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Monday, December 04, 2006

At The End Of A Long Weekend

Certain Someone moved in this weekend with the help of some friends of ours. I was in class Saturday and missed the first part.When I came home all his stuff was placed in his room. We spent the evening assembling and arranging as best we could. I still have a lot of stuff I need to donate or have removed to clear space.Today I found out thats not as easy as one would think. A lot of charities dont pick up furnitutre, or have to wait list you for a month. The whole Freecycle thing I tried and always got stood up for pickup. But I digress. Ceratin Someone says if he has to pay to have it removed he will . He's all about non clutter. He replaced my TV's with bigger ones and is already making Ikea shopping plans. We spent a cozy night eating take out Lebanese by the fireplace. It felt like it was below zero outside. Certain Somone still had some 'odds and ends ' to pick up Sunday. I left him all snuggled Sunday morning and went to work at the restaurant while he lazed around, and around, and around. After work I met him at his old place and lit a fire under him. The small stuff turned out to be alot of stuff. It took three carloads and hauling it up my three flights of stairs to get the job done. It was back breaking work , but we are a good team. His mind was set on a nice hot whirpool bath in my bathroom with some cognac and bath salts.I ran his bath and told him that normally my bathroom was off limits,but occasion he may indulge .He whined that his bathroom had no bubble jets. I left him to his bath and organized some of the mess. We turned in and he left early in the morning for a three day business trip. I've spent the day arranging DSL, new phone lines, cable,etc. The place will be great and I like my roomate very much. We cant wait to invite our freinds over.

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