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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Overnight Sensation

As I mentioned before in the previous post, when Certain Someone and I were in NYC we ran into my good buddy Manase. I predicted he would be famous. Well his appearance on the local television show this weekend is causing a small sensation. It seems there is a article in the link above that has my pal facing off with an older gentleman in their choice of restaurants. Manase picked a raw food emporium and the older man picked some old style steak house. Class,age, and sexuality differences all came out in the heated discussion. Manase took offense to the man suggesting he should have ordered a Green Goddess Salad and Manase called the man type who would like to 'Share a sub sandwich'. The reader comments proved just as entertaining with those who loved Manase and those those who thought he was a stereotype and questioned his modeling career. Well he's the real thing and is fabulous. Manase just has to get used to this sort of thing he he becomes famous. Check out the link.

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