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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shakespeare , Newberry Library, Sotheby's and Pimms Cup

Last week , while going through my junkmail folder , I noticed a invitation from Sothebys. The occasion was to view the first folio of Shakespearean plays (circa 1623). The item was on view at Chicago's Newberry Library before going on to Sothebys London for auction. The folio is expected to fetch £2.5 - £3.5. Newberry had its own folio and other objects related to 'The Bard' on display. I could not figure out how I got on the list,but decided to go. My friend Gabi had to cancel last minute due to work deadlines. So I brought my Aunt Gail along.
When we arrived I noticed a few people I knew from various groups I'm involved in. Chicagos social circuit is very small. I realized we had quite a mix when I saw a well known wife of a media giant who used to be a Playboy Bunny mingling with rest of us. No one could link the dots as to how we all were invited, but we were. George Jewell presented a fabulous spread of all sorts of English cheeses , savory puff pastry with Cornish hen, lamb, salmon, champagne cocktails with sugar cubes flowed. My favorite was the Pimms#1 cup.I haven't had one in over a decade. Yummy and refreshing!.My Aunt and I revisited the bar for that treat. I plan to serve at the next family picnic. Pimms was invented by James Pimm in the 1840's . Its a gin based drink based on a mix of herbs and quinine. Check out this link

Fil1 12oz glass with ice
Add ice and 1 1/4 OZ Pimms #1
3oz lemonade
Top off with Ginger Ale
Garnish with cucumber slices

I deviate... Back to the Folios It was interesting to compare the conditions of Newberrys to the one being auctioned off by the Trustees of Dr. Williams Library at Sothebys. Oh I wish I had the resources to bid, but I have to be content that I saw ,for a moment, a piece of literary history.I'm sure someone out there will provide the tome a good home.

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