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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Slowly but surely

Originally uploaded by mayken.
I'm home now. Surgery was a success. The doctor removed 14 benign fibroid tumors from my body.I've been carrying around that junk for years! When I woke I had to remember where I was. Morphine and I became fast friends, only with it to turn on me and break me out and cause me itch for days. Certain Someone was relieved as he didn't like me hitting that button all the time. He said I was talking crazy and baby like on the stuff and really didn't want to listen or be around me . It weirded him out.After recovery he flew to Baltimore and came in the next night for a quick visit. I had a roommate, a very young girl dealing with some big issues. But she was optimistic and in good spirits, we didn't talk much and kept the curtain drawn. Her family was with with her all day , everyday. They were a very straitlaced ,church going religious, typical American Family. Its refreshing to see such innocence. After looking at a sitcom she asked her brother what a diaphragm was, something most American teenagers would know. I freaked when my wild colleague came to visit. Just imagine a sober Patsy type from Absolutely Fabulous. I had to ssshhh her and point over to the next curtain where I'm sure my little friend was listening shocked. I only had one bad incident in a overall restful stay. A nurse disappeared on me for hours after pestering me all day to pee in "hat' or she would put my catheter back in. When I finally did the deed she was no where to be found. I paged her three times for several hours. When the night shift came in they found me in tears and pain, Finally she reappeared and claimed she didn't get the pages. Then she had the audacity to report her aide for agitating me to cover her tracks. I informed management and all the doctors and managers came in to apologize the next morning. My blood pressure spiked sky high due to the pain. How would she like it when someone withholds and ignores her. I can understand if she was busy, etc. but her excuses were flimsy.But other than that I love my doctor. Shes great talented, and so young. Certain Someone picked me up last night ,got me settled ,and went back to work. He didn't come home until the early hours, only to fly out again. He will be home tonight and promises to take care of me. I'm fine as long as I have my drugs. The challenge today is to take a shower,do something to my hair. Certain Someone says I look like Don King.Also a facial would be nice as I have broken out all over.When Certain Someone sees me I wont be the hunched over old woman with crazy hair. I have about nine hours to do it.

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