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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Overnight Sensation

As I mentioned before in the previous post, when Certain Someone and I were in NYC we ran into my good buddy Manase. I predicted he would be famous. Well his appearance on the local television show this weekend is causing a small sensation. It seems there is a article in the link above that has my pal facing off with an older gentleman in their choice of restaurants. Manase picked a raw food emporium and the older man picked some old style steak house. Class,age, and sexuality differences all came out in the heated discussion. Manase took offense to the man suggesting he should have ordered a Green Goddess Salad and Manase called the man type who would like to 'Share a sub sandwich'. The reader comments proved just as entertaining with those who loved Manase and those those who thought he was a stereotype and questioned his modeling career. Well he's the real thing and is fabulous. Manase just has to get used to this sort of thing he he becomes famous. Check out the link.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Than A Bite Of The Big Apple

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Originally uploaded by jewast.
On Friday afternoon Certain Someone whisked me away for a romantic trip to New York City , as part of my final recovery phase. We began the journey in out first class seats which was a total surprise to me. Because of his frequent flyer status he earns numerous upgrades . I wish I hadn't had that Mc Donalds before the flight( expecting no meal in coach). We relaxed , nibbled on the dinner , and had some drinks before we landed.
We checked in to the Grand Hyatt over Grand Central Station. Great Location ! We freshened up up and walked for a few blocks over to Times Square. It was freezing and I tried to unsuccessfully redo a photo I hated of Certain Someone last year in NYC. But it was to cold to look cute .All that walking after weeks of being inside took its toll, but I felt good. The next morning we slept in a little and walked up my favorite street 5th Ave . We stopped in all my favorite big name expensive department stores. My favorite being Bergdorf Goodman( its my mecca). I saw a pair of cuff links for my baby at a deal for $2300. Certain Someone took me to his favorite German jeweler Wempe. We saw a few watches we liked for $30,000. I got a little excited when he lead me inside , but we just looked at watches. Lunch time was at Carnegie Deli. Certain Someone really didn't understand the concept at first , but loved the famous Jewish Style deli. We split a sandwich called Jeff's Tatelah. Our seat neighbor at the communal table explained that Tatelah means little in Yiddish. Half of the sandwich could feed three people! Certain Someone looked wistfully at the humongous Reuben's , but we had no room in our bellies. A french couple sat near us and we eavesed dropped on their conversation. The funny lady on the other side cracked on the french lady ordering a salad( mind you a huge salad that could feed a army) in this meat emporium. The wise cracker had been dining here for 20 years and loved it . After lunch we met my outrageous buddy Manase who works at Henri Bendels. Remember his name because this boy will be famous. He's picking up a lot of work for modeling and makeup artistry, and was just on Chicago"s 'Check Please'. The little friend gave me some sage career advice , of which Certain Someone agreed. We left out fabulous friend and trekked up Park Avenue to see the richest building in the world 740 Park Ave, We weren't to impressed, but its about that quiet money,not flash( aka Trump). we strolled back down Park Ave and cut on over to Bloomingdale's where we did more looking around. Certain Someone and I grabbed a taxi later on to China Town where we found this place I saw online for some of the cheapest but best food. It was called 69 . It was a tiny hole with all the walls and ceiling covered in dollar bills with messages. We asked the story and the waiter said we leave a bill for luck. We ordered about four dishes thinking they were small for the prices. They were huge and it was the best food. We couldn't finish it and took it back to the hotel where we planned to eat it cold . It was that good. Before we left 69 we wrote a message on the dollar and taped it on the wall. After all the good food and walking we called it a day and crashed .
The next day we had plans to meet up with a friend of Certain Someone.But my friend who was in town called and I went downstairs for a morning coffee . She will be relocating to NYC and was looking for apartments. The rents are crazy for what you get. Certain Someone and I entertained the notion of moving until we saw the real estate notices. My closet was bigger than the residences and the rents were 5 times what I'm paying now. we checked out and walked more south towards the edgy Chelsea and Meat Packing districts. The night before wee strolled through Nolita,Greenwich village , and Soho walking off the food. I wasn't to impressed seeing the same stores in these great areas. Where as Chelsea seemed a little more original and fun. We got a hot dog from King Papaya which I loved. Certain Someone felt it was OK. we then meandered and entered this gourmet emporium Balduccis . Yummy. We ordered some food and beer and sat upstairs people watching. Certain Someone got pissed because he for the second time that weekend they overcharged him a dollar. He insisted getting it back much to the annoyance of the clerk, but it all adds up. Our idyllic time was over and we caught a taxi back to the airport.
At the airport all seemed to go wrong. Our reservations were mysteriously cancelled, the flight was delayed,my bag got lost, my body started reacting to all the walking and eating, we came home to find another massive rook leak, and the security alarm went off at 5 in the morning. As my Mommy used to say it all balances out in the end.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Pedicures , Lingerie, Hair, Etc., Are Important

