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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taking Out The Trash

trash house chronicles
Originally uploaded by Malingering.

My house is not anywhere near these pictures. However I find as I clear space to make room for Certain Someone , I have a lot of stuff. Last night while the youngsters of Hyde Park went Trick Or Treating, I looked like a mad woman hurling bags of magazines over my balcony . They were way to heavy to lug down the back stairs and I didn't want to get the janitor involved.. I managed to throw out about 3 years of Vogues, Town and Country's, W's, and Vanity Fairs. Not to mention the odd periodical I kept from my travels. It wasn't as hard to say goodbye to those as my 80's collection ( those were the days and fashion was far better and interesting).But there is a season for everything, and it was time to say Ciao. Needless to say the kids going through the alley didn't mess with me. I was a crazed woman on a mission. The next project will be to finally clean out Daddy's old room. I keep the door closed and use it as a storage room for evening gowns, etc. But this is where Certain Someone will store his stuff as I have no other closet space for him , understandably. Tonight however I will take a break and devote it to the study of German. I missed class for second time and already lost. If I could clear my mind and schedule as easily as throwing away the garbage, life would be great.


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  1. kilabyte12:08 AM

    The upside on the German is that when CS finally arrives your learning environment grows almost exponentially. You could also insist that he talks to you in basic German instead of English ... and not just the "luvy" words either (altho' that's as good a start as any and good for your ego too).


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