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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

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Today at lunch in the company cafeteria and interesting interaction went on between the young ones and my age group. I've only recently started eating at the office because its way cheaper, and loads of great food. I am regulated to sit in the off area where visitors, construction workers and the outside sales reps sit. For a while I've noticed a group of young former interns who now work officially for the company sit at their usual table. They are always so confident , optimistic, and have very healthy senses of self.Maybe even a bit to much. Ah to be young, arrogant, and to feel the world is yours! Well anyway one of them who happens to be a assistant to a Rep made a crack about our age bracket. It started with discussion of a rapper called Jim Jones. The elder person said the only Jim Jones she remembered was the religious nut who poisoned his followers with KOOL AID. The babies had no idea about who she was talking about, Then they started cracking about when the elder went to college. They mistakenly dated it to the mid seventies and referenced a movie that was actually made in the late eighties, Spike Lee's School Days( a realistic look at life on black colleges). By now all the Thirty/Forty somethings were flabbergasted. I corrected one on the date of the movie, and another assured the young ones that we didn't ride mules or horses to get to class. They thought computers didn't exist for us in school. When someone mentioned a Smith Corona, they thought we were talking about beer. I rolled my eyes at the exchange. I thought back to when I was that age, and surely I was more in touch and informed than these kids. The future of America.....

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