pedicures are important
Originally uploaded by jamelah.
For some reason over the past year I have neglected my feet. Now I'm in the beauty business and should know better. But lack of time amongst other things has caused me to ignore the paint. I have all the things the professionals utilize at home. I used to be summoned by Auntie Mame for my services.So out of boredom and low self esteem from weeks being cooped up in the house wearing sweats, I dug out the equipment. The night before Auntie Mame relaxed my hair and I was feeling good. I wanted to look good and polished this weekend in NYC. I even pulled out some sexier lounge wear . Needless to say when Certain Someone came home ,a new woman, or lets just say the same old woman who went away for a while ,greeted him. He seemed appreciative of the efforts and I felt fantastic. We settled in to watch Munich and munch on Lebanese food. Its the little things that make all the difference. So I'm off to pack for our weekend getaway and take a bite out the Big Apple.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Behold the Precious Cable

Certain Someone is a tech shopaholic. Ever since he has moved in numerous packages arrive on a daily basis bearing cables, TVs, speakers, videos, etc. I don't know how I survived in my low tech world before I met him. I thought I was doing something with a satellite dish. A lot of cables have arrived that retail for over $100 a pop. I don't understand the use for them, as everything seems to be hooked up and working fine.Today he opened a package bearing a cable that was packaged liked a Cartier necklace. See the above photo. Notice how its nestled in its own silk lining. And did you see how its wrapped in a woven blue and gold textile with gold plugs.Certain Someone caressed it like his lover upon seeing it. I asked him how much and What The F*** was it. He ignored me. We had made a decision last week as I wheeled out a rack of evening gowns ( some still with tags) not to question or mock how we spend our money. Now I admit I am a spendthrift and am working hard to reform my ways. He , on the other hand, can afford his indulgences. All I know is that I could have scored a few pairs of Jimmy Choos or Manolo's for what he spent on the cables alone.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The So Called Handy Man

Trash Can
Originally uploaded by Scuddr.
There is a man who lives in my condo with his mother. I have 'hired' him on occasion to help with my father when he was ill. He means well,but sometimes his actions leave you scratching your head in wonder. The building has hired him as our janitor. Sometimes when repair man come ,he interferes and just causes confusion and frustration. He always seems like the eager beaver and thinks he can do it all. The night before my surgery,I was down in my storage unit . The' Janitor', who thinks he's the security guard as well ,yelled 'who was down there'. I didn't realize I needed his permission to visit my storage unit. It left me rattled,but I figured he meant well. Two days after surgery,high on morphine and itchy all over, I checked my voice mail. The 'Janitor had called and left a accusatory message saying the his 'radiators' were missing from the basement. I , In my drug induced state,and needing a new fix, called his Mama and the Condo Association President.The Mama knew I wasn't my normal sweet self and asked if I was OK. I told her no ,I was in the hospital, in pain. and I didn't know where her sons radiators were. She had gotten on my nerves a month earlier for another incident.The Condo Association President who seems to barely tolerate him told me she told him that she doubted I would be interested in his radiators. And we wondered what he was doing with them, because they didn't belong to the building.I nursed a grudge for week and made Certain Someone not utilize him or tip him in any way. One day the' Janitor' found me in hallway after interrogating my Chinese food delivery man. He apologizes and said he didn't mean to accuse me. We made a peace and left it at that. Well yesterday he pissed me off all over again Certain Someone is away, and I'm all alone. I was in the living room last night and heard banging and rattling towards the back rooms doors and windows. It scared me to death. I ,not being dressed, and rather funky, ran out the house and down the stairs. I banged on my neighbors door. He came up me scared and wondering why I looked so bad,I told him I'm recovering from surgery,,etc. We entered the condo and heard the banging. I could tell my neighbor was regretting getting involved. I yelled 'Who is it."? Take a wild guess. It was the 'Janitor' complaining about my trash, but he didn't understand why I freaked out. The neighbor and I looked at him like he was crazy. The "Janitor" then asked why did I run to the neighbor and not to him? I said that would have been hard as your up here banging on my back door.No one has access to the back deck except the janitor, but never has anyone knocked on the doors and window to contact me. Understandably I was freaked out. I could just imagine someone tyring to break in. I emailed 'Certain Someone' and all he could say was' What a Idiot'. I know one thing, I must be getting better because I sprinted out of the house.

