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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Enjoying The Last Few Days Alone

Originally uploaded by MAVargas.
Certain Someone and I realized the other night that these would be some of the last opportunities to spend alone before he moves in. As both of us were raised only children, and have for the most part lived alone , it was kind of weird. Besides living with family at odd times in my life, and a brief episode with some crazy roommates in college ( I'm sure that concierge still has nightmares about us), I have essentially lived alone. And I like it. So does he , I gather. I find when I'm over there for weekends,or he's over here, we share space pretty well. We don't seem to tire of each other at all. I believe we allow each other freedom and space. I'm prepping his own room to use as a study , X Box room, etc. so he can do his thing. Plus he'll have his own full bathroom.Although I suspect he'll try to use my jacuzzi bath on occasion.So for now this Holiday weekend we have no rigid plans in place. We are just enjoying our solitude, getting thing done, and plan to got to his partners for Thanksgiving. This could conceivably be our last days of singledom and freedom. I look forward to both the solitude,and time we will spend together. Now its times for more cleaning, and baking a batch of lemon curd cookies for tomorrows Thanksgiving Day feast.

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  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Is the stork symbolic ? Hahahaa!


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