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Sunday, May 28, 2006

To Tip Or Not To Tip,That Is The Question

Ben Franklin Was Right
Originally uploaded by SW4.
As a member of a service type industry , and having worked a few odd jobs in restaurants,I've always strived to be cognizant and generous of what I tip. However I've had some occasions over the week that make me question should I , or shouldn't I?Maybe I should just pretend that I'm from one of those countries that doesn't tip, as I've been hanging around of foreigners lately.
In Minnesota this week, I never made it to cash machine. Now I always forget about those hard working cleaning woman/men, who I never see, but always have my room nice and fresh with stacks of tolietries, new towels, etc. I kick myself midday , that I didn't leave a tip, due to the fact that I don't have any cash. Mid trip, I looked in my wallet, and found a few bills.Unfortunately , one of t hem had 'SUCK MY BALLS" written on it. I saw it and pondered should I still leave it, as money was money,or ignore their service another day (I'd make it up to them , promise!). I decided to leave the offending bills, but artfully turn them downward (Like I didn't know what they said). I noticed when I got back .I was shorted on some amenities.
When I checked out I left a nice envelope for the person, my guilt weighing heavily.
Tonight I met some friends at a quiet bar up north. I arrived with a work colleague, as we had just spent the afternoon doing numerous makeovers on some debutantes. After that ordeal, we were looking forward to several chilled drinks,and some fun. The party was sitting out back,and it was sweltering. There appeared to be only one server,as someone had called out, and the bar was packed. It was the type of joint where one ordered pizza in, as their menu consisted of frozen foods.Well my colleague didn't want pizza, but buffalo wings. It seemed we waited at least 30 minutes for our first lukewarm beers. The serve apologized and quickly ran off before the others could place their replenishment orders. This routine continued in the sweltering heat, as we amused ourselves playing board games. I felt bad for the girl, but we really had some basic demands, but I understood her plight. She had gone out of her way to discourage us from ordering any food item in the restaurant, but to have delivery instead. However the wings arrived 40 minutes later, and my friend asked for hot sauce.
'We already sprinkled some on the wings before cooking them", the server said.
'Well can I have the bottle to have some on the side", my friend asked.
I interjected "that we black women have a different standard of hot and spicy than you".

The server begrudgingly brought out a Dixie cup of hotsauce.
When it came time to settle up, I wondered should I tip at all. I mean I suppose she did the best she could under the circumstances, but there were ways she could have been more efficient. My seat mate commented that I was generous considering they came from a place that didn't tip. I figured she probally needed all the tips she could get for a few shots, after a hard night like hers.

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  1. Jammin' Jemma2:17 AM

    I'm glad we don't tip here coz I'd be buggered if I'd know how much is okay too. I will also admit I suffer from short arms and deep pockets.....but I have a lovely personality!! Surely that makes up for it. :)

  2. You should have done what I did and just guzzle beer. I didn't even notice we had bad service - I was too busy being in love with everyone. Sigh.


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