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Monday, January 22, 2007


For the second time in three months , I have received some tragic news via a phone call. I was informed today that a favorite colleague( out of state) of mine passed away over the weekend. She had just had a baby and was only in early forties. None of us had known she was ill. Seems she refused treatments to have the baby. Its one thing when you hear about older people dying, but when they are so young and happy... I remember she was a very spiritual person I had the pleasure of working with for some major events. When my Mother was dying , she dropped by and prayed with her at her bedside. She had one of those big smiles and positive attitudes that lit up the room. I wish I could have gotten the approval to fly her in more.My staff at the stores loved working with her. She always dropped a card or left a message in my dark hours. I only wish I had known what was going on with her. One thing I do know is, if anyone deserves a spot in heaven, it would be her. Rest In Peace My Friend.

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