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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Gifts Keep Coming

rosas de todos colores
Originally uploaded by colorseeker.
The other night as I laid in the back newly renovated room looking at some reality show about Housewives of Orange County, Certain Someone came in with a box. He has been working late nights all week and been travelling. He asked why haven't I opened the front door and checked. For what I ask? He handed me a large rectangular box that had been shipped and left at the front door.It was two dozen exquisite roses he had sent to me from both him and his parents. It touched me. I had only received a flower from him once before when we started dating. I know hes not the sending flowers type and he had commented that I don't really need any more( I got several from friends while recovering). But I loved his the best naturally. Certain Someone feels guilty that we haven't spent much time during this recovery, but its OK. I know he means well and does the best he can. I would have been alone if I had not met him, so I'm a big girl and can handle it.
An ex has called a few times over the week. Seems he has sent a package for me . I'm curious as to why, Perhaps belated Bday and Christmas all rolled into one. When I asked him what it was, as I can't lift heavy boxes, he said it was a certificate for a massage at a local spa. Well I certainly will need that! In fact that's the best present he's given in all the years I knew him. Certain Someone doesn't seem fazed. Maybe we will make it a dual event and book His and Hers. My baby needs some pampering too.

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