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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Hickory Smoked Bacon
Originally uploaded by moknits.
On Saturday Certain Someones and my friend 'The Rock' volunteered to be with me for a scheduled cable upgrade installation. The guys are looking out for us due to the murder of a friend of ours by a cable installer.One can never be to careful. I've had quite a lot of service visits lately due to Certain Someone and house hold issues( roof repair, telephones. cable, etc. ) In fact Certain Someone is beginning to wonder what is going on while he's been away with all these "visits" and neighbors/ friends volunteering to chaperon. So 'The Rock' came over promptly at 8AM. The installer was scheduled to come from 8-12. I made him a big omelet with peppers, mushrooms,cheese, and onions along with brewed Starbucks coffee. Certain Someones flight was due to arrive at 5 pm. The cable guy came at 1:30 and the visit lasted approx 4 hrs. Poor Rock! We ended up talking and finishing off a entire package of bacon throughout the day. Just lazy slugs eating plates of bacon. In between I offered the slow but very nice cable man a choice of beverage . He was very specific that he wanted Black Tea with honey! Not green or white, no sugar, but honey. In fact he had quite a few cups of it. The Rock and I speculated that perhaps that's why he was was late. Drinking tea at others house. Actually the installation was very complicated. Certain Someone wanted HDTV ( which I don't understand all the hype about, but he assures me I will after we get a new large plasma). We had been tracking Certain Someones flight progress and he was due to arrive a hour early. I rushed to take a shower and get ready. By the time my baby landed we were still not finished! One mishap after another. Nevertheless it took him a hour to clear customs and he only waited for me 15 minutes. I had my chauffeur hat on and a sign with his name and the German salutation HERR. It was so good to see him. When we arrived home, my clean house has turned into a bacon smelling mess. His senses were assaulted with the greasy smell! He couldn't fathom us sitting around for about seven hours eating bacon all day. Well that's our story and we are sticking with it!

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bring on the Fondue...

Cheese Fondue
Originally uploaded by katielips.
When I was a little girl of the seventies, I remember my stylish hostess of a mother giving fondue parties. How I loved cooking my meat in hot sizzling oil and dipping my bread in gooey cheese!. I purchased a fondue set a few years back,but only used it once. I was entertaining my wine club. This New Years Eve I dusting it off along with' The Rocks' Raclette set. It will be a laid back evening at another friends house with meat fondue and cheesy raclette. We'll play Billiards, darts, and other games, and drink/ eat till our hearts content. I'm really looking forward to it. We are all really into the preparations. Should be fun and elegant at the same time.
My Certain Someone returns this Saturday and I can't wait to jump in his arms. Unfortunately he just informed me he's flying back out the following Monday. But he promises to be here for New Years and my surgery the following week. I guess I must get used to it. Today was my last day of work. I won't have to deal with any of that until early February.So I look forward to a day of leisure and preparing for my sweeties arrival. I'm so ready to start 2007!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Red Christmas 2006 - 084F
Originally uploaded by krisdecurtis.
...and I sit all alone. This Christmas Eve I'm solo. Last year I kept my mind off my parents and things by attending a Christmas Eve party given by a group of my Jewish friends! And the year before that I remember my two good friends at the time (who were also
Jewish) made me get into the spirit and put and out up the tree prior to the holiday. So today after work at the restaurant , where I've worked four consecutive days on top of my day job, I went to the store and treated myself to King Crab legs. I know the Italians celebrate Christmas Eve eating all sorts of seafood. After a late lunch I took a long deserved nap. Tomorrow I will go to my Aunt R's with Auntie Mame. I will surely indulge . I need to eat up before the big operation, right? Any excuse.
This morning I nervously called Certain Someones parents home. We had practiced what I would say and he emailed me the little Christmas speech. I was expecting a parent to answer, but Certain Someone answered as if he was in the office, all business like. I told him to get off of the phone and let me speak to his parents. His mother came on. She said "Bitte" and had no idea it was me. I said my greeting and introduced myself. It was like a German Hallmark commercial. She got all emotional, and I had no idea what she said. Certain Someone said she was happy and touched. Then I got to speak to the father who was more reserved but just as warm. He spoke slowly and I repeatedly said "Danke" or OK. I still didn't understand, but caught the word 'gutt' . Certain Someone said the father wished me all the best and that the parents wished I was there. Hopefully one day soon! Their positive and warm reactions made my day.
To all my friends and loved ones near and far, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hetic Holidays