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Monday, January 22, 2007


For the second time in three months , I have received some tragic news via a phone call. I was informed today that a favorite colleague( out of state) of mine passed away over the weekend. She had just had a baby and was only in early forties. None of us had known she was ill. Seems she refused treatments to have the baby. Its one thing when you hear about older people dying, but when they are so young and happy... I remember she was a very spiritual person I had the pleasure of working with for some major events. When my Mother was dying , she dropped by and prayed with her at her bedside. She had one of those big smiles and positive attitudes that lit up the room. I wish I could have gotten the approval to fly her in more.My staff at the stores loved working with her. She always dropped a card or left a message in my dark hours. I only wish I had known what was going on with her. One thing I do know is, if anyone deserves a spot in heaven, it would be her. Rest In Peace My Friend.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Gifts Keep Coming

rosas de todos colores
Originally uploaded by colorseeker.
The other night as I laid in the back newly renovated room looking at some reality show about Housewives of Orange County, Certain Someone came in with a box. He has been working late nights all week and been travelling. He asked why haven't I opened the front door and checked. For what I ask? He handed me a large rectangular box that had been shipped and left at the front door.It was two dozen exquisite roses he had sent to me from both him and his parents. It touched me. I had only received a flower from him once before when we started dating. I know hes not the sending flowers type and he had commented that I don't really need any more( I got several from friends while recovering). But I loved his the best naturally. Certain Someone feels guilty that we haven't spent much time during this recovery, but its OK. I know he means well and does the best he can. I would have been alone if I had not met him, so I'm a big girl and can handle it.
An ex has called a few times over the week. Seems he has sent a package for me . I'm curious as to why, Perhaps belated Bday and Christmas all rolled into one. When I asked him what it was, as I can't lift heavy boxes, he said it was a certificate for a massage at a local spa. Well I certainly will need that! In fact that's the best present he's given in all the years I knew him. Certain Someone doesn't seem fazed. Maybe we will make it a dual event and book His and Hers. My baby needs some pampering too.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

stir crazy

stir crazy
Originally uploaded by indiewench.
Well a week has passed since the surgery. I feel way better, but then have to catch myself. The doctor says I cant drive for one month. I'm totally dependent on others. Which is just as well because I'd just be hanging out in the grocery store or something. The location of my neighborhood has public transport, but the walk is to much for me to handle. And I don't know my limit as to being 'UP' yet. Next weekend Certain Someone is taking me to New York City. It will be fun but I have to take it easy. No long walks in Central Park for me. Gabs has been a good friend and emails me throughout the day. I know shes busy, but it helps. Another old friend "I" came by for visit yesterday. She brought some yummy chocolates. Just what I need now. The house smells like a funeral parlour with all the flowers and such. But they liven up the rooms. I should stop feeling bored and complaining because before you know it , I'll be back in the work place dealing with the stressful crap that makes people sick in the first place.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Home Improvement

Plasma TV
Originally uploaded by randomstring.
So I've been nesting and working alongside Certain Someone this weekend as I try to wean myself away from the sick couch. Ive cut back my dosage on pain meds because I was tired of just being a zombie. I still walk around hunched over like a old woman, but I'm getting more productive each day. Certain Someones big ass 50 inch Plasma TV arrived Friday afternoon. He spent all night hugging the box his baby was in , while blocking my view of the good old fashioned TV. He then got to work painting the back room. Did I mention that he even went to the supermarket and dutifully got everything I asked for , including some feminine products? What a man. Some men would die before they bought those . I zonked out for a quick 5 minute nap that turned into a two hour nap. When I woke past midnight he had painted the walls Magic Spell( a type of eggplant color). All I could do was a wash up of the brushes and rollers.The next morning we started the floors and entertained my Auntie Mame and friend. All day long friends and relatives called to check in on the invalid. Auntie Mame brought over some 'hot links" ( A south side specialty) and we pigged out and had a good time. Certain Someone was charming and sociable with the family which makes them like him even more. Auntie Mame gave me a stern lecture about the danger of addiction and told me to throw away the pills. She said I can deal with a little discomfort and to toughen and straighten up( all that bending over like a old woman is bad for my posture). I guess my week of self indulgence is over . But I have a house full of flowers and a big ass TV to keep me company.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Slowly but surely

