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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Black-eyed peas

Black-eyed peas
Originally uploaded by beardenb.
Happy New Year. The fondue party was great and low key. we had way to much much food, but everyone seemed to be well feed and supplied. The problem with fondue is that it takes to long and your never really satisfied. We ended up putting a lot of meat on the raclette grill and serving it up. Outside the house Wrigylville was insane compared to our peaceful,adult evening. We ended up coming home around 5am and slept all day literally. We blew off all social engagements.It was nice. Even better Certain Someone didn't have to leave for London as we had thought. I found a pack of Black Eye Peas in the pantry. Our Southern Host the night before was perplexed why no one in the room knew of this tradition. Its big in the south and in the black community to cook black eye peas for New Years prosperity. I cooked them down with some pork and spices. Normally my mom used to used some smoked ham hocks or turkey. I had to improvise a little. Nevertheless it was good served up with some rice. Certain Someone was a little weary of it, but ate his whole plate and said it was good. I like that hes getting into my culture as I'm into his. This morning he took out a tin of marzipan cookies his mother made . Yummy! When I meet the woman , we will be trading recipes all day long. I do feel like a Haus Frau this week as I'm off before surgery. Cant wait until next week, when Certain Someone will be waiting on me for a change.

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