Originally uploaded by 100777.
Today I witnessed many ambulances and fire trucks all over the downtown area. Come to find out there was subway derailment near my office. Fortunately I believe no one was hurt. Along Mich Ave ,I guess the pace of shopping was taking its toll on some as I saw a few more. The loud playing of the Salvation Army trumpet and cymbals added to the commotion as I walked. Parking lots that run a exorbitant $23 were all filled up. Everyone was asking for some type of money to the truly homeless , professional beggars, the charitable groups, or the greedy sales clerks. I tried to get into the spirit and buy some cards, but nixed the idea. I have no energy for the effort. On the work front , everyone is taking turns dumping on me. I'm counting the days until next week. Tomorrow evening I have to help out with a special screening of Dream Girls. It promises to be a hot movie. I only wish I didn't have to endure the crowds. Ive been listening to the soundtrack on my IPOD. A new star is born in Jennifer Hudson.I love those type of rag to riches stories. A bright note was that I spoke to Certain Someone. It's good to hear his voice. He's in Sweden now and sent me a email rubbing it in that he was one of my favorite stores,NK. He better have bought me something. Already can't wait until New Years.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Home for the Holidays

christmas tree 2004
Originally uploaded by scottfeldstein.
Well as I write this I'm alone. Certain Someone flew off to Germany and Sweden this past week to visit his parents. I stayed home as I have no more time off from work. However my last day will be on December 28 and I will be off for approximately 4-6 weeks . I'm having elective surgery early January . I look forward to the 'recovery" time as I will focus on revising the resume and renew the job hunt. And just get some well needed rest. My email buddy Gabi has flown off to Australia and I already miss our daily communication.
So far the living arrangement with Certain Someone has gone well. We had a cozy week before his departure.The night before we exchanged gifts. I gave him a luxury watch and he was most generous with me ( a weekend in NYC , perfume,and other goodies). For a man that complains I'm spoiled ,he sure does add to the effort. I miss him but feel connected as he's only a Blackberry email away. He worries about me ,as I do him.
On the good news front our friends murderer was captured and arrested last week. It doesn't bring her back but it provides a tiny bit of closure and Christmas hope for her family and friends. Now we hope justice is done in the court systems.
I have no concrete plans for Christmas. I'll probably hang with the aunts . I have to motivate myself to put up the tree. Some years I'm so into it, and others I'm not. I've cleared a lot of space with the removal of old furniture,etc to make way for Certain Someone. In the meantime I have the beautiful holiday sights of the city of Chicago to gaze at. Soon it will be New Years and Certain Someone will be back home along with more of our friends. Until then I'm enjoying the solitude.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Photo Ready

Originally uploaded by uberculture.
Yesterday after German Class, I was scheduled to do some Makeup Artistry for my friend K's photo shoot , revolving around a recording artist friend of hers. I met them up at Hamburger Mary's in Andersonville. Kat had secured the campy upstairs . The Singer M was a very fascinating person to behold. A 'Survivor ' if you will. I love to hear those stories because it inspires me and I admire their optimistic attitude and determination. We had a easy rapport as I worked on her face. Kat staged 3 different looks and I updated the makeup as needed. Needless to say it was a rewarding afternoon and I felt good doing something I love.On the way home I went to the famous Swedish Bakery and picked up something for My sweet Certain Someone. When I arrived home he was ready to go out to Ikea to make our space more livable and manageable. We drove out to Boolingbrook. Now I've never had much luck with the store, but the Swede wanna be was a excellent guide. Come to find out he used to hang in the one in Stockholm on a regular basis. It seems the Swedes like to change up often.We got some great stuff and I loved watching his mind work up ideas on improving the condo. Alas the weekend was to short and by the time we got home and winded down , it was time for sleep. We haven't had much of a weekend due to schedules and work commitments. Then he's off to the Old Country for two weeks. I'll miss him, but look forward to ringing in the New Year with him by my side.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

At The End Of A Long Weekend

Certain Someone moved in this weekend with the help of some friends of ours. I was in class Saturday and missed the first part.When I came home all his stuff was placed in his room. We spent the evening assembling and arranging as best we could. I still have a lot of stuff I need to donate or have removed to clear space.Today I found out thats not as easy as one would think. A lot of charities dont pick up furnitutre, or have to wait list you for a month. The whole Freecycle thing I tried and always got stood up for pickup. But I digress. Ceratin Someone says if he has to pay to have it removed he will . He's all about non clutter. He replaced my TV's with bigger ones and is already making Ikea shopping plans. We spent a cozy night eating take out Lebanese by the fireplace. It felt like it was below zero outside. Certain Somone still had some 'odds and ends ' to pick up Sunday. I left him all snuggled Sunday morning and went to work at the restaurant while he lazed around, and around, and around. After work I met him at his old place and lit a fire under him. The small stuff turned out to be alot of stuff. It took three carloads and hauling it up my three flights of stairs to get the job done. It was back breaking work , but we are a good team. His mind was set on a nice hot whirpool bath in my bathroom with some cognac and bath salts.I ran his bath and told him that normally my bathroom was off limits,but occasion he may indulge .He whined that his bathroom had no bubble jets. I left him to his bath and organized some of the mess. We turned in and he left early in the morning for a three day business trip. I've spent the day arranging DSL, new phone lines, cable,etc. The place will be great and I like my roomate very much. We cant wait to invite our freinds over.

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