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Friday, January 26, 2007

Pedicures , Lingerie, Hair, Etc., Are Important

pedicures are important
Originally uploaded by jamelah.
For some reason over the past year I have neglected my feet. Now I'm in the beauty business and should know better. But lack of time amongst other things has caused me to ignore the paint. I have all the things the professionals utilize at home. I used to be summoned by Auntie Mame for my services.So out of boredom and low self esteem from weeks being cooped up in the house wearing sweats, I dug out the equipment. The night before Auntie Mame relaxed my hair and I was feeling good. I wanted to look good and polished this weekend in NYC. I even pulled out some sexier lounge wear . Needless to say when Certain Someone came home ,a new woman, or lets just say the same old woman who went away for a while ,greeted him. He seemed appreciative of the efforts and I felt fantastic. We settled in to watch Munich and munch on Lebanese food. Its the little things that make all the difference. So I'm off to pack for our weekend getaway and take a bite out the Big Apple.

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