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Monday, January 29, 2007

More Than A Bite Of The Big Apple

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Originally uploaded by jewast.
On Friday afternoon Certain Someone whisked me away for a romantic trip to New York City , as part of my final recovery phase. We began the journey in out first class seats which was a total surprise to me. Because of his frequent flyer status he earns numerous upgrades . I wish I hadn't had that Mc Donalds before the flight( expecting no meal in coach). We relaxed , nibbled on the dinner , and had some drinks before we landed.
We checked in to the Grand Hyatt over Grand Central Station. Great Location ! We freshened up up and walked for a few blocks over to Times Square. It was freezing and I tried to unsuccessfully redo a photo I hated of Certain Someone last year in NYC. But it was to cold to look cute .All that walking after weeks of being inside took its toll, but I felt good. The next morning we slept in a little and walked up my favorite street 5th Ave . We stopped in all my favorite big name expensive department stores. My favorite being Bergdorf Goodman( its my mecca). I saw a pair of cuff links for my baby at a deal for $2300. Certain Someone took me to his favorite German jeweler Wempe. We saw a few watches we liked for $30,000. I got a little excited when he lead me inside , but we just looked at watches. Lunch time was at Carnegie Deli. Certain Someone really didn't understand the concept at first , but loved the famous Jewish Style deli. We split a sandwich called Jeff's Tatelah. Our seat neighbor at the communal table explained that Tatelah means little in Yiddish. Half of the sandwich could feed three people! Certain Someone looked wistfully at the humongous Reuben's , but we had no room in our bellies. A french couple sat near us and we eavesed dropped on their conversation. The funny lady on the other side cracked on the french lady ordering a salad( mind you a huge salad that could feed a army) in this meat emporium. The wise cracker had been dining here for 20 years and loved it . After lunch we met my outrageous buddy Manase who works at Henri Bendels. Remember his name because this boy will be famous. He's picking up a lot of work for modeling and makeup artistry, and was just on Chicago"s 'Check Please'. The little friend gave me some sage career advice , of which Certain Someone agreed. We left out fabulous friend and trekked up Park Avenue to see the richest building in the world 740 Park Ave, We weren't to impressed, but its about that quiet money,not flash( aka Trump). we strolled back down Park Ave and cut on over to Bloomingdale's where we did more looking around. Certain Someone and I grabbed a taxi later on to China Town where we found this place I saw online for some of the cheapest but best food. It was called 69 . It was a tiny hole with all the walls and ceiling covered in dollar bills with messages. We asked the story and the waiter said we leave a bill for luck. We ordered about four dishes thinking they were small for the prices. They were huge and it was the best food. We couldn't finish it and took it back to the hotel where we planned to eat it cold . It was that good. Before we left 69 we wrote a message on the dollar and taped it on the wall. After all the good food and walking we called it a day and crashed .
The next day we had plans to meet up with a friend of Certain Someone.But my friend who was in town called and I went downstairs for a morning coffee . She will be relocating to NYC and was looking for apartments. The rents are crazy for what you get. Certain Someone and I entertained the notion of moving until we saw the real estate notices. My closet was bigger than the residences and the rents were 5 times what I'm paying now. we checked out and walked more south towards the edgy Chelsea and Meat Packing districts. The night before wee strolled through Nolita,Greenwich village , and Soho walking off the food. I wasn't to impressed seeing the same stores in these great areas. Where as Chelsea seemed a little more original and fun. We got a hot dog from King Papaya which I loved. Certain Someone felt it was OK. we then meandered and entered this gourmet emporium Balduccis . Yummy. We ordered some food and beer and sat upstairs people watching. Certain Someone got pissed because he for the second time that weekend they overcharged him a dollar. He insisted getting it back much to the annoyance of the clerk, but it all adds up. Our idyllic time was over and we caught a taxi back to the airport.
At the airport all seemed to go wrong. Our reservations were mysteriously cancelled, the flight was delayed,my bag got lost, my body started reacting to all the walking and eating, we came home to find another massive rook leak, and the security alarm went off at 5 in the morning. As my Mommy used to say it all balances out in the end.

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