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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Red Christmas 2006 - 084F
Originally uploaded by krisdecurtis.
...and I sit all alone. This Christmas Eve I'm solo. Last year I kept my mind off my parents and things by attending a Christmas Eve party given by a group of my Jewish friends! And the year before that I remember my two good friends at the time (who were also
Jewish) made me get into the spirit and put and out up the tree prior to the holiday. So today after work at the restaurant , where I've worked four consecutive days on top of my day job, I went to the store and treated myself to King Crab legs. I know the Italians celebrate Christmas Eve eating all sorts of seafood. After a late lunch I took a long deserved nap. Tomorrow I will go to my Aunt R's with Auntie Mame. I will surely indulge . I need to eat up before the big operation, right? Any excuse.
This morning I nervously called Certain Someones parents home. We had practiced what I would say and he emailed me the little Christmas speech. I was expecting a parent to answer, but Certain Someone answered as if he was in the office, all business like. I told him to get off of the phone and let me speak to his parents. His mother came on. She said "Bitte" and had no idea it was me. I said my greeting and introduced myself. It was like a German Hallmark commercial. She got all emotional, and I had no idea what she said. Certain Someone said she was happy and touched. Then I got to speak to the father who was more reserved but just as warm. He spoke slowly and I repeatedly said "Danke" or OK. I still didn't understand, but caught the word 'gutt' . Certain Someone said the father wished me all the best and that the parents wished I was there. Hopefully one day soon! Their positive and warm reactions made my day.
To all my friends and loved ones near and far, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS Courts, from all of us Down Under! It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas, once things got warmed up. And what an impression you made on Certain Someone's family - well done, you!

    Looking forward to a glass of champagne catch-up when I get 'home' xox

  2. kilabyte3:57 AM

    Merry Xmas and a very Happy New Year Miss C. May the joy and happiness you have had recently with your Certain Someone grow into a very cosy and comfortable "log fire" through 2007. If we were there with you it would be "group hug" time. :-)


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