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Thursday, November 30, 2006

You Never Know Who You Are Speaking To

Most of us have had a 'outsource' experience when we call our banks, credit cards, or try to obtain tech support. Usually one can detect a Indian accent on the other end of the phone who does his best to help you. I've never had a problem with it and always get the answer or solution I need. This morning for some odd reason my Satellite system for the TV did not work for the bedroom. I always like to listen to Good Morning America as I prepare for work. I was already running late, but needed the sound of the TV. I called the company and a lady with a Mexican accent answered. She transferred me to to a tech guy. The tech guy was painfully slow but polite. He also accidentally disconnected me . So I rang up the company again. I got another female with a very thick Mexican accent this time. She didn't seem to understand me , nor I her. Now I've lived and travelled around the world, grew up listening and 'translating' my fathers thick Nigerian accent . So I try to be understanding and sensitive about these matters. Hell my accent in any attempted language is atrocious! But when you have to repeat the spelling of your name and phone number at least 7 times, you become irritated. When the agent repeated back, it was all f***** up. I not meaning to be a witch or politically incorrect, asked to speak to another person who would understand me . She refused to to transfer me and soon I realized she was going to be my tech guide as well. After 10 minutes of shouting my name and digits she asked me to repeat several times what the message on my screen said. 'Invalid access card'. She couldn't understand me. Then she got what I was saying and it was my turn not to understand her. I finally deciphered she wanted to me to find a slot in the receiver box with a card in it. I took it out and reinserted it. Thank the heavens above the programming came through. I thanked her graciously (feeling a little guilty that she got under my skin the way she did). I just wonder why a company would set themselves up for serious complaints and dissatisfaction by placing one in a customer service position who not only doesn't understand ,but can't be understood. Time to get back to my German homework. You'll never find me as customer service rep over there.

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