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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I Have Nothing To Say...But I'm exhausted

Jade on a chair
Originally uploaded by CipherSwarm.
Nothing really happened today, except a endless stream of various fires to put out, personality conflicts, follow ups,etc. And at the end of the day,no ones is ever satisfied,and everyone tries to dump on you. Ever noticed that people try to pass their own shortcomings onto you? If your nice and foolish enough,you'll bend over backwards ,and try to appease. Only to kicked around some more. Even a saint will reach her breaking point. I'm not calling myself a saint, but I do specialize in 'backward flips". Today I told all my energy vampires and naysayers in a take it leave it tone to try 'do it themselves,if they feel they can do it better, and to metaphorically shove it'. Oh no, I'm still the one they want and need....
So I'm going to sleep now,tired and worn out. Got them off my back though....

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