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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Behold the Precious Cable

Certain Someone is a tech shopaholic. Ever since he has moved in numerous packages arrive on a daily basis bearing cables, TVs, speakers, videos, etc. I don't know how I survived in my low tech world before I met him. I thought I was doing something with a satellite dish. A lot of cables have arrived that retail for over $100 a pop. I don't understand the use for them, as everything seems to be hooked up and working fine.Today he opened a package bearing a cable that was packaged liked a Cartier necklace. See the above photo. Notice how its nestled in its own silk lining. And did you see how its wrapped in a woven blue and gold textile with gold plugs.Certain Someone caressed it like his lover upon seeing it. I asked him how much and What The F*** was it. He ignored me. We had made a decision last week as I wheeled out a rack of evening gowns ( some still with tags) not to question or mock how we spend our money. Now I admit I am a spendthrift and am working hard to reform my ways. He , on the other hand, can afford his indulgences. All I know is that I could have scored a few pairs of Jimmy Choos or Manolo's for what he spent on the cables alone.

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