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Monday, November 27, 2006

Back To The Daily Grind

My messy desk
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I returned to work today after a week off. Mercifully my boss is off for a week, so I don't have to deal with interruptions and power trips, and can focus on what really needs to be done.I managed to cross of every item on my huge To Do List. Catching up on the office gossip , I learned that this wasn't a good Thanksgiving for everyone. A few deaths and accidents marred the holiday. This will be a sad week as my team says goodbye to a beloved colleagues husband. She came home the night before the holiday and found him dead of a heart attack . They were high school sweethearts reunited. I don't know how she'll go on without him. They were a touching love story..
Certain Someone and I attended a very nice Thanksgiving dinner at his Partners family home. What a big family with 20 well behaved kids. I was nervous but really enjoyed the evening. His colleague wanted me to persuade Certain Someone to decide to stay in the US next year.. It was beautiful home, dinner , and family full of love and cheer. the weekend got to be a little tense for us. The anxiety about the move next week is setting in and were both a little scared and on edge. I put his name on the door and mailbox, and he's changed his address.Its really going to happen. Certain Someone has already started to remodel my home in his head.Who knew he could be so handy! It will be nice to come home to my teddy bear this cold winter and sit like a old couple in front of the fireplace. I'm ready.

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