Originally uploaded by mayken.
I'm home now. Surgery was a success. The doctor removed 14 benign fibroid tumors from my body.I've been carrying around that junk for years! When I woke I had to remember where I was. Morphine and I became fast friends, only with it to turn on me and break me out and cause me itch for days. Certain Someone was relieved as he didn't like me hitting that button all the time. He said I was talking crazy and baby like on the stuff and really didn't want to listen or be around me . It weirded him out.After recovery he flew to Baltimore and came in the next night for a quick visit. I had a roommate, a very young girl dealing with some big issues. But she was optimistic and in good spirits, we didn't talk much and kept the curtain drawn. Her family was with with her all day , everyday. They were a very straitlaced ,church going religious, typical American Family. Its refreshing to see such innocence. After looking at a sitcom she asked her brother what a diaphragm was, something most American teenagers would know. I freaked when my wild colleague came to visit. Just imagine a sober Patsy type from Absolutely Fabulous. I had to ssshhh her and point over to the next curtain where I'm sure my little friend was listening shocked. I only had one bad incident in a overall restful stay. A nurse disappeared on me for hours after pestering me all day to pee in "hat' or she would put my catheter back in. When I finally did the deed she was no where to be found. I paged her three times for several hours. When the night shift came in they found me in tears and pain, Finally she reappeared and claimed she didn't get the pages. Then she had the audacity to report her aide for agitating me to cover her tracks. I informed management and all the doctors and managers came in to apologize the next morning. My blood pressure spiked sky high due to the pain. How would she like it when someone withholds and ignores her. I can understand if she was busy, etc. but her excuses were flimsy.But other than that I love my doctor. Shes great talented, and so young. Certain Someone picked me up last night ,got me settled ,and went back to work. He didn't come home until the early hours, only to fly out again. He will be home tonight and promises to take care of me. I'm fine as long as I have my drugs. The challenge today is to take a shower,do something to my hair. Certain Someone says I look like Don King.Also a facial would be nice as I have broken out all over.When Certain Someone sees me I wont be the hunched over old woman with crazy hair. I have about nine hours to do it.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Mans Got Skills

Laminate Floor
Originally uploaded by Malcolm Designs.
I'll be taking a few days break from blogging as I go to the hospital at 6:00 am for surgery tomorrow. Certain Someone spent Saturday in Ikea purchasing laminate flooring to install in his room. We spent today sleeping in , eating,then getting to work on the floor project. It was fun assisting him as he ripped up the old carpet, ripped out nails, and other wise just amazed me. I helped a little with moving some furniture, lifting out nails from the floor, sweeping,etc.We got a lot accomplished and now have a hollow shell of the room. We could have been characters in one of those home improvement shows. Its so satisfying to learn and be able to do these things yourselves ,rather than paying pricey contractors. Certain Someones even contemplating painting. The final result will be a home theater, game room, all purpose recreation room . In the meanwhile the rest of the house is cramped again with the overflow of furniture from his room. As long as I have a space and clean bed for when I come home mid week from the hospital. I realized we are facing two of the most challenging aspects a couple could face "illness/ recovery" and home renovation simultaneously. I think we'll pull through.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Desperate House Wives

Desperate House Wives
Originally uploaded by tiffy_chum.
I don't know if if I'm cut out for this house wife thing. Seeing as I have a lot to do before next week, Certain Someone has taken to giving me a list of 'chores'. He's all about order , dinner being ready, and that whole "King of the House" thing. I could goof off in my pyjamas all day,but he won't let me. Maybe next week ,when I really can't move around or lift , I can zone out watching mindless soap operas. The running joke between us is that I'm having affairs with all the repair/ mailman when he's in the office. I wouldn't be surprised if he turned up mid day to "catch me in the act". This weekend he has big plans for us house wise. Lets see if he's actually motivated to put down that flooring he always talks about. We are trying to plan our first party for Super Bowl Sunday, and he wants it all set. I admit I have fun planning these sort of things with him. The other day I took him to Costco and we priced the plasmas and purchased bulk food. A friend of mine commented we are like old shoes already. Its comfortable but weird and takes time to adjust to. I think he feels the same way. Last year I was living 'Sex in the City', ( I was Charlotte), this year I'm the new neighbor in" Desperate Housewives".

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas
Originally uploaded by beardenb.
Happy New Year. The fondue party was great and low key. we had way to much much food, but everyone seemed to be well feed and supplied. The problem with fondue is that it takes to long and your never really satisfied. We ended up putting a lot of meat on the raclette grill and serving it up. Outside the house Wrigylville was insane compared to our peaceful,adult evening. We ended up coming home around 5am and slept all day literally. We blew off all social engagements.It was nice. Even better Certain Someone didn't have to leave for London as we had thought. I found a pack of Black Eye Peas in the pantry. Our Southern Host the night before was perplexed why no one in the room knew of this tradition. Its big in the south and in the black community to cook black eye peas for New Years prosperity. I cooked them down with some pork and spices. Normally my mom used to used some smoked ham hocks or turkey. I had to improvise a little. Nevertheless it was good served up with some rice. Certain Someone was a little weary of it, but ate his whole plate and said it was good. I like that hes getting into my culture as I'm into his. This morning he took out a tin of marzipan cookies his mother made . Yummy! When I meet the woman , we will be trading recipes all day long. I do feel like a Haus Frau this week as I'm off before surgery. Cant wait until next week, when Certain Someone will be waiting on me for a change.

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