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Monday, November 13, 2006

Little Red Riding Hood

Last night Gabi took me to dinner for my Birthday. I had offered to pick her up prior, but ever the independent she said she'd meet me there. She picked a great Wine Dinner at West Town Tavern that offered five courses and wine. I found the spot and waited till our designated time. Gabi , due to bus issues was running late. I was a little worried as to where the bus would drop her off, as the area was one of those 'GENTRIFIED" ones Chicago is known for . Gabi called in and informed me she was off the bus(it was old and didn't announce the stops. etc) but not near our destination.She was trying to hail a cab ,but had no success. I immediately offered to meet her and asked her location. I asked her location and she said Halsted and Clyborn. It didn't register to me exactly what the area was, but I drove over there . We talked on the phone as I drove because I sensed the area was getting strange. Then it occurred to me, she was heading towards the infamous Cabrini Green Housing Projects! I warned her and she said that there some nice condos in the area. That's the paradox, upscale condos mixed with low income housing. I found her just in time , around Heckys Rib House,as one more block south she would have been in some rough territory. I'm amazed how my friends, especially the foreign ones, find their way around the city via public transport. I'm too spoiled now to navigate and have no patience for it. Plus I need the car for my job.All ended well and safe. We had a great dinner and catch up. After taking her home , I went to Certain Someones. He was engrossed in X box with The Rock. I told them about Gabi, looking so cute in her red coat about to accidentally enter the dicey world of Cabrini Green. Hope shes careful in LA.

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