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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The So Called Handy Man

Trash Can
Originally uploaded by Scuddr.
There is a man who lives in my condo with his mother. I have 'hired' him on occasion to help with my father when he was ill. He means well,but sometimes his actions leave you scratching your head in wonder. The building has hired him as our janitor. Sometimes when repair man come ,he interferes and just causes confusion and frustration. He always seems like the eager beaver and thinks he can do it all. The night before my surgery,I was down in my storage unit . The' Janitor', who thinks he's the security guard as well ,yelled 'who was down there'. I didn't realize I needed his permission to visit my storage unit. It left me rattled,but I figured he meant well. Two days after surgery,high on morphine and itchy all over, I checked my voice mail. The 'Janitor had called and left a accusatory message saying the his 'radiators' were missing from the basement. I , In my drug induced state,and needing a new fix, called his Mama and the Condo Association President.The Mama knew I wasn't my normal sweet self and asked if I was OK. I told her no ,I was in the hospital, in pain. and I didn't know where her sons radiators were. She had gotten on my nerves a month earlier for another incident.The Condo Association President who seems to barely tolerate him told me she told him that she doubted I would be interested in his radiators. And we wondered what he was doing with them, because they didn't belong to the building.I nursed a grudge for week and made Certain Someone not utilize him or tip him in any way. One day the' Janitor' found me in hallway after interrogating my Chinese food delivery man. He apologizes and said he didn't mean to accuse me. We made a peace and left it at that. Well yesterday he pissed me off all over again Certain Someone is away, and I'm all alone. I was in the living room last night and heard banging and rattling towards the back rooms doors and windows. It scared me to death. I ,not being dressed, and rather funky, ran out the house and down the stairs. I banged on my neighbors door. He came up me scared and wondering why I looked so bad,I told him I'm recovering from surgery,,etc. We entered the condo and heard the banging. I could tell my neighbor was regretting getting involved. I yelled 'Who is it."? Take a wild guess. It was the 'Janitor' complaining about my trash, but he didn't understand why I freaked out. The neighbor and I looked at him like he was crazy. The "Janitor" then asked why did I run to the neighbor and not to him? I said that would have been hard as your up here banging on my back door.No one has access to the back deck except the janitor, but never has anyone knocked on the doors and window to contact me. Understandably I was freaked out. I could just imagine someone tyring to break in. I emailed 'Certain Someone' and all he could say was' What a Idiot'. I know one thing, I must be getting better because I sprinted out of the house.

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