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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Those Crazy Twins...Happy Birthday to All the Geminis I Know

Playful fountain
Originally uploaded by Xerones.
Well I'm day 4 of the Minneapolis sojourn.This morning as I was driving to the airport to pick up my boss, I got a call from my old friend inviting me to his birthday dinner on Monday. Now 'Kenny G' was the first Gemini I had serious dealings with. Our friendship has spanned over seven years, and has seen more than its shares of highs and lows. I blame every problem we ever had on the fact that he was a Gemini. On top of that, I'm a scorpion with a deadly sting. Not a good mix. But I must have some rising that attracts these Geminis friends. When I get home tomorrow on Friday, I'll rush to my 'Virtual friend's' birthday dinner. Now, my 'Virtual Friend' , and I rarely see each other in person, with the exception of a mutual friends gathering. Our friendship is strictly email exchanges. And he's so secretive about his age, I had no birth info. Imagine my surprise when his brother and email invite notified me of his Astrological data. Another Birthday I'm aware of is this great , fascinating woman I met recently is on Friday as well. And don't forget Caro, but she's a Taurus, on the cusp. And Finally, to 'Richie Rich', a new friend who celebrates on Monday. Happy Birthday to you wherever you may be in this world. Big Kiss and Hug to you all.

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1 comment:

  1. Jammin' Jemma10:26 PM

    My god, who needs Christmas Club savings plans? You need a b/day saving's plan for May and June!

    Oh hell, buy them a card and turn up saying "I am your present! Like it!" teehee


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