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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Head Up in the Clouds

I had every intention of staying in this cold, wet, Mothers Day weekend. I was going to do a fast, relax, clean, read, listen to music etc. It all started off well enough. I stayed snuggled in bed watching some obscure French film and Princess Daisy on the love channel simultaneously, while I dutifully drank my water and vitamin supplements(to stave off the hunger). I showered , someone dropped by to deliver something, phone calls...Then I looked on the old blackberry and saw a text from a old familiar number. One I'd like to forget.Being a self acknowledged texting addict, I'd texted back, and knocked him back into his rabbit hole, while trying to be nonchalant and casual. Then I thought about the previous night, while working at a event I recognized someone I went out with once or twice, and never gave a backwards thought too. He didn't recognize me, and I didn't say hello. I was wearing my glasses and totally not looking my normal self. He looked old , pudgy and was going bald. He's the type that's always lurking at young professionals events, and most likely hasn't paid to get in. Why do the creeps from your past always come in a group reappearance?
Nevertheless , I lost my focus, and around 2:00 pm gave in and ordered Hot and Spicy soup, and Spider Maki to be delivered . And you know what, I enjoyed every bite. So now I can focus again, turn on the fireplace, enjoy the rest of my hopefully uninterrupted weekend ,and resume my fast another time.I like to think my mother arranged these occurrences from up above to remind me of where I was, and how I can , and will do so much better. Its never to late to start again, and get back on track.

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  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Not sure about your choice of after 9 supper, but a souvlaki roll (a yiros), now that's worth having ALL by yourself any time. Not sure???? ..... try and then let's chat again.

  2. Jammin' Jemma11:29 PM

    hahah to the Yiros! Nothing beats a yiros with BBQ sauce late at night!

    Courts, I highly recommend the stuff - don't listen to Gab though if she starts talking about garlic sauce as opposed to BBQ. It's BBQ all the way!! :)

  3. No no - bring on the garlic .. but always open the window in your Aberdeen hotel room, Gab can vouch for that


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