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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our First Purchase

Mmmm reclined
Originally uploaded by My Alternative Photos.
Certain Someone and I made a huge step in our relationship last night. I mean we are talking total commitment now. No ,we are not engaged. We bought our first piece of furniture together. This is our true baby. Not "mine" or "yours" but a asset that can be equitably owned.We sat and tried out a lot of sofas between Illinois and NYC. It had to be just right were we both could snuggle and recline without feeling like we were in a game of Twister when we tried to get up. I was content with my old sofa until Certain Someone took a dive on it and broke the frame. Ever since we try to be cozy on it ,but we sink towards the middle and the floor. I end up all contorted. Now we have a nice cream leather reclining sofa. I can see us retreating more into our space watching the TV with the fire roaring as we both stretch out bodies.AHH the world of the couch potato beckons.

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras 211
Originally uploaded by lmcmahill.
Last night I co chaired my first and probably last benefit for an organization I'm involved in. As I've stated to anyone who will listen, I burnt out with all my board work and have spent this year"wrapping up" things. So what better way to say goodbye than with a Mardi Gras themed party? The choice wasn't mine but we went with the option. My decorator for the event threw a fit but managed to come up with some spectacular decorations. While he kept saying how tacky it was going to be, it turned out to be fabulous. Like 'ghetto fabulous' with all the bling and razzle. The drinks were flowing and a local New Orleans style Cajun restaurant catered the event. I feel, the day after I had a few too many Hurricane drinks. What really did me over was a Blackberry martini( how fitting for me!). Certain Someone was the patient consort that entertained my female buddies as I made rounds.We have great photos of him flanked by me and my friend J kissing his cheeks.Certain Someone really looked adorable. I should watch out as my girlfriends are starting to see him as the Teddy Bear he is. I hired a musician I had used for other occasions to form a street style jazz band that wove through the crowds. I must say they were the highlight of the event. We had a after party invite,but at midnight my feet were aching. Call me old,but I just wanted to get home to my bed. The reviews were great,but you know how the 'hostess' never enjoys her own event. I had some internal issues going on with board politics, etc, and felt that I did a great job,but really wouldn't miss being involved in the future. A lot of reasons come into play, but at the end of the day I'm a different person and heading to" different places". So the good times rolled last night,and I enjoying the best part of the weekend. Hibernating with my honey as another winter storm approaches. Bliss.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Funny Valentine

Originally uploaded by vitamininmotion.
I've never been a big Valentines Day person. It was always so contrived . I remember those cheesy box of cards we used to hand out in grade school to people we really could care less about. Occasionally my dad would give me a small box of Godiva treats. As I got older I was never the one to receive those big outlandish bouquets of flowers, etc.( and I suspect most of those relationships at the time have since bitten the dust). I've never really been in a serious relationship around that day anyway.
Certain Someone and I feel the same way about Valentines day. While he surprises me constantly with romantic and generous gestures,V Day isn't his thing. Which was fine, as he has been working on a important project all week. He takes off at 6 am and returns between 2-3 in the evening. Poor thing can barely keep his eyes open. We said we would celebrate the day over the weekend. But it looks like the work in intruding onto that plan. Already I feel the pressure from friends. One , who never calls, called me frantically on the day after to inquire if I was engaged. Why would I be , I answered? She said that would be whats was expected on Valentines Day( and maybe something was wrong if I wasn't). I wonder if she was trying to freak me out and make me feel bad. But how could any sane person expect such a thing? And anyway I wouldn't want a V day proposal. So predictable! On the other hand, my aunt got engaged on this V day. But they had been going out for two years. Certain Someone and I have have barely made a year. I heard on the radio that statistics show 20 percent of all flowers sent on V day are sent by women to themselves. Another 2 percent is sent by women to their pets. That's 22 percent of cuckoos out there. Run for your life if you meet any. I told a friend who was "was waiting for her deliveries ", that perhaps the nut diaper wearing astronaut who was in the news recently , abducted the flower man and tied him up in her straight jacket. So all in all , for a girl that didn't expect anything on V day, I wasn't disappointed. I have a great love who has a lot on his plate as usual. So as I slept worrying about him coming home late in the snow, he was holed up with several male colleagues having a miserable time themselves. The best gift was seeing him come home safely and getting a nice kiss and cuddle with him saying 'I Love You'. If you get that daily who needs a commercial day to prove it?

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Glimpes Into Other Worlds

Shabbat Table
Originally uploaded by Mamasita!.
Last night I was invited to a old friends house to celebrate mutual friends three year 'anniversary". My old friend who I'll call ' Diamond Jim' is a observant Conservative Jew. I love him to pieces because while adhering to strict practices,is one of the most outrageous and fun people I know. He loves to give Shabbat dinners each Friday and goes out the way with the food and entertainment. I used to long for a invite because, while I felt out of place, they were always so good from the food to drinks. Who knew Kosher wines could be so good and extensive. And I love the Challah bread...
I arrived at six after sundown. I was the first person there. Diamond Jim had several slow cookers going with yummy hearty stews. This enabled him to prepare a good meal without having to cook once sundown occurred. However I arrived just in time to make a salad and do last minute stuff which he couldn't do. I admire his adherence to the rules. I learned you cant drink or nibble before the meal but he encouraged me to do so as the other guests arrived. I helped myself to some amazing homemade hooch that his friend made. She inspired me to get my own distillery going. It was great to see old friends and relive the dawn of their romance. I reflected on how far Ive come with my own personal choices. A lot of water under the bridge . Being exhausted after the great meal,drink, and first week back at work,I bid adieu . Certain Someone was home for once this week and I looked forward to snuggling with him by the fire place in this sub zero weather. Its nice to witness others traditions and cultures and have such diverse and fascinating friends.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Back Amongst The Living

This was quite the weekend. On Friday afternoon the doctor gave me the all clear to return to work the following Monday. As much as I enjoyed the long rest, I was bored and look forward to getting back to the daily grind.My Auntie Mame Co Chaired a Carnival themed gala event this past weekend. She invited Certain Someone and I to occupy space at her three tables for the sold out event. It was a offer we couldn't refuse. I didn't have to sell a raffle ticket or anything, just have fun. Certain Someone purchased a tuxedo and looked so dashing. He is really suited to this high society thing. No sooner than he complained that he knew no one he ran into some colleagues . The event was great with tons of food from local restaurants as starters in various stations. then a sit down catered by Wolfgang Puck. The Perrier Jouet and cocktails flowed. Its a pity my shoes that shared the same designer as my dress were not to comfortable because the band was outstanding. Never had I seen that crowd boogie without abandon until the 'last call'. The singer even started to sing Amen' to a dance beat and everyone got the spirit. We were some of the last to leave in the below 3 degrees temp.
I awoke and had to force Certain Someone to wake up. We had so much to do because we were hosting a Super Bowl party that evening. We had finally gotten the place together to a presentable degree with all our stuff. We had the big ass plasma going in one room, and the projected large screen in the other.I laid out a huge spread part catered and part assembled by me. People brought things as well. There was so much food and we had a nice crowd that braved the sub zero weather. Unfortunately the Bears who looked promising in the beginning, lost to Indianapolis. The evening ended early and I sit here now typing after the clean up. We have food in the freezer for months even after giving away leftovers. Certain Someone flies out tomorrow morning for a week and I return to work in the morning. It's cold and I'll miss him but I have so much to do this week that I wont be occupied on it. Just when its cold at night!

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