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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weighing In

Originally uploaded by michgm.
They say every decade past the age of thirty, you can , and can't shake an extra 10 pounds. Well on my last day of being 37, the weight of my body, and the world are weighing me down. I started off the week with a great dinner on Sunday,and am salivating over my anticipated birthday dinner tomorrow night. Certain Someone is making me anxious as he had to go to Florida at the crack of dawn this morning ,and as I type this evening, is jetting back , all so he can be with me tomorrow. I also have been concerned about the state of health of one of my aunts. She underwent open heart surgery yesterday, and everyone is on pins and needles. Last I heard shes doing really well and will be home for Thanksgiving.Speaking of which I had planned a small dinner for Certain Someone to get more acquainted with my Auntie Mame. but she'll be with her sister in D.C as she recovers understandably. So it looked like it would just be us two. I even bought the turkey tonight. But now we are going to his partners house. Less pressure ( weight ) on me then. I'll still cook for us to have some leftovers.Another few pounds of added weight! And lets not speak of the job pressures I'm undergoing. I guess I should be thankful, as I have been bored out of mind for some time. I guess the only time I feel weightless , is when I'm asleep. I'm looking forward to a lot weightless moments next week after all the birthday festivities, and after Thanksgiving, when I'm on vacation.

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