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Friday, May 12, 2006

Princeton and Six Degrees of Separation

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Tonight Gabi and I attended a mixer primarily for Princeton Alumni based in Chicago.We felt a little out of sorts because neither of us actually attended this Ivy League institution. The organizer held the reception at Quartrino, a hot new Italian eatery on State Street. Gabi and grabbed a drink at my old stomping ground Bin 36 before hand. After Jimmy took excellent care of us at Bin ,we headed over in a taxi to the reception.
We told the hostess 'We were with the Princeton group'. They showed us the way to the private room upstairs. Gabi and I greeted the organizer, who was happy we came. She looked forward to meeting Gabi, as she used to live in Australia, Gab's homeland.We chatted for a while and I saw two girls I knew through another freind on a arts board I'm involved in. The organizer is also a member of this group.I looked over, and Gabi was in deep conversation with another person ,who I later found out knew my 'on again/off again whatever he is/was'. So far, all but one, of the persons mentioned have attended Princeton. But we all knew someone who did. With that knowledge , we became more at ease.
Not that I was looking... but there were more women than men at the event.One man caught my eye as he was on his way out. Gabi immediately went to the organizer, told her my interest, and made the organizer promise to send said gentleman a e-mail stating that 'He Caught someone's eye,and if not married or gay, would he like to follow up..."I'm not holding my breath on that one.
Gabi and I had a great conversation about the ballet with another guest,whose style I admired. When I mentioned my Aunts involvement with the group, he immedialtely recognized her,and said he met her the previous week at a function. We then spoke about opera, and it seems my 'EX', just attended the last one I went to. He hates Opera. Six Degrees of separation everywhere! I asked the 'ballet fan' if he danced. I should have known better, because if one more person asks if 'I sing' , I'm going to smack them... I'm said to resemble a world famous Diva (who I estimate weighs about 300 pounds,I don't).
As we are about to leave, a nice man approaches. He actually went to Princeton, and we have a mutual friend. He becomes quite taken with gab. Now if you read Gabis blog , she admits that she has to stop giving her number out . But a girl could do worse than a nice lawyer from Princeton. Oy!

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1 comment:

  1. Jammin' Jemma4:21 AM

    haha I do have to giggle at your's and Gab's "Chicago Escapades".
    - boys who won't order
    - Jewish Immigration Lawyers
    - men who ring and leave messages wanting "adult fun"

    haha keep the blogs coming!


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