plunged right into discussion over a "gingertini cocktail". We actually found a lot to talk about. I noticed he didn't want to order, and I had been looking forward to the spicy eggplant and tofu. After about a hour , I ordered my craving to go, and wraped it.
Not much to the evening,but there could be worse ways to spend a cold and rainy spring night in Chicago. Neither of us asked for info to exchange, and to continue onto another date. I myself couldn't wait to get home , eat my takeout, and figure out all there is to learn about this blogging thing. We bid each other a goodnight and turned in opposite directions into the cold mist falling over the city.

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  1. You went on a date to a restaurant and the guy didn't think you'd want to eat? Weird. But mmm the gingertini sounds interesting. Must try the Pimms Cup too - sounds like something the Royal Family would imbibe...and I know you know all about Eurotrash Royal Families!!


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